Diseased AlltheFallen.ninja (now allthefallen.moe) - The biggest hive of loli and shota loving sick fucks on the Internet

Is @FrostyWeeb9 a pedo?

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UPDATE: New links, thanks to @Eryngium.

Main: http://allthefallen.moe/
forum: https://allthefallen.moe/forum/index.php
booru: https://booru.allthefallen.moe/
Git: https://git.allthefallen.moe/users/sign_in
stories: https://stories.allthefallen.moe/
translations: https://translations.allthefallen.moe/

IMPORTANT: They are so pissed they are getting mocked any links to their site view from here redirect to a Rickroll video. Copy links into another tab to view or view with a proxy if that happens.

I'm pretty damned sure that if there is anything that could get these deviants sent to pound me in the ass prison, they are smart enough to either not have it on their own servers or have heavily encrypted the shit out of it, so anyone trying to hack them might find some embarrassing shit, but not only would they likely not find a smoking gun, that gives the pedophiles a legal reason to complain, and as much as I hate childfuckers, they are entitled to due process of the law and they have legal rights, and I'd rather see them fry via evidence obtained legally, makes it that much harder for them to skate on it later.

So to anyone who has delusions of hacking these people, don't.

Any smoking guns will likely be found elsewhere, like their private Discord and Gitlab, and whatever other invite only means they have to swap shit that they can't post on the clearnet, and the only way to get that would likely either involve some soul with a conscience leaking it or some undercover fed who managed to infiltrate their pedo hive.

So again, please, don't do anything illegal, even if these people are scummy fucks.

Awhile back in the general chat I posted a horrifying link to some mods for Skyrim some sick fucks made where you can not only play as kids, you can also use them in a modified version of the Sexlab mod to have sex with child characters and have child characters have sex with each other.

It's worth noting the original Sexlab is specifically coded so you CAN'T sleep with any child character, but these sick bastards deliberately made a version of Sexlab so they have their simulated child sex fantasies in interactive form.

I decided to go back to that shithole and see how far the rabbit hole goes, and may God help me, because I had to choke down bile while writing this OP.

First the site itself:


Seems tame enough, right?

Take a gander at this:


Here's a sample of some of the hard hitting topics they cover:



Gee, I wonder why someone would ask this?

Well, let me cover all the sub sections of this web domain of sick fucks:

https://atfbooru.ninja/ - Their image board. DO NOT go here unless you want to see loli/shota shit. I don't know if they have any live action CP on this crap, doubt it, but I'm not sure I have the stomach to actually check.

https://allthefallen.ninja/forum/index.php - The forums, where they discuss where fapping to loli and shota can be done legally, share loli/shota images fapfics, and other horrors, and generally masturbate to the idea of fucking kids.

https://git.allthefallen.ninja - Their Gitlab. Members only access.

https://blogs.allthefallen.ninja/ - Blogs. Shut down BECAUSE PEOPLE WERE OPENLY SPREADING CHILD PORN WITH THEM!


https://mods.allthefallen.ninja/index.php?title=Main_Page - Their Game Mods. Wanna fuck kids in Skyrim? Want to take porn games where you can fuck legal looking stuff freely and mod them to fuck simulated children? Want anatomically correctly kids with animated genitals to fap to while you play Fallout 3/NV/4?

These deviants have got you covered.

https://stories.allthefallen.ninja/index.php?title=Main_Page - Their wiki for sharing loli/shota/furry fapfics.

https://translations.allthefallen.ninja/ - Translated Loli/shota doujin to beat your sick fuck dicks off to for weeaboos who want to get vanned.

https://pomf.tv/ - Live streams for pedophile to go on about how proud they are to be be pedos.

https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/AllTheFallen.ninja - ED covers a lot of their sickfuckery, reveals these assholes are anal about getting shit on for being deviants, de-indexed their forum so Google wouldn't spider their discussions about where to fuck kids and get away with it.

archive.md works, but if you find real CP, drop a tip to the FBI, DON'T ARCHIVE IT.

https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Chaosscizzors - The deviant who runs this hive of perversion.
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https://atfbooru.ninja/ - Their image board. DO NOT go here unless you want to see loli/shota shit. I don't know if they have any live action CP on this crap, doubt it, but I'm not sure I have the stomach to actually check.

