am i having side effects? - 7/13/2019


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"if a weight loss doctor was so common and so easy, no one would be fat"

I....I just can't.
A weight loss doctor isn't a genie! You actually have to put effort into saving your life or else they won't.

That's like saying, "If rehabs were so common we wouldn't have drug addicts."

That's not how any of this works!

Can we just send her to Japan? They made whale hunting legal again.


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Two of the candles arrived broken and she casually throws out there "I think I might go to BBW and see what they can do."

Sweaty, they don't have scootypuffs there. Don't you mean to say that you're going to send your butler on the 1 hour round-trip drive to the Monticello mall for two fucking candles? lezbereal

I had fun examining the route on google maps and finding all of Amberlynn's favorite fast food joints


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She has to be trolling and making obvious lies on purpose. Did she forget that video where she rambled about dreaming she was in a hurricane and had to hold onto a car? That video that was mocked for a good several weeks because of her dream?

Also what's wrong specifically with steroids? She lists how uguu scary the side effects in general are, but as she's shown from the Optavia saga and pretty much every other failed diet, this is just her looking for an excuse to not take them. Hopefully not, hopefully she's not that fucking dumb, but this is Amber. Anyways, she never says specifically what's wrong with steroids. Does she hear that word and only think about people who abuse steroids? I don't know why I'm bothering to ask, I already know that in a few weeks/months she'll post a video saying "Oops, I let my insides rot out because I didn't take my meds, but it's not my fault," and use the side effects as an excuse.

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She hasn't been taking the medicine long enough to have side effects. She also mentions "she sees her psychiatrist in 3 weeks" 3 weeks between sessions is a long fucking time. Lazy. She could afford to go every day.
You do know the difference between a therapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist, right? Psychiatry appointments usually are spaced 3 weeks- 3 months apart and only only deal with medication.

Ive never noticed her butt-chin as much as I have in this video. Look I dont like to dog on peoples looks because at best its bad karma and honestly Im not like a model, but every time she moves her jaw it's like her butt chin is twerking and its adorably hilarious.

People compare Becky to Chris Griffin but Amber's getting closer and closer to looking like Peter Griffin and having an appropriate accomplice by the day.

so do these belly button infections just happen overnight? I'm just wondering if it's something that starts off small and then gets worse. Since she said Becky and her have this active sex life of 10 times a week would Becky have noticed something going on with her belly button? did she just think it was normal and ignored it? And Becky thought her ex's panties were gross... what's ever going on with AL's belly button and leaking layygs has to be 100x worse.

someone already mentioned her steroid cream worry. not only is she thinking of body builders but she probably is worried it'll make her bigger like they get.

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