Dramacow Alyssa Coon / Catholic Queen - Wishes the US was a catholic monarchy rants about homosexuals, pretends to be catholic.


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What a nice woman girl, who really knows her Christian teachings.

She would totally cast that fucking stone, no doubt.
Most people (including some in this thread I'd imagine) interpret that verse as basically "DON'T JUDGE, BIGOT" but there's actually a lot more to it than that. It's about hypocrisy on the part of believers, saying to still call out others' sin, but only once you've dealt with your own.

Coon poon over here embodies that: shitting on feminists for their sexual impropriety, yet thotting it up for thirsty """"tradcaths"""" (i.e. recovering hentai addicts who read 8chan) in her mentions, and running off with some greasy pedo. Truly, the embodiment of Catholic womanhood. My nonna would slap the shit out of her.

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Something about the 19th Amendmant. If she thinks "female reasoning" (whatever that is) is a bad thing, then why is she still talking? Wouldn't her own logic be flawed because she's a women and her thought process is emotion-based?


Also, a "Trump's Chosen Heart" she posted.
Judaism = the exact same thing as Satanism, I guess.

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None of these fanatics ever actually read scripture.
It's very rare to find any fanatic, be it people like this girl or euphoric atheists, who've done more than a few passing glances through the Bible. It's a big complicated book and nuance is kind of a dead art form in America so it's easier to just weaponize a few words to back up whatever stupid ass argument you've got going.


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Her cousin mentions they were raised Baptist. If she's telling the truth about her dad abusing her, that would explain a lot, particularly if the abuse was religiously motivated. Maybe that's why she latched onto Catholicism. She's a stupid 18-year-old, but she lacks the family foundation to keep her from doing dumb shit, and she may end up in a very dangerous situation. I feel pity really. Won't stop me from laughing at her, but maybe if enough people give her shit for being a shit person, she'll change.