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Dr. Celery MD

Knife is big
Allison states she would "rather have cancer" than her non-lethal, non-terminal chronic illnesses.
Source: March 29, 2021 Instagram post comment

Behold the advocacy!

Allison Tennyson is a 31-year-old disability “influencer” who is best known for her cracked out interpretive dance advocacy videos that display how clearly not disabled she is. Allison is a “recovering” alcoholic/drug addict munchie with an unspecified mood disorder, an adjustment disorder, C-PTSD, anxiety, depression, OCD, and a generally unlikeable personality. She very obviously has a raging eating disorder that she’s currently trying to disguise as cancer, lyme disease, or whatever other flavor-of-the-week disease she can come up with.

Allison Vivian Tennyson was born on September 21, 1989, in Dakota County, Minnesota to Robert D. Tennyson and Mariana Rasch Tennyson.

Allison has one older brother, Robert L. Tennyson, who is a phD candidate at the University of Washington. She also has one older half sister, Melissa Tennyson, who is the product of her father’s second marriage.

Education & Work
Allison holds a bachelors degree in marine biology from the University of San Diego, class of 2011.

Link Archive

Gilly Hicks, Bloomington, MN May 2008-September 2008
Ruehl No. 925, San Diego, CA September 2008-May 2009
Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, MN May 2009-September 2009
Monduli Girl's School, Monduli, Tanzania May 2010-September 2010
J. Crew, San Diego, CA January 2011-November 2011
Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, FL November 2011-June 2012
OSA Conservation, Carate, Costa Rica June 2012-September 2012
Majical Miniatures, Parrish, FL January 2013-June 2013
Livingston's Amusement Center, Sarasota, FL February 2012-March 2014
Banfield Pet Hospital, Sarasota, FL June 2013-March 2015
Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives, Sarasota, FL March 2015-August 2016
Shamrock Animal Hospital, Rosemount, MN October 2017-September 2018
Volt 3M, St. Paul, MN June 2018-November 2018
Lunds and Byerlys, Eagan, MN June 2017-August 2019
Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN March 2019-present

Mental Health
Allison claims her entire life has been filled with trauma and violence- she’s been the victim of gun violence, domestic violence, robberies, sexual assault, sexual violence, rape, and molestation. Her very unlucky streak in life started at age four. In an October 21, 2020, Instagram post, Allison alluded to having been called ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ in grade school “for being forced and coerced into sexually abusive and inappropriate situations” and claimed she was the talk of the locker room later on. She started experiencing depression at age 11.
21.3.8 (1).jpg21.3.8 (2).jpg21.3.8 (3).jpg

20.10.21 (1).jpg20.10.21 (2).jpg20.10.21 (3).jpg

Fall 2016 brought about immense changes in Allison’s life- she moved to Grenada to attend St. George University’s veterinary program. All was well until May 2017 when she attempted suicide by hanging. She claims she was taken to the hospital and belittled by the psychiatrists there, so she got no help. She dropped out of the program in fall 2017 and moved back in with her parents in Minnesota. She worked various jobs in the vet tech industry and at a liquor store.

On October 14, 2018, Allison tried to hang herself again. She claims she lost consciousness, “technically died”, and had a seizure. She was taken to the hospital and once again belittled by psychiatrists in a completely different country. The psychiatrists allegedly told her she was a “lost cause” and “too smart” so they couldn’t help her. She was sent home and tried to off herself again two weeks later by overdosing on venlafaxine (Effexor). Allison also terminated a pregnancy at some point in 2018.
20.10.5 (1).jpg20.10.5 (2).jpg20.10.5 (3).jpg

On July 1, 2019, Allison checked herself into her local loony bin for five days because her boyfriend at the time was abusive, she was still suicidal, and she was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Allison doesn’t give many specifics about her alcoholism and drug addiction. The exact time frame of both is unknown- all we know is that she claims her last drink was in June 2020. We also don’t know which drugs Allison abused- she has only ever said she didn’t fuck around with opioids (which we totally believe).

Literally 38 days after checking herself into a psych ward because her boyfriend was abusive, she moved onto a new dude- her current enabler Tyler Jahr. They appeared to move in with each other rather quickly.

Allison originally claimed that on March 18, 2020, she worked from home for the first time due to Covid restrictions. This was, totally coincidentally, also the day 99% of her chronic illnesses started. She later dropped the March 18th date and claimed everything started on March 20, 2020.

