am I getting weight loss surgery? |grwm - 04/02/21

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We all know, LiarLynn, that you were ready to walk into that WLS office and plunk down 30K of your hard earned working eating bux. Don't try to fucking lie to us that you've never wanted it. You're a lazy shitbag always looking for the easy way out of things.
I wonder why she wants to be “self pay”, instead to have your insurer pay most of the bill. I’ve checked a few health insurers for their qualifications for surgery. So far, for bariatric surgery, the patient has to be with a BMI greater than 40. I won’t get my calculator out but I predict that Amber rates well over 40, so she meets this criteria. The second one is to have failed for 2 years in losing weight while enrolled in a medically supervised weight loss programme. One insurer states that Jenny Craig does not qualify. Well, she would be denied and was probably told during the last appointment with the surgeon. In reality, she did not chose to self-pay instead of having her insurance pay. She was denied.

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She's was talking as if she just now decided to get WLS and whether or not it happens is all up to her, but she already tried to get it a few months ago and was turned down after failing the psych eval. Even if she'd done OK on that part, she could never lose enough pre-surgery weight to get final approval, but she never even got close to the weight loss stage. So what exactly has changed between then and now? Absolutely nothing. She wont get therapy, she cant/wont lose weight, so what steps is she taking to make it happen? Only the pretend ones that exist in her delusional mind.
No doctor is going to approve her the way she is now and she's already shown she's incapable of making even the smallest changes if they take the least little bit of effort.
Of course this video was another big troll, just like almost everything else she does on social media these days.

The only way possible for her to ever have weight loss surgery is if she were to take the international route and find a surgeon in some third world country where there are absolutely no medical standards whatsoever. Maybe the Mexican pharmacist who gave Amy Ramadan those fertility drugs happens to have a cousin who's does bariatric surgery.

I know the makeup wasn't the point of this video but I don't really care about what she was saying lmao.

Shouldn't she not be using lip products while she has an active coldsore? I think you can't "re-infect" yourself with the herps, but shouldn't you really not be sticking the reusable applicator into your open sore with all of its bacteria, and then putting it back into the nice moist product for it to reproduce in until next time you open it? And maybe inspire more breakouts next time you use it? that's just fucking gross, it's grossed me out for the last 2-3 weeks she's had this one and worn makeup.

Instead of weight loss surgery, she should have to doctor put the "big C" back in her "big C". Cancer was the best diet she has been on in the past few years.

I do not want be the one to call her a liar, but she is such a liar. She has never documented anything. Her only goal is to keep people from leaving her channel after she posts "mook-bong" for fatty-lovers. She had to shy away from posting weight updates during her "diets" because she was always gaining. How is that documenting the life of a colossal land whale?
Amber doesn't want to lose weight, she just wants her audience to think she wants it, to keep their interest. Amber loves the way she looks, health be [darned].
She wants to lose weight. She does not want to do any work to do it. Amber would be fine being the size of her butler, H. Dumpty, but she wants to keep eating like a big fat cow. It just ain't possible.

She sees [surgery] as a no effort way to shed pounds. Right now she is still packing on weight like she has reverse AIDS. Surgery would stop that. Somehow. For some reason. Yeah, she could not make a restricted calorie diet work for 3 gosh danged days, but a permanent lifestyle change that involves lots of pain and some vomiting will be easy as pie.
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She wants to lose weight. She does not want to do any work to do it. Amber would be fine being the size of her butler, H. Dumpty, but she wants to keep eating like a big fat cow.
really? she wants to lose weight? are you sure? i think she knows her “weight loss journey” is the only thing that keeps her interesting and makes her money. she might have sincerely wanted to lose weight in the beginning, but i think now it’s become a part of her identity more than a real goal. she always seems happiest when she’s ignoring her weight, doing try on hauls, eating whatever she wants, and pretending she’s dainty and at MOST thirty pounds overweight.

i think she might have WANTED to lose weight, but after all these years of (not) trying and facing harassment she probably just isn’t in it anymore. even in the beginning of her channel she could stick to a diet for more than three days. it might have been a few weeks, but it was better than now.

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goddamn she is feeling herself. dark tan bronzer lmao. mess

loving the grime and how her neck is as wide as her moon face. or wider? wtf is this.

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I didn’t see this post before, somehow. Woweee

The future very well *could* be female, yes. I suppose there’s about a 50/50 chance.


The future will 100% *not* be 600lb “females”... because most of the 600lb people who are around right now in general won’t be here in the future.

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She's too fucking fat and too fucked in the head for WLS. Lose 10% of your body weight, pass a psych eval, and see a dietitian and you might get approved.

And it wouldn't matter if she got it or not. She'd lose 300lbs in a couple years, stall out, and then gain 200lbs of it back before she's 40.

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FitMe foundation is horrible
It's a cheap drug store foundation, and probably the worst that I've ever tried.
If I got even a little warm it always made me look like my face was melting and I would have a "Death Becomes her" moment, it blends awfully, and the colour was always weird, I need something pale but also with a little pink so that I don't look like the mortican was half done She should be investing in a better foundation.


Can't unsee this WLS... or that terrible makeup neck line.

Is there an opposite of a power level because I am triggered by the knowledge that this worthless cunt has figured out eyeliner and I can’t. She has a skill that I want and cannot achieve.I need her to eat herself to death more quickly so I can pretend this never happened. Excuse me while I head over to the safe space known as Chantal .