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Fuck, there it is! Nice find mate, wouldn’t doubt the veracity of Twitter to dredge up half remembered meets and blurry photos to conflate with a meet-up story for a second. Now to keep on topic, just need to wait for Lupus to come out with her her own convention story where a seemingly innocuous photo of the two of them ha a victim story attached about how just before/after he absolutely definitely touched her flat arse and sniffed his fingers after

Does anyone else find it weird that one of the biggest proponents of cancel culture is RIPing the death of Norm?

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Isn’t he like the best geezer you North American’s had other than Larry David who could get away with saying jokes that were actually funny without having to prescribe to some cultish prescription of liberalised wokeness?

For any UK people this is like Cathy Newman lamenting the death of Bernard Manning.
Ok that’s a massive W from her and a surprise one at that


Black Deaths Matter.
True & Honest Fan
In the spirit of the late Turd Ferguson himself, I'll take, "Things that never happened" for 500 Alex.

Its funny how the second thot disproves the first.

First thot: "Norm *never* took any pictures with women, so the only thing I have to remember him by is the time he totally harassed me yall."

Second Thot: "Norm stuck his hand down my pants, for proof look at this pic we took together. I know you can't actually see his hand down my pants in the pic, but it totally happened yall."

Phil Ken Sebben

So Allison lives in Canada now
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also Phelan's gettin old as shit rn

It's only temporary. It's easier for Americans to get into Canada at the moment than for Canadians to get into the US at least by the land crossings.

You can still fly though from what I understand.

Until everything is finalized I don't see either one living with the other any time soon.

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