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Modern medicine is bullshit and controlled by Jews. Instead of advancing our understanding of diseases, it inhibits it. Take for example, infectious diseases. Rabies is said to be incurable, but in 2004 that all became questioned when Jeanna Giese survived it after being put in a coma and given a cocktail of drugs for one week before slowly making a recovery until she was at least semi-normal. Many claim it was the first time someone survived rabies without the vaccine. But it's not true. In the 19th century before the first Pasteur vaccine was made in 1888, people already knew everything there was to know about the disease and how to control it. Below is taken from the Monthly Homeopathic Review, Vol. 31, published in 1887.

Mr. I.K. was bitten by a small dog on the leg. He killed the dog. The wound was only slight, and no notice was taken of it. In three weeks he became restless and irritable, and in three days he had an attack of fury, attempting to injure himself and others. He was found at 2 o'clock in the morning, by the medical man, in severe spasms, requiring six men to keep him on the bed. Guided by the symptoms, bell. 3 was given. The spasms ceased, and he passed the rest of the night quietly, taking bell. 3 and acon. 3, drop doses, every hour alternately. About 7 a.m. spasms returned with increased severity, and as hyos. seemed now to be indicated, drop doses of the 3rd dilution were given at half-hour intervals. After the third dose, no effect being produced, verat. 2 in some degree mitigated the spasmodic action; but as neither verat. nor hyos. produced any decided effect, bell. 1 was persevered with in drop doses every half hour, till the spasms abated — about 12 p.m. From this time he remained quiet until evening, taking medicine at intervals of an hour.

The spasmodic attacks began with darting pains in the temple, increasing in severity until he became insensible — a thrill or shudder then passing over his frame and lasting about a minute; teeth set, muscles of face and neck rigid, breathing laboured. After a while these symptoms would gradually disappear, and the patient would be quiet for a few minutes, when a new spasm, commencing like the first, or very suddenly, with no other symptom of warning other than a shudder, would occur. The spasms occurring in the latter way were of the most violent description; in a moment he would be violently convulsed; and during the attack, would strike and bite at those around in the most fearful manner. During the spasmodic action, any fluid touching him, or placed near him, produced violent spasms. In the lucid intervals he complained of thirst, and if drink were offered him, would close his eyes, grasp the vessel in a hurried manner. At other times, he swallowed with great difficulty, and after repeated attempts. This was during the long periods between the spasmodic attacks; during which, also, he was conscious and calm, and would earnestly caution his friends to be on their guard.

About 6 p.m. spasms returned and lasted till 2 a.m., when, after a very severe one, they ceased, and he sunk into a quiet sleep, lasting till 4 p.m., when the spasms returned in a milder form. About 11 next day one or two severe spasms occurred, so chloric ether was applied. The contact of the moist sponge with his lips threw him into the most violent spasm. About 1 a.m. spasms again ceased, and began again at 4 a.m. Chloric ether was applied, and, despite his struggles, continued until its effects were produced. The effect lasted about twenty minutes. He had no return of the spasms after this; became quite well, and is attending to his business.

The son of a Mr. Waite, of Cincinnati, was recently seized with hydrophobia. We learn by the Cincinnati Gazette he has entirely recovered, through a running wound is purposely kept up where the lad was bitten. The vesicles which formed under the tongue rapidly disappeared under lachesis; and the spasms were prevented by belladonna and other remedies.

Offenberg's case of cure of supposed hydrophobia by curare was reported in the Wiener Ally. Med. Zig. The patient was a girl twenty-four years of age, who had been bitten eighty days previously by a dog supposed to be rabid. After the ineffectual hypodermic injections of morphia and the administration of chloroform, seven doses of 0.2 gram. of curare were injected in five-and-a-half hours. First the muscular restlessness declined, then the convulsive attacks became less frequent, the dread of water and photophobia disappeared, the anxiety diminished. However, paralytic symptoms appeared, which attained their maximum on the following day. The next day the hydrophobic symptoms returned, but in slighter degrees, and the injection of 0.03 grm. of curare sufficed to suppress them.

