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In his mind, he is 13 years old. He looks in the mirror and sees a grown man looking back. Maybe he'd no longer recognize himself without hair.
He doesn't want to cut his hair because it would make him feel older and it will sink in how pathetic it is that he's 30 years old and he has to live with his parents because of his lack of income or he doesn't want the trolls who told him to shave his hair to think they won so he keeps his hair in defiance of anyone who told him to shave his head.
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saying "Oh cool" as I put the gun in my mouth
he doesn't want the trolls who told him to shave his hair to think they won so he keeps his hair in defiance of anyone who told him to shave his head.
That would be in-character for Matthew.

Anyone who speaks truth is a "troll", how convienient. Social sanity checks? Who needs 'em! TGWTG is Rome and Twitter is the proverbial lead in the water supply.

I find it hilarious that Lupa is such a cunt that she derails other CA threads with her unwarranted self importance
How times change. If you had told me that Lupa would turn out like Edna from Back to the Future, I would've told you to pass the joint.

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It's a Krewl Krewl Summer
Hoo boy. Ok so I'm taking this as Allison is definitely creeping here. As if we didn't know this. She was SO TRIGGERED by that guy calling out her view counts....right after we just got done discussing how badly her subs to views ratio is, how badly most of her reviews do, and how abysmal her sub growth has been. She read all that, internalized feeling like a failure, and all it took was 1 obvious troll to push her into unhinged rant land.

HiS iNfo WaS pUbLic He DeSeRvEd It.

Oh so we condone doxing and humiliating randos for 1 mildly mean comment now? Interesting. But Allison has always been a hypocrite so no surprise there.

It's hilarious she tries to defend this action under the guise of "it's never just one comment we aren't punching bags". But Allison, it was just one (1) comment from one dude. You don't get to "dunk" on him for the collective comments of others. Ever hear of punching up? You literally punched down and humiliated someone who clearly isn't trying to be a YouTuber and PROBABLY has actual autism. He left a single comment that was pretty tame as far as trolling goes. A sane person wouldn't creep his student films and stalk his linkedin. A mature person wouldn't rag on someone for not having a "professional" film set up because your shit isn't much better. WTF is that?

"MuH mIsOgYnY"...where? Because he is a man saying something rude to a woman? She literally proved herself wrong when Film Brain decided to white knight for her. Because apparently captain autism leaves the same comments on all the ex CA people regardless of gender. She thinks everything is misogyny. Instead of boy who cried wolf she's hag who cried misogyny. It's lost all meaning.

She's so easily riled up, at 30 years old! Most people grow out of that with time but she's still so permanently stuck in her teens. Allison, your reaction was 10x worse then what the guy did to you. It's a bad look.

TL;DR Allison gets super triggered by people she thinks are beneath her throwing stones. Not realizing she's barely a step above any of them in terms of quality. And without a mix of luck and being in right place at the right time, she would be the autist with 10 subscribers talking about movies to no one.

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