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So, if she come to your place and got naked, you would tell her to put your clothes back on, so she wouldn't catch a cold? Sure...

I would because if you had sex with her, She probably accuse you of raping her later down the line. This is a woman who started a movement because she got Subway instead of Applebee's. She is a woman who falsely accused her longtime friend Brad Jones of being a pedo. She would most definitely accuse you of raping her if She felt it would get her a lot of attention and money from being a victim.

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I don't care if Allison is hot or not, I don't watch movie reviews for that. I want to watch someone who is entertaining, which she isn't.

I only really saw her in the crossovers with Phelan, Food Fight, Birdemic, Time Machine I Bought at a Yard Sale. And in the movies. I thought she was okay so I checked out her solo stuff. Fucking boring and not funny.


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Throwback time.

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These are the ideas Allison comes up while solo.
Sure they can be entertaining if you're curious about the utter shlock that is the Subspecies franchise, but otherwise it's pure cringe.

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Problem with this can be summarized in a single sentence:

She is delusional.​

Just because Alison had a limited success with TGWT, she thinks that she is popular enough and that she cant make a single wrong decision. If a youtube comment is made below her video about her bad decisionmaking, she would think that "Its those Kiwi people" and just shrugs it off. She need to do some damage control or find some real work. Armsgirl did it, CyborCat also, Alisson should too, somewhere in America or move to Canada, with Phelan.


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