The patient recovered slowly; two months afterwards, she still felt weak and prostrated, moved her limbs slowly and without energy, and complained of slight photophobia and dimness of sight. At the point of injection there occurred inflammation and infiltration, but no suppuration.

In the British Medical Journal for 1881 (vol. ii) is narrated a case by John Ruxton, Surgeon, A.M.D., in which Indian hemp, in repeated physiological doses, was given in hydrophobia, and was followed by recovery. A boy between five and six years of age, in the East Indies, was attacked by hydrophobia a month after being severely bitten. The bites having been well cauterised by fuming nitric acid within half-an-hour after infliction. Dr. Ruxton mentions that on one of his visits the boy "had chronic interrupted muscular contractions, twisting sometimes to the side, foaming at the mouth, spitting saliva from between his teeth, dreading all liquids, the slightest disturbance reproducing these frightful contortions." The lad was removed to hospital to die and as a palliative 5 minims of tincture of cannabis indica were with difficulty given by the mouth and followed by short sleep; "but he had again awoke in a wild screaming fit, and spitting saliva from between his teeth. The room was darkened and isolated, most complete quietude rigidly enforced and a m v. of the tincture of cannabis Indica were taken by the mouth in short convulsive gulps, most of it, however, was swallowed. A deep sleep, lasting for ten hours, soon followed, and he awoke conscious of those around him, recognising his mother for the first time for 24 hours. His pupils were contracted to a point, and he, seeming very heavy, went quickly to sleep again for another 12 hours, with slight interruptions, after which he took some milk and beef-tea without difficulty and dozed off to sleep at intervals during the day;" beef-tea and m v. of the tincture was given, and he slept 18 hours. When he awoke he was drowsy, weak and blanched, but free from fits and other serious symptoms. He recovered completely.

In the fourth volume of Frank's Magazine, Dr. Rust reports a case of hydrophobia treated by cantharis.

A girl of 20 was bitten by a rabid dog in the left upper extremity, on the 20th January.

There were two wounds about three inches from one another, penetrating through the skin into the cellular substance beneath. They were immediately cut out, and the part cauterised with lunar caustic; and in order, if possible, to ward off the danger, belladonna with calomel and sal volatile was administered.

On the 12th of March, after she had taken in all 36 grains of belladonna, as many of calomel, and 24 of sal volatile, she suddenly became low spirited, wept continually, complained of pains in the injured arm, principally midway between the two wounds. She was feverish, and had a horror of fluids. She would take a teaspoonful of water into her mouth with her eyes shut, but was unable to swallow it, and spat it out again. She now got pulv. canthar. gr. ss. in powders, one to be taken every two hours. Ag the same time caustic was applied to the painful part. The next day after she had taken nine powders, she had scalding on making water, and at the same time the fever declined, the hardness and fullness of the pulse diminished, the fixed pain in the arm went off completely, and she was much more composed. The powders were discontinued, and with great difficulty she was induced to take an oleaginous mixture. On the morning of the 14th the scalding was gone, and she got four grains more of cantharis, as before. In the afternoon burning thirst, she asked for beer and drank half a pint. On the 15th, three more powders. She was now able to take her usual food and drink. On the 30th scalding on passing water again occurred, and was treated as before. Dismissed cured on the 28th.

It has been suggested that this was not a case of hydrophobia, but that the hydrophobic symptoms were due to the large quantities of belladonna taken by the patient. If so, the homeopathic relation of belladonna and hydrophobia is supported by the case.

Dr. Cockburn, of Dundee, considers the following a case of hydrophobia, not fully developed. It is reported in Brit. Journ. of Homeopathy, vol. viii.

"On Monday, the 22nd of October, a mare was bit by a mad dog at the north mains of Castle Huntly; the dog, though at the time was not suspected of being mad, was killed on the spot by a man who has charge of the mare, and the latter continuing to be quite well, the matter was forgot in a few days. On Monday, the 5th November, the mare was observed to be more restless and more inclined to snap than usual, and to have lost its appetite. On the evening of the 16th, it became very wild and restive, biting and tearing at everything. Mr. Baster, the veterinary surgeon at Balledgerns, was sent for, and gave it some medicine; in doing so, he was obliged to have the hand in the animal's mouth; on the hand were two old sores only half scabbed over. On the 7th the mare became quite furious, biting at everything within its reach, even the stones of the wall, and in the afternoon of the same day it expired.