In May 2021, Allison received her certification for being a sobriety recovery coach.

Advocacy Videos
I truly believe Allison's videos speak for themselves.

Munchie Antics

Diagnosis Collecting/Doctor Shopping/ Surgery Hunting

If chronic illnesses were Pokemon, Allison would be Ash Ketchum. That is to say, she’s caught them all. 98% of her “illnesses” (some of these are actually symptoms she lists as illnesses) have been “diagnosed” (many of these haven’t actually been diagnosed) since Covid restrictions hit in March 2020. Allison was in the process of becoming sober, was in a new-ish relationship, and was in the process of buying a home. She would later claim no major stressors were happening around that time.
Screenshot.png21.1.22 (1).jpg

In less than a year and a half, Allison has seen dozens of doctors, most of which tell her everything’s in her head and she needs to stop obsessing about her symptoms. The doctors that don’t tell her that are physicians she has purposefully sought out for their loosey-goosey attitude with diagnoses, the prescription pad, or the scalpel. Based on the language used in her Instagram posts, I believe most of her “illnesses” have merely been suggested as possibilities by doctors instead of actually having been diagnosed. She’s claimed several of her illnesses have been diagnosed clinically when they require objective testing to be definitively diagnosed. For example, in April 2020, Allison claimed she had been diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis based on a pelvic ultrasound at her gynecologist’s office. Endometriosis can only be diagnosed via laparoscopic surgery, and adenomyosis can only be diagnosed upon hysterectomy.

Allison also seems to want any sort of procedure that involves drugs, whether it be sedation or post-op meds. Since September 2020 she’s had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, left renal vein transposition surgery (repaired her Nutcracker Syndrome), endometriosis excision (they didn’t excise any endometriosis), hip injections, a stent procedure (they didn’t place the stent), and arthroscopic hip surgery. She also desperately wants a hysterectomy.

Allison posting IG stories while in 10/10 pain after her left renal vein transposition surgery in November 2020.

Allison before her May 7, 2021 stent placement.

Claimed Diagnoses
adenomyosis, adjustment disorder, anxiety, asthma, bilateral femoral acetabular impingement syndrome (FAIS), bone spurs in hips, cervical spondylosis, complex post traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD), costochondritis, cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS), damaged rotator cuffs, depression, endometriosis, Ehrlichiosis, fibromyalgia, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), gout, hip fractures, hip labral tears, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), liver steatosis/liver disease, low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (LGSIL) of cervix, median arcuate ligament syndrome (MALS), May Thurner syndrome, nutcracker syndrome, mood swing disorder, myopia, nerve pain, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), odynophagia, osteoarthritis, overactive bladder, pelvic congestion syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), Raynaud's syndrome, reactive gastrophy, sciatica, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, tendinitis, traumatic brain injury (TBI)/post-concussion syndrome (PCS), undiagnosed autoimmune disease, vocal cord dysfunction, thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), dysgraphia.

Diagnoses She’s Pursuing
von Willebrand’s disease, EDS, Marfan syndrome, MCAS, Chiari malformation, craniocervical instability (CCI), Lymphoma

Covid Long-Hauling
Like everyone else on the planet, mid-March 2020 brought about scary changes- Covid restrictions. Allison started working from home on March 18, 2020. Completely coincidentally, this is the same day all of her chronic illness symptoms started. Her symptoms began as “flu-like”: chills, fever, sweats, nausea, fatigue, etc. etc. you get it.

March 20, 2020 is a date that will live in infamy: it’s the day Allison’s very serious fever started. After developing a cough and barely being able to speak above a whisper, she booked a virtual doctor appointment on March 24. She was diagnosed with Covid based on symptoms and told to quarantine.
20.10.8 (1).png
Excerpt from Allison’s October 8, 2020 Blog- “Part 1: What the Fuck Happened on March 20, 2020?”

On April 8 Allison’s breathing worsened and her fever returned (so when she says she’s had a fever every single day since March 20, 2020- she’s stretching the truth). The next day she went to the ER and was told they wouldn’t test her for Covid because she was “too young and healthy.” She had a chest ultrasound that came back normal. This post is the only place where she says everything actually started on March 18, not the 20th.
20.10.8 (3).png20.4.9 (1).jpg20.4.9 (2).jpg

~April 17 Allison was seen in her PCP’s clinic and was told she maybe had Covid and they still couldn’t test her
20.10.11 (2).png
Excerpt from Allison’s October 11, 2020 Blog- “Part 2: What the Fuck Happened on March 20, 2020?”