Took a peek. First page has drawn porn of an anime toddler (like a four year old?) being fucked in like a dozen different positions/outfits by a fat hairy dude, who is drawn from the torso down for maximum sick fuck wish fulfillment. Now I'm probably on a list. (:_(


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There was one of these for Fallout 3 too. Like a shock-slave child mod that was pretty fucked up. I dont know why this is necessary. I don't even like the nude body mods for skyrim.

Because some sick motherfucker needs some outlet for his desire to rape a child, and where there is a deviant will, there is, to our horror, a way.


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Did loli always mean sexualizing girls who are barely potty trained? When I first heard about loli I was under the impression it was about girls who are at least teens.

You've never heard of those depraved assholes who get off to wanting to fuck actual babies?

Yes, that's an actual fetish for some of these perverts, as much as I wish no one was that demented.

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Appropriating weeb culture
While I'm not totally opposed to the existence of this stuff per se, this thread is disturbing as fuck.
Blacked out the avatar because it's an adult fucking a kid. Cute username! /gag

usernames can change now!

2021 lol
There aren't a lot of links I won't click. I've clicked links knowing damn well the results would scar me, be it chinese toddlers getting run over by trucks or people so disgusting you pray it can't spread over TCP/IP. I've clicked links to things most people wouldn't imagine.

But today, you have posted a link I shall not click. Fuck pedos, preferably in jail and with broken glass.


Now, I've seen some horrid shit on the internet, I've been through /b/ back in its wilder days, but this?

Not with a galaxy wide fucking pole. No fucking thank you.

All of these sicking fucking degenerate bastards belong in the deepest, fiery pits of hell where they can feel nothing but immeasurable pain the likes of which has never been known to fucking existence to bottom-feeding fucking scum like them.

Each and every one of these motherfuckers deserves a bleach cocktail with an appetizer of Xanax.

These depraved scum all deserve to be wiped off the face of this planet.


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Did loli always mean sexualizing girls who are barely potty trained? When I first heard about loli I was under the impression it was about girls who are at least teens.

Ironically enough? No. Not that young, at least. This is the way I understand it:

Originally, Lolita was, referencing the book the nickname came from, a girl who while not of legal age yet, was nonetheless sexually aware and/or flirtatious. The original book that started the term is amazingly fucked up and essentially a story about how the main character's insane hebephiliac fetish ultimately destroys him and everything he holds dear, leaving him wracked with guilt for destroying a young woman's life (oddly fitting).

The "Loli" term in the imageboard sense originated in the mid-90s. Japan began to have issues with pedophiles using doujins with underage characters to do an end-run around child porn laws. In an outbreak of common-sense, Japan's government specifically banned the production of any work of fiction with characters who were below the age of consent.

Artists of all stripes (porn and otherwise) who wanted to draw the same content without legal repercussions responded by drawing similar content to what they always had always had, but this time intentionally made clear that the characters in it were of legal age (often by making the characters seem somewhat less like children in terms of proportion, attitude, and appearance). This called to mind the aformentioned book, and at best most would call Loli content at the time hebephilia rather than outright pedophilia - hence the term Loli.

Unfortunately, as anyone who has spent time on the Farms knows, Pedophiles gonna Pedo, and it wasn't long at all before Loli quickly became associated, irrevocably, with Pedophilia. Everyone knew why, too: Even the content that was comparably tame by the standards of the internet could easily be used as fapbait for Pedophiles. In short order, Pedophiles were flat-out distributing drawn porn of child-fucking, trying to hide it under the Loli/Shota moniker, and increasingly were using the terms to refer to actual child pornography.

This left most imageboards with no choice but to ban the lot of it, since there was simply too much room for pedophiles to abuse it as a means of entry, and if you tolerate the pedo menace, some poor kid someplace is getting buggered.

If you watch websites that tried to sprout up in the aftermath of various imageboards banning Loli porn and tried to establish themselves as the best sources of it, such as 420chan, or 12chan, and, of course, AnonTalk, you'll see that almost each of these communities got overran by pedophiles in short order. It's very similar to how the majority of furry communities started banning "cub porn" around 2006 or so, for much the same reasons, and the ones that didn't quickly had the same problem.

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