On the 8th of November, about 2 o'clock a.m. Mr. Baxter became ill, and sent for me to come and see him. Saw him at 9 a.m. and found the following symptoms: pain and burning, with a little inflammation in the sores on the hand; severe pains all up the arm; pain and stiffness of the neck; tickling soreness of the throat, causing frequent hawking and spitting; shuddering of the body, but not cold; feverish, with considerable excitement. Gave merc. 1, to be followed by bell. next day if he was no worse.

"Next day he was much better, and on the tenth felt almost well. On the eleventh did not feel so well, was very restless and disturbed all the day, but could not tell what was the matter. Next morning I found him with the following symptoms; prickling and jumping kind of pain in both arms; pain and stiffness in both sides of the neck; pain in the back of the neck and occiput, with stiffness; giddiness and great confusion in the head; stupid and restless; irrigation and tickling in the throat; copious perspiration all over the body; burning pain behind the ear coming round behind the jaw; the papillary on left side of frenum limguae, large and inflamed, but nothing like a vesicle. Gave laches. Next day he was much better, and in three days after was quite well, and is so at present.

From an old newspaper cutting the Homeopathic World reproduces the following:—

"When we were at Ahmednuggar in 1853-4 we were acquainted with Dr. David Wyllie, civil surgeon there. He told us of a case the day it happened, coming to us directly after the patient was relieved. That morning a boy was brought into the hospital suffering from hydrophobia. Dr. Wyllie immediately had a pan of live charcoal brought and placed on the ground under a cane-bottomed chair. The boy was entirely undressed, placed on the chair, and enveloped in blankets. Then several grains of mercury (I forgot how many) were thrown on the charcoal, and the former so impregnated the boy's body that in a quarter if an hour the saliva was pouring out of his mouth; the rigidity caused by the spasms ceased, and the poison came out of the boy. What happened after, whethervthe malady ever recurred, I know not; but the boy lived, and so did all other cases of Dr. Wyllie when taken in time."

In the British Medical journal occurs the following letter:—

"The following case of hydrophobia, treated with chloroform, may perhaps interest your readers. It occurred in one of the suburbs of Bombay.

"L.M., a native Christian, aged 18, had been bitten on the calf of the right leg, two months before, by a dog believed to be rabid. The wound had healed, and there were three cicatrices resembling those caused by a bite. The night before he was seen, he was restless and alarmed with dreams. On the following morning, there was a constant hawking and spitting of frothy mueus, with a frequent ringing scream. These symptoms were increased in paroxysms from time to time. He looked anxious and distressed. He did not seem to be affected by currents of air, but became much excited when water was brought near him, and was unwilling to drink or even touch it. Noises distressed him very much. The pulse was feeble, the skin of natural temperature. Occasional twitchings of muscles were observed, but no marked spasms. Half a dracham of chloroform (afterwards increased to a dracham) on a handkerchief, and gradually brought near the face; it was inhaled with apparently partial relief. This was repeated every half hour, and in all twelve drachmas were used. On the following morning, the patient was to all appearances well, and three days after resumed his usual duties.

That's just one example but you can look through all these other old clinical journals and you can fact check and see for yourself what's being hidden. The medical community claims that viruses can't be cured; even the common cold you can only manage the symptoms but not destroy the virus itself. But once you read into what's known as "nosodes" anything becomes possible, really. Things that you wouldn't even think were possible, but are.


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Viruses can't be cured in the sense that you can take antibiotics or most meds to treat them - but that hasn't stopped people mistakenly abusing antibiotics and in the process creating antibiotic-resistant strains of pathogens which may very well doom humanity.

The best manmade defence we have against them are vaccinations, primitive forms of which have been practiced before we worked out vaccination was a thing. Otherwise, you have to rely on your third-line immune defence, by which time it might be too late for some viruses without medical intervention.

