Gross Alice Walker Wright / Alice Weaver Wright / Alice Ridley / partypantsNYC / Mercatur / nycaw - The morbidly obese raging alcoholic thieving owner of GOMI.

Dent head continues to have no meaning in her life if she can't get white girl wasted with gay dudes. I also continue to hope her poor cat starts a revolt against her.

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I feel bad for her dogs and her kitties. They're pretty cute, and her cats are getting older now. They just want an owner who will let them enjoy the sun through the windows, give them a lap to cuddle up on, and to be looked after for the rest of their days

Instead, they got a fat, demented, obese, screeching booze hound. Poor, poor guys :(


Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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Rona, or miss rona is how coronavirus is called in gay slang. Her British gay tripod must have taught her that.

Also, "post-rona"? Is she so drunk she didn't notice the virus thing is not exactly over yet?
Actually all the POC have been calling it Rona since March, at least all the uses I saw of “Rona” were initially on the SM accounts of black women. But if black women start using a phrase or word the gay men are sure to immediately follow.

Motherfuckin' Cooze

Didn't she at one point TRY to look nice? And now she's back to (ironically) dressing like the bloated trailer trash she is?
Also, I just noticed she deleted all her tweets except for the last few. So I guess she's gonna pretend she didn't throw a COVID temper tantrum for 2 months.
I can't even imagine a life so miserable that you're still trying out different personas at 45.


Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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The dark circles under her eyes are horrific. And... Is that a trucker hat?
Yes. Shes probably had it in storage since it went out of style when she was 26. She’s hoping to bring back all the fads of 2000. Let’s hope she doesn’t start wearing too tight baby t-shirts and cheap ribbon chokers.

It's so creepy that she makes up storylines for herself, like she's doing a reality show.
In her mind she’s competing with all the mommy and lifestyle blogger she hates and envies. It’s funny that she’s that shallow and insipid when she’s totally making shit up. I mean with bullshit the sky’s the limit, but Alice’s imagination is very limited.

He A Cra Head
Since it seems Alice has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, how would anyone ever know if she did succumb to her addiction or whatever else decided to take her out (*cough*covidkarma*cough*)?

Most are probably in agreement that her neighbors smelling a rancid acetyl bloat for a couple of weeks would probably be the first indication of her fully actualized non-existence, but then what? Is there a single soul that would know and acknowledge? Her tripod can't speak ffs.


gas the bikes race car now
Alice can't even not be a douchebag about corona. She has MANY stories complaining about it, after the Frick canceled the Young Fellows Ball or whatever the fuck.

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Does she not realize this is to like benefit the wealthy but to prevent old people and immuno-compromised people from dying? She's such an asshole
This one didn't age well at all.


Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
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Having seen people die of alcoholism, in my experience it goes one of two ways.

1. An accident, either out of the house or in it. Walking in front of a cab would be obvious. I know a guy who fell, hit his head on furniture, and bled to death. He had people worried about him though, and he was found within a day.

Good question about Alice-she could rot for a long time. Oddly, it’s not usually smells neighbors notice, it’s only when dissolved body fluids go dripping into the apartment below are they found.

2. Dying of cirrhosis is much longer. They stop eating, but still drink, so they still may live a couple years, getting skinnier and skinnier. They get very weak and their back hurts and their skin itches from liver turning into rock. People think jaundice happens early but it doesn’t, it’s end stage. They may have delusions at the end too, as they can’t clean their blood and brain becomes damaged. And, horribly, they often have their portal vein to the liver back up, causing high pressure, and they break making them vomit blood, which is called variceal bleeding. It’s ugly. This usually happens, if it does, a week or so before death, if that. When that happens, they often can call 911 still and go to hospital, and are sent to hospice, which keeps them comfortable to the end. They’ll mostly be unconscious, but will get Valium for withdrawal symptoms.

I’m sure there are different courses to cirrhosis, but that’s my experience. I’ve seen younger and older people die from it. Some have stronger livers than others, I guess. I knew of one who drank constantly for 60 years and didn’t die until early 70s. And, some who died in 30s who drank the same way. It’s amazing how tough some bodies can be.

I really wouldn’t want my worst enemy to go through it, and the best thing would be for Alice to wake up, realize what a complete cunt she’s been, and start over. Since that’s highly unlikely, I can’t say it’d be exactly unfair for her to go out that way...

I’d say for Alice, it’s the end she deserves, however it happens. But the idea of her being a slowly decaying puddle, unknown and unmissed, seems to be the most fitting for the life she’s led. She’s such a bitch though, she’d probably cause some accident that would traumatize people for life.

How long do they let you get away with not paying rent in NY before the landlord comes around? I’d say that’s how long she’d lie there.