Around May 8 Allison was finally able to get a Covid test. It was negative. She claims having a negative Covid test caused her to fall into a deep depression. That same day she was also tested for a pulmonary embolism, which she said was “unfortunately” negative. She was prescribed steroids.
20.10.11 (3).png20.10.13 (1).png

In July Allison was finally tested for Covid antibodies, and she tested negative. This means it’s highly unlikely she ever had it.
20.7.5 (1).jpg20.7.5 (2).jpg20.7.5 (3).jpg

Due to testing shortages, Allison was unable to be given a Covid test until May 2020. Unsurprisingly, it was negative. Since then, she has had more than 10+ Covid tests (both testing for active illness and past illness) and they have all been negative. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, Allison’s primary care doctor still believes her to be a Covid long-hauler.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome/Marfan Syndrome
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (aka EDS- there are 13 different subtypes. We’ll be discussing type three- hypermobile EDS. hEDS is the only type of EDS that cannot be verified by a genetic test) popped onto Allison’s radar during fall 2020. She claims a spine specialist diagnosed her as hypermobile (but did not diagnose or presumably even bring up EDS) in 2017 after every test she had came back normal.

In January 2021, one of Allison’s many rheumatologists mentioned EDS, and said if she didn’t have it she just had benign hypermobility. During this time Marfan Syndrome also came onto her radar. The rheumatologist allegedly referred Allison to be evaluated by a geneticist for both conditions. Allison claimed there wasn’t one geneticist in Minnesota who would evaluate her for both- she would have to see two different doctors.
21.1.28 (1).jpg21.1.28 (2).jpg21.1.28 (3).jpg

She was sent to the University of Minnesota for her Marfan evaluation on March 25, 2021. The geneticist surprised Allison and evaluated her for both EDS and Marfan and told her she did not meet the criteria for EDS. This enraged Allison. She argued that the geneticist didn't normally evaluate for EDS, therefore they had no idea what they were doing.
21.3.26.jpg21.3.25 (8).jpg21.3.25 (9).jpg21.3.25 (10).jpg

Although Allison claims the geneticist told her she met the clinical criteria for Marfan, she did not mention having any blood drawn or sputum samples taken; Marfan has identifiable gene variants that can definitively diagnose it. Instead, Allison was sent for an echocardiogram which came back mostly normal. She has not ever mentioned receiving an official diagnosis or even having a follow-up with the geneticist. This hasn’t stopped Allison from saying she has both Marfan and EDS as recently as May 2021, though.
21.5.5 (8).jpg21.5.5 (9).jpg

Allison claimed she would be seeing a geneticist at CentraCare sometime during summer 2021 to be evaluated for EDS.

UPDATED 9/10/21
Allison continued to claim both Marfan and hEDS until around the time this thread went live. She actually didn’t mention it again until August 19 when she stated she would be seeing “my geneticist” the following week because her PCP and vascular surgeon allegedly both wanted her tested for vEDS.

On August 28, she announced she had seen the geneticist (the same one she saw in March who told her she does not have EDS), and that the doctor had “listened and ordered tests.”

Despite stating she met the requirements for a clinical diagnosis, she has not mentioned anything about Marfan since she came back following her Reddit meltdown in June.

As of this edit, Allison has not received the results of her genetic testing yet.

By May 2021, Allison had been sick for fourteen months. I guess by this point she had complained about her daily fevers and weight loss enough that her rheumatologist referred her for a hematology/oncology appointment (likely to get rid of her). On May 25, she suddenly started complaining of ‘growing’ lymph nodes and seemed very concerned about the possibility of cancer. She was so concerned that she advertised a shitty spoonie store at the end of the post.

