Alternative Operating Systems - There's more than Windows, MacOS and Linux

Since I'm always curious about trying new things, I'm often interested in reading about alternatives to the mainstream operating systems and software. I'm throwing Linux and it's userland software into the "mainstream"-pot too, although it isn't really all that mainstream for workstations, you just find a lot of the more complex and popular userland software on the other two platforms too. I guess same goes for the *BSDs although I feel they might be different enough for it to be notable.

Tell me about the more exotic OSes you play around with or maybe even use regularly, and what you're doing with them. Did you come from a GNU/Linux Distro? What was different? What do you use the OS for, with what software? What interesting paradigms make it stand out from the mainstream? Please try to keep the TempleOS jokes to a minimum. Thanks.
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The Real SVP
I wonder if its actually usable.
I can only get it to start in text mode without a writable RAM-disk under Hyper-V.

Still works under VirtualBox. The package repository with the build environment is also still up. So, you could turn it into a "real" OS if you wanted.
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Windows is the only OS not under he unix banner. iOS, MacOS, *BSD, Linux, and Android are all variants of unix. Even Sony since the PS3 have used FreeBSD for their system's OS.

I've been thinking of using FreeBSD but I was hoping Haiku or ReactOS would be usable at this point.
ReactOS might be worthwhile in like 30 years.
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Pickle Dick

boy do i wish it was 2016 again
I've been contemplating replacing the archaic operating system that is on my eMac G4 (OS X Tiger, could upgrade to Leopard but its still old) with either MintPPC or MorphOS. The only trouble is that I don't know how well the compatibility is with apps on the former, and I do not know what the latter is, other than being based on AmigaOS and costing money.
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The Real SVP
If you don't have a collection of legacy Amiga software or nostalgia for software development on AmigaOS you probably won't have a good time with MorphOS.
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