am i having side effects? - 7/13/2019

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Flying pierogis at vienna.
bath and body works does half price candle sales constantly but i guess our gorl doesn't need to wait for those discounts!

...but also complains about how expensive the ER and antibiotics are
I mean, it isn't like she's going to pay the ER bill. Most hospitals will bend over backwards to help you with your bill, including reaching out for you to find charities if you're indigent, but our gorl is gonna just ignore the bills until they get turned to collections.

Now if she does that stunt over and over and accumulates over $10 grand in unpaid collections debt, and the debt is owned by one agency, it might be worth it to them to sue her for it.

If her navel was infected to the point that they had to clean the blood out of it, I'm certain that the smell coming from the infection is unholy.


I've got more demons where that came from.
Reminder: Al has "sores" on her stomach and legs. We know this from the Dusty era when Dusty was helping tend to them.
She most likely has a candida infection as well as infections in unwashed/untreated sores spread out throughout her body.
For all we know she has pressure/bed sores too.

Prince Lotor

It's my fucking day off! What?
  • *Pillow Mountain* Obligatory 'Hey guys! I just woke uP.'
  • This is the day after 2nd ER visit
  • Pharmacy closed early on Sunday, she just got her antibiotics today (Bitch, Becky got them, you 'just woke uP')
  • Shakes her pill bottle like the obese toddler she is
  • Says she has to take her pills twice a day (It's thrice a day for your pills idiot, you're holding the instructions)
  • Says the ointment freaks her out because "there's steroids in this, you guys. I'm freaked out, I've never had a steroid on my body, in my body" *smug head wiggle* (Didn't she used to have asthma? You take steroids for asthma)
  • She has "really bad anziety about taking medicine", she started crying. Admits it's dumb. Actually calls it "Medicine Anziety or whatever you call it"
  • She reads all the side effects and it terrifies her
  • *Next day, on front porch* Flexes by showing all the packages outside her front door from Bath & Body Works
  • Yells at birbs for interrupting her. Birbs don't care.
  • Just got back. Becky & Eric had an appointment. Control freak decided to tag along
  • Says she wanted to document 'this' "I'm on day 4 or 5 of my mood stabilizer"
  • "I recently got diagnosed with being Bi-Polar" (I'm not surprised a doctor thought you were 2 Polar Bears tbh)
  • Had 2 nightmares last night, blames the mood stabilizer and not her rapidly impending demise. Says she doesn't ever dream (You don't remember them, everyone has like 6 REM cycles per night.) Says she remembered her 'dream' every single night she was on Lexapro. Calls the nightmares 'gruesome'
  • It's Day 2 of antibiotics. Still hurts, but not as bad. "It's not bleeding as much" (Bitch wtf you nasty) "Maybe the antibiotics are working, maybe it was just time, I just wanted to give it time."
  • Showes 16 candles stacked in a pyramid that were in the packages. Mad that 2 came broken in the box. Says that's $50 in just the broken candles (So what, you bought $500 in candles and made your butler stack them up for 1 shot? You must really be smelling nasty AF is what I'm hearing)
  • Depressed AF looking Becky sitting at the table as Hamber reads all the names
  • Hamber says of the candles that she 'Doesn't like anything that smells like food' (Sure Jan)
  • Hamber shades Becky's drinking saying, "I got that one specifically for you because of how much you love Marguerites"
  • *Pillow Mountain* 'Hey guys. It is the next day'
  • Hamber explains these are her 'just chillin' clothes and that's why you see them so much. She assures us that a washer and dryer do exist
  • "Tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for. I'm going to the Weight-loss doctor. I am nervous, I am scared, and I actually weighed myself today for the first time in like 2 weeks and I actually lost a couple pounds from the last time I weighed in so I'm actually shocked about that"
  • *Cut to close-up of a picture of Rarity's face with Editberlynn's autistic voice-over* Want's to specify that she is actually down 6 lbs (From her last recorded weigh-in)
  • *Back to Pillow Mountain* Believes seeing the Weight-loss doctor is going to 'change everything' (like a magic pill)
  • Says it's better to be way too Over-optimistic than like a pessimist
  • Thinks she's going to create a whole new life tomorrow based on whatever he (doctor) thinks she should do to lose weight. . ."I kinda sorta mighta kinda maybe sorta got *paper back rustling* Sonic." *Shows camera fast food bag* Claims she just got a cheeseburger and a Sprite Zero. Becky got a slushy. Amber wanted one but can't with her teeth so got a Sprite Zero
  • She films her cheeseburger and says whats on it. Mayo, cheese, and onions she hopes. She makes a gagging noise saying how she doesn't like tomato.
  • She had no nightmares last night btw
  • Humblelynn brags about her weight-loss and says "it's so embarrassing but normally what I would get is a cheeseburger, but it would be a double. They have the best chili-cheese fries, I would get a large, not even kidding. I would get a large side of their onion rings. .(blames reminiscence of the fair for getting onion rings every time). .and I would get a Blizzard or like a Blast, I forget what it's called. So it's like, I would get a lot. . .but I really feel like I'm going to change my life tomorrow"
  • Acts smug about losing weight
  • Ends video by saying "because you guys know, more than anyone, I gain weight. .like that" *snaps fingers*
Kill me

