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Ironically I think Todd probably has the best bet of moving from his current gig into a real job working as a music critic for a proper outlet. It tends to get overshadowed by his more idiotic moments but Todd can be surprisingly on the ball when it comes to music.
I've been following Tod since 09 and the dude totally is good at music reviewing/just talking about bands and giving history. I still watch his videos despite the times he will force political shit in because the quality is good and there is no one else who does music retrospective stuff like him on Youtube that I'm aware of. He has the same issue Allison has with thinking that being an F grade internet celebrity means his political views need to be told to everyone because they matter! Seems to be a running theme with people from that site.

Todd has a few advantages compared to most people associated with CA current/former.First of all he never shows his face meaning his review will not have him try to pad the running time with over the top reactions.You might hear his voice be outraged over something in the song but you won't have him go full Doug on us.That's a good decision since it forces him to focus more on the thing he reviews and less on his own personality most of the time.Too many internet reviewers turn reviewing into something about themselves and less about what they're reviewing.He also tends to do the research on what he talks about.He might have some dumb political views but credit where its due if i had to choose between listening to him rant about how he thinks Taylor Swift sucks and having Doug rant about the X-men i'd choose him.


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Interesting, YouTube stopped suggesting me Lupa's content. I will never say no to her recap of Baywatch but those somehow stopped hopping on my recommended list. Anyway, I checked out the latest videos.

Charmed recap2.5k2 days ago
Snowboard Academy
[cross over with somebody
10k3 days ago
Charmed recap3.5k1 week ago
Lifeguard8.6k1 week ago
Balancing Act8.7k1 week ago
Charmed recap4.3k2 weeks ago
Charmed recap4.8k3 weeks ago
Charmed recap4.4k4 weeks ago
~45k views on new videos last month

So that is kinda shitty performance. I watch some niche shit and those numbers would be consider "doing great" in a mostly-offline and tiny community. Getting sub 10k while doing "pop culture" beat is the zzz-lister stuff. Shit, my favorite Bleach au'tist Tekkin101 posted a video now long dead series and it got 66k in few days.

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