am i a weight loss channel? - 08/05/20 -

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Amberlynn has fully embraced the southern grandma aesthetic and bought a floral mumu.
She wants a new vlogging camera (because Chantal got one lezbereal).

She is going back to weekly weight loss videos. this bitch changed her mind already. She is explaining her new schedule via the usual word salad. I don't fucking care because she won't stick to whatever schedule she creates.

Archive (480p):
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So we're back to trolling with the thumbnails with her tongue out.

Mmmm. Candy.
candy.pngScreen Shot 2020-08-05 at 22.34.22 - Copy.pngScreen Shot 2020-08-05 at 22.35.17 - Copy.png

Becky's cooking doesn't really look more appealing than Amber's.

She thinks she's been doing too much, y'all. She's noticing it within her body since the surgery.
deep thunker.pngdeep thunker2.pngdeep thunker3.png

She says before she moved she got rid of a lot of clothes and that her mom took them with her. Like, what? Kristine wears Torrid size 4?

She tried counting calories, it doesn't really work for her (you don't fucking say, Amber?) :story: She's still got Weight Watchers so that's like an option. But hey she's lost 86-88 lbs by intuitive eating y'all.

She got a "super cute" dress that looks like it goes nicely with that shower curtain behind her. In fact, it looks like it could be another shower curtain.
clothes or shower curtain.png

TL;DW: Expect more weight loss content from her, "vlogging style". We should take bets on whether it will last longer than Operation Curvy Calories.
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Her body tells her she's been doing too much - oh Lord. She had her surgery on the 15th, I think? That was a full month ago. She should be able to easily walk around her apartment for a good 10 minutes; not necessarily without a bit of discomfort but she should have the stamina for it. She should be able to stretch & reach with caution at this stage. She should be able to get don into a chair or bed & up out of them. Showering should be no problem.

Any stitches or staples have been out for a few weeks & she should be making sure she's walking with her shoulders back & her spine as straight as possible if she wants to avoid adhesions that will lead her to walk like a little old lady. She shouldn't need muu-muus 'because a seam sits on her belly button'; not at this stage of the game.

She can do a small sink full of dishes, dust, push a broom around, fold & hang laundry & deal with any weight up to 7-8 lbs. She can clean the sinks, declutter counters & generally be useful. Granted she was useless before her surgery & I don't think the surgeon gave her a work ethic transplant.

I'd love to hear the intuitive reasoning that told her candy is okay, especially when there are several other estrogen dependent cancers - much nastier than endometrial, that she is still at high risk to develop.

She could have easily summed up her upload schedule by saying: "I'll upload what I want, when I want - so there!"; which is what it's going to come to anyway.

New Amber - same as old Amber.

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Couple things here

1. InstaCart, and to a lesser but similar degree "Shipt" are INCREDIBLE fucking applications. I discovered Shipt in 2018 while being on the road for business. You put it [grocery items] in your cart and PAY a bit over as a hold on your CREDIT CARD or debit card. Then you leave instructions for how to deliver (more robust options in the days of COVID). Either way, an orangutan in a dirty diaper could use both apps. The phone app and the websites are both configurable for orders. So why am I sperging on this? Something didn't add up the the queen of moderation here and she probably didn't like the gig-economy "tipping" section .

2. What this video has captured is the two sides of whatever medicine she's on or weening off of. She started off with the camera, the energy, the EDITING/cuts... wow! But then...later/next day... poof... the pendulum swungeth the other way...


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Granted she was useless before her surgery & I don't think the surgeon gave her a work ethic transplant.
Where might I obtain one of these work ethic transplants you speak of?

Ugh, such a boring video. No Amber you're not and you've never been a weight loss channel. If anything she should label herself a weight gain channel. She is looking like she is starting to put the pounds back on. Someone mentioned recently that her skin was looking healthier, but I'm seeing that color drain away again. Can't imagine the lack of self-awareness it takes to eat candy on camera a month after a serious surgery caused by you eating so badly in the first place. Wonder how many boxes of it she went through.


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i don t know if it s the same for u guys, but i have such a hard time watching her content...i watch a few mins and then i catch myself that i look how much longer the video goes O.o
it s just so boring that she rereads herself over and thing that made me upset was, she said she didn t gave her Mother Money...ok obviously she paid her in Torrid Clothes and who know s what else Miss Lynn was to lazy to move into the new apartment...
a Question that i really love to know is...where is Wasabi? i hope she didn t gave the poor Fluff to a pound... was quite disgusting to see her shoving those Candys in her Mouth...the last bite wasn t swallowed and she already bit in another...our Queen of Moderation you Guise!