I want to make it clear that prior to this post, Allison literally never mentioned anything about her lymph nodes or a referral to a heme/onc doctor.
21.5.25 (1).jpg21.5.25 (2).jpg21.5.25 (3).jpg

Just two days later Allison couldn't believe how much her body was wasting away (despite the fact that her weight had been stable since November) and how much her lymph nodes were growing (despite zero physical evidence of swollen nodes). She said her primary care doctor told her to go to urgent care if she was so concerned but urgent care couldn't help her because "I am not acutely ill." Dr. Allison then requested a PET scan "to start a cancer hunt.” She did not get one.
21.5.27 (1).jpg21.5.27 (2).jpg21.5.27 (3).jpg

On May 31, Allison announced she would be off to the ER the next day "as per the advice of a nurse at my cancer center. I am going to the ER clinic that has a cancer clinic in the building. My hope is that they can get a hematologist oncologist to check me out and order some cancer screening tests for me." Allison truly believed that wasting emergency resources during a pandemic was the best course of action.
21.5.31 (1).jpg21.5.31 (2).jpg21.5.31 (3).jpg

The next day she visited that ER with the cancer center. The ER gave her some fluids, did some blood work, and gave her a strep test. She was negative for strep (and mono and HIV). Her CBC (complete blood count) was normal and her RBCs (red blood cells) were "just a little below normal." Her CRP (an inflammation marker) was normal. To sum up: all of her blood work was totally normal. They did not do any scans, and she did not have an oncology consult. I’m assuming she was sent home within a few hours of being seen.
21.6.2 (1).jpg21.6.2 (5).jpg21.6.2 (6).jpg

Allison’s hematology/oncology appointment was allegedly supposed to take place on June 23, 2021, but she did not mention anything about it.

UPDATED 9/10/21
Right around the time this thread went live (you should be starting to sense a pattern here), Allison went back and edited the caption on her June 2, 2021 Instagram post to say: “Great news!!! I am cancer free - I have still never had cancer!” In comments on the post, Allison stated she had been discussing it on her Close Friends setting (IG users can select certain followers who can see “exclusive” content). She also stated that despite “a couple abnormal labs,” the heme/onc doctor did not feel she had cancer.

Whew! What a relief!

The Ehrlichia Tick Bite Saga
Thank you Bakred Lemon for summarizing this!
Right before her last freak out [see Freakouts & Reddit Interactions section below for more info], when she discovered she was a subject on Reddit, she first announced that her tick-borne disease panel was negative. After she was alerted to the Reddit threads that same day, she announced that her doctor stayed late just to call her to tell her that the Erlichia portion of her tickborne panel bloodwork had come back positive. After already notifying her followers that it had been negative that morning:


She had a pool party to celebrate her “positive” test. And then storytimed that now she suddenly remembered that after she went to her OB/GYN in March of 2020 for her mildly abnormal pap, she suddenly remembered that she “took a walk” with her dog. And she thinks that both she *and the dog* must have both been bitten by a tick and contracted Erlichia at that time. Because now she remembered the dog was also feeling poorly at that time, too. It should be noted that she had to specifically mention “took a walk” with her dog, because she and her partner now live in a home with a fully fenced yard. Where, presumably, the dog typically goes out alone in winter to relieve itself. She was also careful to specify that she did it on the exact date of her GYN appointment, because she is later asked to quarantine ”for 7 weeks” because of her “COVID” diagnosis. So she had to brainstorm where exactly this would fit without contradicting her previous tall tales. So: in a bit of bad luck, she decided to go for a mid-March walk with her dog outside of their fenced area because she was anxious about her GYN appointment, and both she and her dog were savagely attacked by a Erlichia-infected tick.

Later, her illness involved swollen vocal cords, difficulty breathing that took her to a pulmonologist for a potential blood clot because her lungs were clear, etc — all pseudo-COVID type symptoms and unrelated to symptoms people would experience with erlichia, and never were verify with COVID testing.


There, of course, has never been any discussion of following up with her vet to have the dog treated and tested for the bacteria that has made her life so miserable, that one would assume as a failed out of pay-to-play-vet-school student she would want to immediately follow up with.

So temporarily when she panicked about being a subject on Reddit for Munchausen, that same afternoon, Microcatmachine revised her timeline from “I contracted COVID at my GYN’s office” to “After I went to my GYN, during the time that I was also asked to quarantine for my for sure COVID diagnosis, without a positive COVD test, I took a walk with my dog because I was anxious and we both contracted Erlichia. From a tick. In March, the most brutal part of Minnesota winter.”

