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Am I a rapist?

Discussion in 'Deep Thoughts' started by mate, Jun 9, 2018.

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    Am I a rapist?

    1. Yes and you should hand yourself over to the police.

      37 vote(s)
    2. Yes, but she was asking for it.

      5 vote(s)
    3. No.

      4 vote(s)
    4. All men are rapists.

      13 vote(s)
    5. No, you are LARPing.

      12 vote(s)
    6. OP is a faggot.

      32 vote(s)
    1. Earlier this year I went back to a city I used to live and work in in my early twenties. I hung out with my old friends and went to some of the bars we used to go to. Whilst I was in one of these bars I bumped into a girl that I had history with and suddenly, the moment I saw her, I remembered that by #MeToo standards I had probably raped her. She didn't seem mad or bring it up or anything, we actually talked all night and had a cool time. She had been hot before but she's even hotter now. She's put on weight in a good way, I've put on weight in a bad way, so unfortunately nothing happened.

      Anyway this is what happened with her in the old days when I lived in that city.

      Her and I worked for the same company but in different branches. The young people from all the (4) branches in the city used to generally get together and have a good time (get hammered) a lot. There was a lot of shenanigans. Anyway, she developed a reputation for getting blackout drunk and shagging random guys, including one of my best friends. It was a very, VERY well deserved reputation. She also told everyone that she was in love with me and would frequently fling herself at me. If we were in a club she would basically molest me, if I got with another girl she would cry, even though we had no past at that time and actually she didn't know me well at all. At the time I was in much better shape than I am now and I was not averse to the odd bit of rumpy-pumpy so people who knew me and her casually had no idea why I wouldn't shag this girl, as she was hot. Everyone that knew her well knew exactly why I wouldn't. She was the village bike.

      Anyway one night we were all out, she was trying to get with me as usual, and the girl I had hoped was going to join us cancelled. So I thought, 'fuck it' and took the drunk girl who was apparently in love with me home. We got back to my apartment and we started shagging. She was incredibly drunk and went to sleep half way through. I continued anyway.

      I don't feel guilty as I know she was super keen on me, tried to shag me constantly and slept like a starfish, taking up all of the bed.

      When I saw her earlier this year she looked even hotter than before (and I have to admit she was hot before, she just repulsed me because of her behaviour) and had calmed down a lot, everyone says she is like a different person. Cruelly, I'm fat and balding now and shes no longer interested.


      Am I a rapist?
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    2. I don't like ethical discussions because there's a lot of logical wiggle room. But in your case, I can say that legally, the answer is yes.
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    3. Lol no
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    4. yo my nigero
      in your case she was into you and when sober she would smash you
      so if what u said is correct then nah not rape fam
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      Zack the ripper

      Zack the ripper Super villain

    5. This is the lamest erotic story I’ve ever spanked it to
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      True & Honest Fan

    6. Haven't read any of this but I'm just going to say yes.
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      Corrugated Daffodils

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    7. Yes you are a rapist but worse your a faggot
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      Cthulhu Literally murdering trannies since 2001
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    8. If you continue to have sex with an unconscious person who is unable to continue giving consent, it's technically rape. I guess... with future partners, have a discussion about whether or not you can have sex with their unconscious bodies/corpses beforehand so you don't have to ask yourself this question, you sick fuck.
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      Lioness I have a vagina, uterus and ovaries, you freak!

    9. If you are questioning yourself you probably are and in this case for sure.
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      AnthroFlea180 Low Carb Parasite

    10. I've been thinking about this more since I posted and I think I should add more information.

      This happened in a country that IS NOT my home country.

      So... I'm not only a rapist, but a MIGRANT RAPIST.

      Not only that but it was a Muslim majority country and she is from a Muslim family.

      Why do I find that so funny?
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    11. i'll take shit that never happened for 500
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    12. You are, in fact, a rapist.
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      Vrakks Soup's on, baby.
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    13. How boring must your life be if you find this story unrealistic?
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    14. how boring must yours be to make tall tales on places like this
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    15. How drunk were you?

      Lez Did you see the pool? They flipped the bitch!

    16. bruh :biggrin: not only she drinks but she is the town's bike :biggrin: :biggrin: god this is funny :biggrin:
      so a muslim majority? so germany ?
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      Zack the ripper

      Zack the ripper Super villain

    17. Consent can be withdrawn at a moment's notice.

      To be sure of your standing, message her on facebook and ask her about where the two of you stand since you fucked her unconscious body.
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      Clintonberg Grabbed by the Pussy


    18. Pics or it isnt true.

      Honestly. By TODAYS standards, yeah. You dirty rapist, you did it. By the standards of then, likely not. You got permission beforehand, and even tho she passed out she said yes before . Now tho, she was drunk so she couldnt properly consent. She passedout half way thru, you should have stopped and woken her up and reasked for permission.

      You dirty male you.

      Maiden-TieJuan Your roving Californialand reporter
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    19. Yeah, that's definitely rape. That's pretty fucked up, dude. I hope you don't behave like that with women anymore.
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      Okkervils Cat nips are great, I love all eight

    20. Drunk, but not as drunk as her. She was the most consistently drunk person I've ever met desu.

      I don't... But only because I can't lure them to my room at all any more.
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