Edit: Ok, I'm better now. This video was like 100 red flags and idiotic 'situations' all obliviously spouted out of a sassy smug-face Hamber trying to pretend she's manic from the mood stabilizer or some shit.
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i guess now that amber's body is starting to rot away they had to do a candle haul to cover up the general amber stench + decaying flesh stench
And they all died in The Great Candle Mountain Fire of 2019...

A side effect of broad spectrum antibiotics is vomiting and loss of appetite. What if that reminds her of that one time she failed at making herself vomit during her '"anorexic" stint? We don't want to add PTSD to the list of diagnoses that quack doctor gave her.
Another side effect is dirrhea which AL won't be able to beat to the toilet. Enjoy cleaning that up Necky.

She has to be trolling and making obvious lies on purpose. Did she forget that video where she rambled about dreaming she was in a hurricane and had to hold onto a car? That video that was mocked for a good several weeks because of her dream?

Also what's wrong specifically with steroids? She lists how uguu scary the side effects in general are, but as she's shown from the Optavia saga and pretty much every other failed diet, this is just her looking for an excuse to not take them. Hopefully not, hopefully she's not that fucking dumb, but this is Amber. Anyways, she never says specifically what's wrong with steroids. Does she hear that word and only think about people who abuse steroids? I don't know why I'm bothering to ask, I already know that in a few weeks/months she'll post a video saying "Oops, I let my insides rot out because I didn't take my meds, but it's not my fault," and use the side effects as an excuse.
Cars hold on to her in a hurricane.

Seriously though the reason she isn't dreaming is probably due to the fact that she isn't reaching a level of sleep that would facilitate it. Between sleep apnea, joint pain, infection pain, and her stench it wouldn't be surprising that quality sleep is a rarity for our Whorl.

I also have to wonder if she fears medicine not because of fear of death or injury but that it will help her and she'll have less drama to gain her attention.

I've been fairly certain her weight is the result Munchausen's for quite a long time. She learned early on that being fat got her attention and our Whorl craves that like nothing else.

Any actual help for her weight needs to start there which as a layman I have to assume a real therapist would start with but again...I'm not a therapist.


Bora Bora Eat Some More-a
Reminder: Al has "sores" on her stomach and legs. We know this from the Dusty era when Dusty was helping tend to them.
She most likely has a candida infection as well as infections in unwashed/untreated sores spread out throughout her body.
For all we know she has pressure/bed sores too.
And she recently mentioned she has a sore the size of two quarters on her stomach. That's huge.


I resigned up for weight watchers
Not shocked anymore by the candles or any other stupid shit she buys from her bed at 1 am. She genuinely thinks her viewers are jealous that she can buy all those candles from a store like bath and body works, when shes not reading the room that everyone thinks shes tacky and wasteful. Shes new money.


Strawberry Pocky

If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
A side effect of broad spectrum antibiotics is vomiting and loss of appetite. What if that reminds her of that one time she failed at making herself vomit during her '"anorexic" stint? We don't want to add PTSD to the list of diagnoses that quack doctor gave her.
So I guess that 6lb "loss" if it was even real...was just that she could have possibly puked once? Or had she not been taking them long enough yet? I'm getting so salty about her timeline-twisting.
Remember when she had her fat, bloated moonhead sooooooooo far up her own ass in January 2018 because of how PROUD she was of herself for "losing so much weight you guise!!" but it was all entirely just because she and the Thumb Gremlin had a flu for like a week? They both hella gained it all back. And kept gaining...and gaining...and gaining...

Prince Lotor

It's my fucking day off! What?
So I started wondering how much fucking soot has to be on their ceilings, in the air, and have settled on all the shit in their house as it seems like they are constantly burning large scented candles in like every single room. Hamber when describing the 'flavors' starts talking about what room she thinks each 'flavor' should go in: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, livingroom. . .

I found this article that says the average scented candle has 3,000 to 5,000 chemicals in it, none of which have undergone testing for health effects. Recently it has been shown that they can release volatile organic componds like toluene, acetone, and benzene when burning. Not that Hamber is going to live long enough for the side-effects of her fucking scented candle addiction to matter, but Mumbles and Thumby can look forward to candle related asthma, allergies, and lung cancer.

In conclusion: Save Twinkie, Rarity, Wasabi, Chubs, and Trixie from these candle burning monsters :'( Thots and prayers
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