For some reason, she failed to connect the “tick has to bite both dog and human” for that to be the case, but I guess that is why she dropped out of vet school. In her storytime later (perhaps while she had been drinking), she both announced that the dog tested positive for Erlichia earlier this year, *and* that the dog has currently been acting strangely too and probably got it “too” back in March and has not yet been treated or tested.

We’re left unclear as to whether the dog already contracted tick borne Erlichia with her, in March, where they shared a tick bite in winter, or if the dog became sick first, or if the dog is now currently symptomatic and should probably be tested and treated according to her story.

After this time, she never mentions it, or treatment, again.

Here is her full IG story

And here is the geographical breakdown of Erlichia in humans, including the months where infections happen. Summary: There are around 1,900 total Erlichia infections in the US each year (mandatory CDC report), and most occur in the months of May-August, with peaks in June and July. Those infections most frequently occur in Southern US states.

UPDATED 9/10/21-
Tick-Borne Illness Timeline
Just like with her cancer and EDS sagas, sometime in mid-July Allison went back and edited her May 25, 2021 post to say “I was found to be positive for Erlichia early in June. I did 30 days of Doxycycline. It helped my energy and night itching, but I still feel sick. I am now being tested for other tick infections!… I still have this low grade fever everyday.”

In a comment on that post, Allison stated she had been tested for Lyme. She has mentioned at least two other times that she’s been tested for Lyme multiple times and has always been negative.

Allison also used her already edited June 2, 2021 caption to let everyone know “Bad news, I am positive for Erlichia - I finished 30 days of Doxy (which helped my energy levels and night itching), but I still feel sick, so I am looking into other tick infections. Fingers crossed I can get more treatment ASAP!” In comments on that post, she stated she started 30-days on doxycycline on June 16.

On August 19, 2021, Allison stated “I’m trying to wrap my head around my positive erlichia, bartonella, and borrelia tests… they aren’t recognized as chronic diseases, so I don’t know how to feel about them.” Borrelia is the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, AKA the disease Allison had tested negatively for multiple times since the onset of her illness.

It should also be noted that Bartonella is not transmitted via tick bite- it’s transmitted via fleas, body lice, or sand flies. It can also be transmitted via cat scratch.
Screenshot 2021-09-10 5.10.07 AM.png

According to the CDC, there is no evidence that Lyme disease/Borrelia can be transmitted by fleas, lice, or flies. This means Allison would had to have been bitten by both an infected tick and something infected with Bartonella.
Screenshot 2021-09-10 5.11.16 AM.png

Nutcracker Syndrome Saga
Hip Saga

Weight Loss Obsession
One of Allison’s obsessions is with her approximately 40 pound weight loss since March 2020. She claims this is one of the biggest indicators that she definitely has cancer.

Allison was 160 pounds prior to getting sick. On August 12, she stated in an Instagram post that she had lost 20 pounds in the five months she’d been ill. On September 23, Allison shared a photo of a print out from her doctor’s appointment that day- it stated she weighed 136 pounds, 9.6 ounces, meaning she had now lost just over 23 pounds.
20.8.12 (2).jpg20.8.12 (3).jpg20.9.23 (2).jpg

By December 2020, Allison had officially lost 40 pounds. As of June 2021, Allison still claims to have lost 40 pounds. Since her weight has been completely stable for over six months, I would think it’s safe to say it’s not indicative of any emergent disease.
20.10.27 (1).jpg20.10.27 (2).jpg20.10.27 (3).jpg

Allison consistently states that she has no idea why she lost the weight. On the flip side, though, she has also stated that she “almost completely stopped eating.” She had her last drink in June 2020, had C. Diff in August, and started a paleo, vegan, no soy, no dairy, no corn, no sugar diet that September. It should come as no surprise that during these months is when her weight loss skyrocketed.
20.9.19 (1).jpg

Allison's weight loss 2020-2021

Allison is 5’8”. At 120 pounds, she has a BMI of 18.2. 18.5 is considered underweight. So while yes, she is technically underweight, it’s by so little that eating a large meal would probably push her back over to normal.

