am i having side effects? - 7/13/2019

gorl on a mission

skinny lesbian icon
glad to see amberlynn is looking as healthy, glowing and full of life as ever. skin goals uwu uwu


our gorl is so scared of taking medicine that contains steroids that she's crying over it, but not crying over the fact she weighs 600+lbs and is finally beginning to face the serious, fatal consequences of being super morbidly obese. but it's alright guys, she lost 6LBS!!!

good job gorl.


I counted 18 candles. At $24.50 each that is $441. Even if they were on sale for $14.50 like they are right now on the website, that's still $261. On candles. How bad does a person have to smell to spend $400 on air freshener products?
It's summer time. Hot. Humid. She doesn't bathe. She's got an infected navel.

Smells bad, man.

If you don't want to give her views

Or you can just watch it here without worrying about Amber copyright striking it.



I've got more demons where that came from.
True & Honest Fan
This is what Becky should say to her: Then die, Amber just die. Because you dont care and I dont care, either. You are a waste of time and energy we went all the way to the hospital for you not to do what they tell you, next time I am not taking you there or anywhere for that matter. Have fun trying to find someone who will.

But she wont because she is a spineless coward.

Actually sat through the whole video.

0:12 - Couldn't get Becky to go to the pharmacy in time on Sunday, so she was forced to go today
0:22 - PILLZ YOU GUYZ - I have to take them with food!
0:47 - Topical ointment has steroids PANIC ATTACK
1:11 - "Medicine induced anxiety" - Thanks, TherapistLynn.
1:35 - Anxiety that "you can die" from medicine side-effects, but no anxiety that you can die from NOT taking medicine to treat medical problems, or any of the major effects of simply being 600LB.
1:44 - Next day, into to BATH & BODY WORKS HAUL, yells at a bird.
2:20 - Reminder of the mood stabilizers she's taking and long rant about how she doesn't dream but on medicines she dreams and last night she had TWO HORRIBLE NIGHTMARES.
3:40 - Blames nightmares on "having my chemicals rewired" - but will be sure to mention it to her psychiatrist in 3 weeks on her next visit
4:10 - Bellybutton still hurts; is not bleeding AS MUCH. (Gorl, if it's still bleeding, that is STILL A PROBLEM.)
4:22 - BATH & BODY WORKS CANDLE HAUL for over two solid minutes, eat. Beetus Fingerz and Disinterested Becky. Thank goodness there's more than a dozen new candles to help fight AmberStench.
7:07 - Next day, explanation of why she's always wearing the same clothes. Trolls that Britney Spears, Kanye West, Spongebob, the police officer down the street, the ant on her wall, are ALL in anticipation of her trip to the Weight Loss Doctor TOMORROW.
8:00 - Claims she actually weighed herself and LOST a couple of pounds from her last weight (Day 16, May 21st, 567.0LB)
8:20 - FutureLynn updating during editing to claim it was actually SIX pounds lost, suggesting at this time, she weighs 561 (but couldn't be bothered to have filmed that weigh-in).
9:05 - My life is gonna change tomorrow, you guys! But "if a weight loss doctor was so common and so easy, no one would be fat".
9:45 - Immediately equates major impending diet changes to UPCOMING GROCERY HAUL!
9:52 - But is eating fast food right now. It's JUST ONE CHEESEBURGER, SEE THE EMPTY BAG? Oh, also a Sprite Zero cuz MAH TOOF STILL HURTS.
10:50 - Had no nightmares last night, so the one "am I having side effects" panic that started the video was probably "just a coincidence" - thanks for clicking!
11:23 - REMINDER! LOST 6 POUNDS! "Now back to talking about how much I love food and I gain weight like *snaps fingers* that-"

TL;DR: "am I having side effects"? No.

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