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It's official, Allison and Phelan are married.


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Took 'em long enough.

It would be hilarious if they weren't. Would it mean phelous moved out of his parent's garage? Or Lupa moving from her shack to Canada and into in-law's garage?
Either way, looks like we're going to have to dust off the old Kiwi Kwad Kopter spy drone to find out!
Many, many years ago I would play Oblivion all the time and in the beginning there is a part where an npc says "I have seen you in my dreams." or something to that effect. Being an immature little shit I thought it was the height of comedy to make my character the ugliest fucker I could, then, when that line comes I would feel the urge to point out that those dreams were in fact nightmares. I'm getting the same feeling here.


That picture is the most affection I have ever seen from them and it still looks half hearted.

Well Phelous has some seriously fucked up dreams.

Also, holy fuck they actually did it?!? Are they living together now?

He does, and who knows. You'd think they'd FINALLY move in together, right?

Phelous... You crazy son of a bitch. You actually did it.

Yeah, congratulations and shit I guess.

Personally, if I was a friend of his, I'd have pulled him aside years ago and gone "You know man, people are more accepting of homosexuality now. You don't have to feel trapped in this".

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