Freak Outs & Reddit Interactions
On the morning of June 11, 2021, Allison posted a series of stories explaining that someone sent her a link to “the Reddit feed,” aka reddit sub munchsnark. She initially pretended to be unbothered; she laughed dramatically and then called its readers ‘losers.’ Allison was so unbothered that she then started a petition to get munchsnark shut down.
Screenshot 2021-07-05 9.21.14 PM.pngmicrocatmachine_20210611_25.jpgmicrocatmachine_20210612_5.jpg

The following morning Allison seemed to be getting a little unhinged and said that she had “baited” Reddit; she was making a list of everyone who viewed her stories and said they must be evil Reddit spies. She said she would be more than happy to pass the list along via DM.
Screenshot 2021-07-05 9.24.57 PM.png

Someone who is definitely not Allison then made several accounts to comment and downvote on Reddit threads about her. This person who, again, is totally not Allison, taunted a cancer survivor who made several threads about her. At this point, Allison made her Instagram account private and deleted her Tiktok and blog.

The cancer survivor Reddit user then took to munchsnark to accuse Allison of somehow finding out her rapists’ name and sending it to her in a private message. The leading theory on the sub was that Allison somehow found the user’s real name through their Reddit posts and then accessed WestLaw (a legal database) through Lutheran Social Services’ account.

All of Allison’s suspected Reddit accounts were banned and she was temporarily barred as a topic of discussion out of concern for safety. She has now deleted and/or lost more than 4000 followers since she discovered Reddit.

Allison may have also posed as a girl named "Emma" who came on the sub claiming Allison had doxxed her as well.

ETA: u/redcarrot45 was the original username of "Emma"/possibly Allison. "Emma" and the cancer/rape survivor are two different people. I was confused.
Screenshot 2021-07-05 10.45.38 PM.png

Shortly following this, while her IG was private, it was discovered that a @microcatmachine Twitter account existed. It had previously not shown up in any searches, so it was likely deactivated when I originally searched. The Twitter has since been privated and she wiped the bio and account picture in an attempt to cover her tracks, but thankfully Google's cache takes a bit to catch up. You can see clearly that she lists Anorexia Nervosa, EDS, Marfan, and most importantly cancer survivor 2x. If you'll remember, Allison has not been diagnosed EDS, Marfan, or cancer of any kind.
Screenshot 2021-07-02 8.16.32 PM.pngScreenshot 2021-07-02 8.16.25 PM.png

Thankfully some Redditors found the Twitter while it was still public and took a handful of screenshots. Allison deliberately sought out old Tweets referencing IllnessFakers or munchsnark to drudge up drama and shared a lot of pro-ana content.

It's important to note that the @microcatmachine Twitter was created on July 26, 2018, or almost four years before Allison was a subject on munchsnark.

Of course Allison tried her best to deflect responsibility and denied the Twitter account was hers.
21.7.4 (2).jpg21.7.4 (3).jpgmicrocatmachine_20210705_1.jpgmicrocatmachine_20210705_2.jpgScreenshot_20210705-173301_Reddit.jpg
Twitter Archive Part 1
Twitter Archive Part 2

The mods of munchsnark then removed Allison as a subject of discussion because they were "tired of dealing with her."

Allison also may have had something to do with munchsnark being banned.


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Dr. Celery MD

Knife is big
Allison's Family

Robert Duane Tennyson (b.August 19, 1941)- Allison's dad. Robert is a retired educational psychology professor from the University of Minnesota. In 2008, he was suspended for one year without pay or benefits because he possibly forged course evaluations. Good ol’ Bob is quite the ladies man- he’s been married at least three times, and each of those relationships overlapped one another. Every one of his wives was either a student or colleague of his.
Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 9.17.14 AM.png

Robert and Carol L. Tennyson published a paper together in November 1977.
Screenshot 2021-07-05 10.23.31 PM.png

Robert married Carol (unsure of maiden name) some time prior to 1978. On September 11, 1978, they divorced. The case type is listed as Dissolution with Child, but I was unable to find any record of that child's existence.

Six weeks later, on November 2, 1978, Halyna Hajovy legally changed her name to Halyna Tennyson, indicating they were already married.

They published at least one paper together in 1985.
Screenshot 2021-07-05 10.30.28 PM.png

On December 27, 1985, Bob and Halyna had a son, Kyle Robert Tennyson. Sadly, the baby was either stillborn or died shortly after birth.

Bob and Halyna likely conceived their next child in February 1987. Bob then likely conceived a child with Allison’s mom, Mariana, in May 1987. Mariana also published work with Bob.
Screenshot 2021-07-05 10.33.42 PM.png

On July 20, 1987, Halyna and Bob officially divorced. Their daughter, Melissa Marina Tennyson, was born on November 15, 1987.

