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Brianna Elsie Gage / Alternative System / Alternative Vlogs / Ginger Darling / Breezy Anna / DistressDamsel & Her Circus of Plural Identities, Plural Orbiters, and Haters Galore

Brianna Elsie Gage, otherwise known as Alternative System or Alternative Vlogs on her personal social media, or Ginger Darling on her e-whoring accounts and on stage, is a 27 year old heroin and crack addict originally from the Las Vegas area and now residing in Seattle, WA. Like all of your favorite malingerers, Brianna claims to possess a slew of ailments including Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), autism, and gastroparesis. She fancies herself to be a fine-art model, adult entertainer, sadistic domme, and mental health advocate, though all of these claims are mere delusions. She is simply a broken psychotic narcissist with a hard drug problem and a pension for internet drama within her own community.

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Brianna's DID, according to her own claims, stems from sexual, emotional, and physical abuse received by her father as a young child. It seems as though now she is estranged from her father. She originally moved out to Seattle to be with her mother and sister, but her mother quickly shut her down due to having a full house also including Brianna's cousin and aunt. This led to a series of hardships for poor Brianna, including sleeping on the streets and a drug problem.

Brianna's Known Alters:
Bri seems to have no problem allowing her headmates to come forward and interact with her audience. So far, we have been introduced to:

The Bitches
Brianna - The "body," AKA the real person with real problems
Chloe - one of the first headmates to be discovered, she isn't talked about much in more recent days
Grace - a bougie bitch who has a minor affinity for fashion
Jeff - the dudebro
Stephani - the hard-headed pseudo-tough gal
Ginger - the sex worker
Damien - another nasty dudebro who also is not talked about much lately

The Littles
Ashley - a 3-year-old who comes out mostly around dinner time and bed time, used to speak in Brianna's normal voice but now conveniently talks like a baby
Elsie - an 8(?) year old who also talks like a baby and seems to have jealousy issues regarding Ashley
*Both child alters call Brandon Daddy, and while Bri has claimed that he was uncomfortable with it at first due to his own sexual trauma and seeing Bri as his lover, he really shows no signs of those feelings anymore and has even gone as far as telling them that he will adopt them as his children*
Brianna has also claimed to have a one-year-old alter who she has not yet named or shown. It's safe to assume she also claims more parts than those listed here, because you can't stop crazy.

Not only is she a malingerer with growing notoriety, but she is also a violent convict on active "unsupervised" probation (the "unsupervised" part being important because it allows her to continue her routine drug relapses).

Last year, Brianna gained minor fame in the DID Youtube community with her video series about debunking DissociaDID, another DID Youtuber who is frequently accused of faking her illness, and talking about her own experiences with DID in the process.

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Sometimes fame can also come with infamy, and Brianna certainly didn't wait to have her first scandal. Last summer she was accused by others in the DID community for sexualizing her "littles," or child alters. These accusations arose due to her posting photos of her age-regression onto her NSFW Twitter account and using #DDLG (dom dad/little girl) in the posts. The community went up-in-arms over this, because of course it's gross when a grown ass woman dresses like a toddler and flaunts it alongside promoting her e-whore grifting sites and creepy fetishes.

This sprung Brianna into a brighter spotlight, though this time it was not glowing with as much praise. It also attracted a slew of haters who were quick to engage in blood sports with her and her fans. Ironically enough, most of these haters are also malingerers with DID +++ (and will be explained to you, dear reader, very shortly).

Not long after this drama surrounding her littles and her general behavior on the internet in reaction to all the haters, Brianna began making claims of having formerly been in a sex cult where she was abused. At first she was somewhat cryptic about her story, but as time went on she began to open up more about it. This, of course, began a series of contradictions. Where she first claimed to having been asked to start a cult with her former boyfriend/dom, she then said she was hired to recruit for the cult, and now simply states she was a victim of the cult as an abused woman with severe trauma. Of course, there is no cult, though this entire situation is definitely nefarious, but we will get to that soon.

