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Discussion in 'Animal Control' started by yawning sneasel, May 2, 2017.

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  1. BULL
    He verified its him on request, with the very same account he's denying on now, he would screenshot and tweet about posts on his thread before posting here, and he wouldn't talk about impersonation until now despite being aware of everything going in this thread.

    There are good lies, there are bad lies, and then there's this crap.
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  2. I am betting $100 that a self-feralized somebody will abandon his obese mate in exchange for never getting bored on a farm if he was given the opportunity. I do not even need to identify this individual by name because he knows who I'm talking about and he is watching the threads. This is the difference between us and Xanadu. AltFurfags of Xanadu feel empowered when they address others by their real life name, yet they get paranoid at people indirectly identifying a particular individual by utilizing words with backed up sources of past actions and thoughts committed by that namely not mentioned individual. It's also sad they dox minors and stalk them on facebook, meanwhile hypocritically calling Kiwifarms a doxxing site. I wonder if he knows who I'm talking about. Here's a hint: He has a crush for a BEIGE COCK that entered dog holes [Very 1488 indeed ]. I am talking about two individuals here and closely bonded to each other, will they be able to solve the puzzle?

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  3. The furry civil war gains a new layer of autism because apparently some faggot Vulpine whatever keeps trying to get involved with fighting AltFurry/Xanadu and supposedly wants an admin position on here for god knows what reasons.

    I covered this shit so far mostly in Len Gilbert's thread, but it should probably be talked about in here so as to not derail that one.

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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage Catty Bitch
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  4. Vulpine needs a thread at this point.

    Also, I'm extremely surprised nobody has talked about the fact that Radix leaked nudes of Blumiere on Twitter and that they're now mortal enemies. Seems Radix is the one that's been expelled from Xanadu.

    Like a coward, Radix locked his account, and I've yet to see an archive link, but several people have confirmed this happened, and Blu is bitching about Radix on social media as of right now.


    Part of me wants to feel bad about Blumiere, but the sane part of me also knows he's a pedo, and doesn't deserve any sympathy.
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    Dr. Kaufman

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  5. I'm sure the nudes will turn up, unfortunately.
    Golden Compass

    Golden Compass Depart for points unknown

  6. Any adequate way I could express myself at this Karmic justice after I was telling them about that brit shit nugget for over 6 months would be inherently autistic


    I told you so Faggots.
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  7. you should still post a certain .gif bromo
  8. ezgif.com-optimize_3.gif

    Found one.
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  9. Of all names, why'd they have to call it Xanadu? Now my memories of cheesy but enjoyable roller disco films are going to be marred forever just knowing these assholes exist.
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    KookiesNKreem Official Vagina Inspector

  10. If Radix was smart, he'll know who to deliver those nudes too. I'm sure he'll even piss on them.
  11. Dogpatch may be a twatwaffle, but he doesn't deserve that.
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    Dr. Kaufman

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