It’s unclear when Bob married Mariana, but their first child, Robert Langley Tennyson, was born on February 19, 1988, just three months after his half sister. They then welcomed Allison on September 21, 1989. Bob and Mariana are still married today

Bob deleted his Facebook shortly after this thread went live.

Mariana Rasch Tennyson (b. March 1961)- Allison’s mother. She is twenty years her husband's junior. Mariana is a first grade teacher at Horace Mann Elementary in St. Paul, MN.

Robert Langley Tennyson (b. February 19, 1988- Allison’s older brother. Robert is an anthropology PhD candidate at the University of Washington. He did his undergrad at Harvard. He has done a lot of research and published many papers on the effects that stress and other psychosocial factors during childhood have on developing physical and mental illnesses later on.

Tyler Jahr (b. May 1987)- Allison’s live-in boyfriend/enabler. He and Allison started dating in August 2019 and they purchased their current home together in July 2020. He works full time as a delivery driver and then comes home to do literally everything around the house and take care of Allison.
Screenshot_20210205-132403_Instagram.jpg21.7.31 (2).jpg
Allison and Tyler's Relationship

Blog Archive
Allison's blog, The Domestic Truth, was started in October 2020. She deleted it shortly after her first Reddit meltdown.

Tiktok Archive
Allison also deleted her Tiktok.

Instagram Video Archive Part 1
Instagram Video Archive Part 2
Instagram Video Archive Part 3
Pre-Munching Photos

Illness Glossary
Medical Tests and Ruled-Out Conditions

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Domestic Truth Instagram
LinkedIn (Archive)
An article about Allison's work, Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota, helping her in the home-buying process.
An article written about Allison's "Covid" struggle
Her Etsy likes. Link Archive

For anyone interested in a pretty full timeline, here are some Imgur albums from Reddit.
Album 1 Album 2 Album 3


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Linkin Park

Dox Me? Nooooooo. DDos? Noooooooo. Trannies? Noooo
I agree with the thumbnail of the first video: "Mental health matters"

With that being said, if you're mentally ill, stay off the internet and get some help. All it does, especially on social media, is provide validation for grotesque behaviors and ideals. Seeing this chick beg for attention while holding a cane, having every WebMD disease, and doing dance/MMA moves to diet pop music doesn't bring empathy/sympathy. If anything, it makes me want to do everything she doesn't to actually improve quality of life.

Hey op, thanks for the thread. I got kind of pissed that she got removed as a subject from r/MunchSnark, but there's no way she can do anything about what's posted about her here.

And my theory is that she started using the Twitter account again just to cause more drama about herself. Just by looking at the screenshots of the tweets, it was very clearly her.


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Gets around 20 to 50 likes on posts.

She probably thinks her following is legit, oh how sad. Only started to pick up traction the more she faked.

Also some spoilers to clean up the OP would be great.
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FWIW, she's already lost about 4k followers since her first reddit freak-outs. The two options are that either four thousand people have unfollowed her in three weeks due to her insanity, or she's personally gone in and removed four thousand accounts in three weeks for being "superfans".

Neither is a great look. Now that she's no longer allowed on MS, I'm really fucking hoping she stays on here, bc this nutjob is too good to be ignored.

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Promising opening post, OP. We'll just have to wait for the ensuing meltdown at Mount St. Allison when she discovers this thread.

Her fucking father is ultimate cringe. Profs fucking students is a special kind of special, and the fact it was research assistants working under him is an extra dimension of fucked up. I'm surprised Munch Qween hasn't claimed that he fucked his own children since he fucked so many almost children. Or did she claim that? It'd be hard to trust Allison after this many lies, but at the same time: predators gonna predator.

She's done some cool shit in her life. Participating in a marine biology undergrad program on the Pacific Ocean sounds incredible, working with rare sea turtles is exceptional, conservation in Costa Rica and then going to vet school in an island paradise? Without the horror story sequel she'd sound like an interesting person to have a drink with. Why the fuck did this bitch fuck up a life that was so promising to larp as the dying girl from The Fault in Our Stars?

Oh, and most of those selfies look suspiciously like the body checks anorexics do on Instagram and TikTok. Why not collect the free space ED diagnosis, Allison?
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