Take rabies, for example. The standard treatment for anyone bitten by a rabies infected animal is to inject them with a ton of rabies antibodies to immediately suppress the virus, and then giving them rabies vaccines regularly over two weeks to naturally build up the body's immune response. The rabies virus is fast-acting and targets your nervous system, that's why they inject the antibodies as quickly as possible, to stop it from reaching critical mass to be able to do that.

The only reason it works is because the rabies virus is so well documented, and we are able to produce human rabies antibodies en-masse via genetic technologies. Even then, it's not a 'cure'. It's just a measure to give your body time to be able to effectively mount an immune response.

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I don't see any way that homeopathy could work. The whole thing is based off of a faulty concept that diluting something makes it stronger, which is obviously not true.


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I prefer real medicine.

Wasn't the girl that survived rabies severely disabled by it?

Alternative medicine is great!
It's scientifically proven to not work, or hasn't been proven to work at all. So we know to avoid it and can judge those that advocate for it.

How is that not great? Not only doesn't it let me make better health care choices and not waste money. I get to feel better about myself by looking down on other people. That's awesome!

Well if you ignore the people who suffer from using it. Those that then get a warped view of what reality is and so go on a path to believing more non-sense. And the people being ripped off. But leaving that aside... Plus Penn & Teller got to make a show called bullshit explaining a lot of why it's stupid. That was good!
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Alternative medicine is medicine that has not been proved to work. You know what we call medicine that has been proved to work?


With that said, it would be real fucking nice if doctors would stop being stooges to farmaceutical companies. Yes, you can deal with being fat by giving anti-cholesterols and such.

But have you thought about not being a bitch and telling people that their lack of exercise and unhealthy eating is the cause of their problems? That maybe taking stetins that almost always leads to diabetes and then having to take pills for that too is not the ideal path?

That perhaps we shouldn' be cutting penises and breasts from psychiatric patiens but instead we should be cutting the people who enable this alternative medicine inside hospitals?

Youtch I just cut myself on my own edge.

True, but also very wrong.

Modern medicine is largely bullshit because of predatory capitalism enticing temporary panaceas rather than cures. The solution to that isn't to reactively knee jerk into woo territory though. Rather, the correct way to go is to prevent yourself from needing either in the first place: Having a good diet, being physically active, not taking any drugs/supplements unless absolutely needed, etc.

The last point includes alternative medicine, which - if we're talking plant medicines - are often tainted with all kinds of heavy metals, solvents used for extraction or simply megadoses of natural molecules that act carcinogenic/estrogenic/etc. in concentrated form.

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I was never sick and only went to a dentist few times (I will never have to do it again though) but there's no way I'll ever go to a doctor after this pandemic scam. If I die, I die, but I won't let retarded big pharma influencers (aka "doctors") experiment on me

Medical errors are in the top 3 causes of death in modern societies so I'll rather eat clean and take care of myself and avoid doctor faggots like plague

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Alternative 'medicine' isn't subject to the same safety regulations as proper medicine (i.e. FDA approval). Meaning you can sell your homeopathic essential oil mist without having to prove it's actually safe and effective, in fact you don't even have to list all the ingredients. Consumers are basically lab rats.

I'd rather take medicine that's been put through robust clinical trials, and prescribed by a licensed, educated professional.

Prevention is the best option though. Have a nutritious balanced diet, exercise, sleep, manage stressors... that's like 95% of health.

There is a video on youtube of Paul stamets speaking at a ted medicine talk on how he cured his mother of stage 4 terminal brain cancer using a combination of mushrooms. If you read his books you can even piece together the recipe he used to do so. The only true medicines in modern medicine are derived from fungus and can mainly be created oneself. Any medicine in the medical industry that is not derived from fungus generally does more harm than good.

Also, the theory that antibiotics are becoming less resilient is new age propaganda. Only 10 percent of the worlds fungus has been discovered. There are plenty of antibiotics waiting to be discovered if we do not destroy the amazon first.

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Modern medicine is bullshit and controlled by Jews.
It always is some vacuous 'other' at the hear of conspiracy isn't it? That is simultaneously near omnipotent and yet at the same time is still being valiantly fought off by some irrelevant schlubs on the internet