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I think EU4, HOI4, and games like that would be immensely more popular and acclaimed than they are now. EU4 is great but nobody wants to spend literal hundreds of dollars to have a decent experience.
no they wouldnt since they couldnt patch them so long and couldnt change stuff so often. also, just play MP with somebody who has those games.

To get back to topic, i wish CoD would have flopped, FPS would be sooooo much better with having old school Battlefield, Arena shooter and CS as 3 main stays of FPS.

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What if Obsidian had more time with New Vegas and made the game they wanted?
What if Obsidian had more time on every game they have made resulting in them never releasing any games?

I thought this would be alternate history like Codename: Eagle, that game was messed up in a fun way.
Alternate history of games: what if DICE didn't actively work to remove the fun Eagle jank from every subsequent Battlefield game?