All of the hate also caused her to self-harm and then blame it on all of her haters. She even posted pictures of the wound she caused herself on twitter, but those images are long gone and I cannot find an archive yet. Brianna, like most narcissists, has no sense of self-awareness or responsibility it seems.
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For Brianna is the Sun who holds fast an array of orbiting trash...
Allow me to introduce to you the circus of malingerers that are Bri's posse

Brandon Williams: Her on and off boyfriend and drug buddy, Brandon is the carpet that Brianna's dainty stripper feet dance upon. He is more than happy to let her take full advantage of him in any way she can. You see, Brianna has trouble finding housing in Seattle, certainly not because of any violent criminal charges, but rather because of the stigma that surrounds a DID diagnosis. And of course, she can't find a real job, not because of her violent criminal charges and constant drug use, but because of the stigma that surrounds a DID diagnosis. So her hero, Brandon, supports her in both of these departments despite having trouble finding work himself as an electrician. Brandon was previously engaged to a young woman named Mya, who tragically died in a car accident after leaving their home one day. Because of this, Brandon has severe PTSD which causes him to coddle Brianna in every way he can at the fear of losing another lover. Brandon was a former heroin addict once upon a time, having been clean off heroin for 9 years until an imminent relapse due to the death of his fiance. Bri and Brandon's account of meeting was in a social setting where they initially began to argue, then Brandon decided to open up to her instead of continue the fight (because that's what healthy minds do when they're arguing with a stranger) and they conveniently bonded over their traumas. They began using heroin together until Brandon claims Brianna stopped, and bullied him into going onto suboxone, only to later relapse herself and bully him into getting her drugs. He also claims to still be on suboxone while Bri continues to relapse over and over. Brandon is also referred to by Bri as her "daddy dom" since her child alters Elsie and Ashley both call him Daddy, which he is more than happy to play along with. Brianna also loves to hang her self-harming and other problems over Brandon's head, because it's ALWAYS everyone else's fault.

Devon / Rex / Thea: Brianna's former submissive, a former Jahovas Witness, and a former man, Thea is Brianna's BEST FRIEND FOREVER. Bri uses Thea to fall back on whenever her and Brandon break up and her mom won't take her in. Brianna loves to tell the story about how one time, while working with Thea as his domme at the "cult", she paddled his ass so hard he vomited. Brianna also claims that she thought Thea wanted to date her at first, only to realize that he in fact wanted to *be* her. This led her to suggest to the troon formerly known as Devon to begin taking hormone replacement therapy because, in her words, "you can always go back" if you want to. Sure, Bri. Sure you can. Thea is now a full-blown troon who is treated more like a doll by Bri now than a sex slave, getting his makeup done and his wigs put on by our Gracious Ginger.

Seekah: Another Youtubing camwhore who has enough mental illness to have been institutionalized at least once (she's claimed to have DID but has also claimed her alters as troll accounts), Seekah used to be a more major player in this saga but is now more of a forgotten extra. She gained most of her subscribers (at a wopping total of 1.07K as of today) during the DissociaDID / Trisha Paytas drama (when Trisha posted a video claiming to have DID and DissociaDID was VERY OFFENDED) by pretending to be Trish (as if honey) to parody the situation. When Brianna's haters began their tyrade, Seekah reached out to her and they formed a very dynamic duo where both of them would accuse every hater of being "Mara," a woman that Seekah had been institutionalized with and believed to be stalked by. Seekah's mother likes to make appearances in her videos, coming off possibly more delusional than her offspring. But they're just a couple of country bumpkin ladies from Texas having a great time!

