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Cosplay Alison Rapp / Maria Mint / 123grapemanPedo Defense Force, CP Advocate, Whore. Husband Jake Rapp found his balls and divorced her.

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Null, Mar 2, 2016.

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Why did Ali leave the Internet forever?

  1. Korean boyfriend agreed to give her a second chance if she shuts down her Internet bullshit.

  2. Money flow got low so she's shutting down shop to find a real job.

  3. She's moving back home and can't do it while at home.

  4. Her ego puts her pricetag for shitty nudes above what she was pulling in.

  5. idk

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  1. I found a cached version of this site that has been up since March 24.

    It linked to a deleted twitter profile with the same photos that have been up at least since the end of last year.

    This also had an email and a website. Someone is archiving the website right now, here:

    Edit: Lol fucking ninja'd.
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  2. Here are some of the images that the pedo-apologist was using to advertise her escort business:

    transparant-logo.png img_5031.jpg lighter-mint-stars.png logo-with-mint-stars.png img_4913-e1451284308145.jpg img_5032.jpg fullsizerender-2.jpg img_5093.jpg img_4913.jpg fullsizerender.jpg 4.jpg 2.jpg 6.jpg 10.jpg 9.jpg 5.jpg 11.jpg 10-1.jpg 8.jpg 3.jpg
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  4. All this attention will probably increase business for her. She's hot, she likes video games, and guys are willing to overlook literal psychopaths in order to get their dicks wet. She'll probably make bank.
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  5. She probably does ageplay as well.
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  6. She's gonna be bigger than before with all of this shit out. It's like the old saying goes. Bad publicity is better than no publicity and what a stunt this is.

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  7. "Dang dirty kiwi farms slut shaming the pedo"
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  8. Requesting the thread title be changed to
    Alison Rapp: Pro-Child Porn Possible Prostitute
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  9. Alison Rapp: "Working Woman" has a nicer ring to it. :lol:
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  10. lol
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  11. "Working Woman Welfare Recipient"
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    Yellow Yam Scam

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  12. alibib rabbj
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  13. I wonder if that Extra Life childrens' charity is still going to stand by their former Alison Rapp who is now pretty much turning tricks to make money?
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  14. wait, i feel like somethings missing, i dont see the joestar birthmark tattoo on her shoulder in those pics
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  15. Mmm look at that skank butt
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  16. After this post you're basically looking at 50 straight pages on some variation of "I'd hit it".
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  17. And none of them will be anywhere near as funny Dynastia's take on the "I'd do her" joke.
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  18. Actually, I'm wondering how the fuck someone can have a husband/boyfriend, a job at Nintendo (I know she wasn't making the big bucks but still), and can afford some pretty swaggy vacations but thinks whoring is the way to make things even better.

    I was expecting camgirl or something where she could make a lot of cash without really doing too much. But no, she was doing this while working in PR. It's amazing.
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