DIDHatchery and Erik Tigger: This dynamic duo is quite the couple. DIDHatchery is yet another youtuber flaunting her many fragments on her channel, though finally we have one in this story that isn't also a total whore. She is rather innocent, though absolutely hysterical to watch. She got involved with Brianna's story when she stood up against Bri's hayders to help try and defend someone within her community. She's rather wholesome despite her ridiculous display of her "disorder." Despite Brianna claiming that Hatchery was driven to ACTUAL SUICIDE due to hayders harrassing Bri, Hatchery simply made her statement that she is, in fact, alive and still continues to support Bri. Erik Tigger is Hatchery's partner, and is probably the most hysterical person who is on Bri's side. Previously looking like a riffraff amish homeless sex offender, Erik has also exposed his own self as a Seekah simp (donating upwards of $700 at one time just to tip her for being sUpEr SeKsI) and admitted to making a slew of sock accounts to contribute to loving on Seekah. He even told her online that he would give her all of his money if he could, behind Hatchery's back, because he loves her so much and sees it as an investment into "a rising star." He even inserted himself into the "Mara" drama to supersimp for the redneck ho. He has also admitted to using Hatchery's youtube account to talk to her fans while Hatchery is in the hospital, seemingly with the permission of Hatchery, but knowing how he interacts with others online Hatchery would probably be better off relinquishing his access to her socials. Erik claims that him and Hatchery have had their largest fights in 14 years of being together recently because of him engaging with the trolls and hayders. Erik is now avidly protesting against one of Bri's hayders and the "cult members" that abused her, claiming he is being stalked and harrassed as well.
Miss Hatchery:
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Bri claiming her harrassment drove Hatchery to "self-harm and suicide"
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Hatchery's Response:
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Youtube (archive)
Twitter (archive)

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Erik proving his love(simping) for Seekah:
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As you can see here, Erik inserted himself into the Mara drama as well, even creating a Twitter handle to tRoLl TeH cUlT
Twitter (archive)

Muse / Muse Talks / Liminal Doll / Recovery Doll / Winonah Riley / Penelope Possibly / Madison Keevy (real name): Certainly the most notorious/most dangerous/most fucked up actor in this shit of a show is Muse (the name she is most known by). Most infamous for being exposed as a malingerer and whore by Wes Moast, and then by Wes and Brittany Simon (a fellow Seattle BDSM youtuber and whore) on Chris Hansen's Youtube channel, Muse is the newest player in the saga that is Brianna. Muse's malingering is so expansive that she has had to post her self-diagnosis list on the internet to prove how UTTERLY SICK she is. A classic munchie, she flaunts a feeding tube and her anorexia whenever she gets a chance. Her presence online has been mostly a nothingburger, Brianna's newfound infamy and close ties to another person Muse was (is) involved with drew Muse to piggyback on Bri's clout to become relevant again while claiming she doesn't want to be known on the internet (yeah right bitch). Brianna and Muse are now "like sisters," though it is completely obvious that Muse is playing both sides of the coin and using Brianna for the little clout she has. Muse is also a camwhore, "stripper," and general degenerate, so she fits into this story rather nicely. Thanks to Muse, Brianna is now fully convinced that Wes Moast is stalking them both alongside Brianna's accused cult abuser, and she is also now out to help Muse take down the vile evil that is Brittany Simon. (MUSE THREAD COMING SPRING 2021)
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Brianna reaching out to Wes Moast about Muse last year concerned about Muse's behavior and their connection through work, insinuating that Muse stole her story (DID, gastro, homelessness):
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Muse was unamused by Bri's comment at the beginning:

But when they finally connected, it was a match made in hell heaven! They quickly connected, and then Bri started telling lies about how Wes Moast reached out to her trying to get her to talk about Muse. Wes was not having that!
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Bri eventually came out and apologized for the false mistaken memory she had, though she still was gunning hard for his head with her new sis by this point:
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Since Muse has changed her monicker so many times, ran away from criticism on accounts so many times, and is a professional grifter, she has had a massive amount of accounts across all socials. I am going to link the active here ones to keep it simple.
BE WARNED: ALL LINKS ARE NSFL (especially the Twitter account)
Current Instagram
Instagram 2
Twitter (archive)
Youtube (old archive showing it as Muse Talks)(new archive)
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