am i having side effects? - 7/13/2019

That's another thing. She talks about gaining and losing a few elbees over the course of days. Should give you some insight into how well her digestive tract is working. Those elbees are just water, food, and shit shifting through her system.
Given that she's always gaining and losing the same 5 lb, I'm assuming that at any given moment she has 5 lb of shit in her.


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Just look at how she reacted to Lady Gaga's movie...
She reacts to all pop culture that way; in tears or shrieking like a 13 year old girl. Yes a star is born was good but for Christ sake she’s nearly 30, she shouldn’t be gasping “omg I’m shooketh” all the time
She also shouldn’t be crying like a weak ass bitch but here we are.
I wanted to slap the bitch when she cried at the movie. Doesn’t cry cause she’s dying tho.
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I like how she was so proud to lose 6 pounds, but "forgot" to tell us her current weight. That means she really packed on the lbs since her last weigh-in. If she was below that last publicly given weight, she would have made a huge deal out of it, but she's embarrassed because she gained a ton.

Becky looks so dead inside at the 5:05 mark...

I'm not sure on the timeline but maybe it was because she had to drive to an ER 1 1/2 hours away then drive back. And don't forget what happened that time Becky took a "friend" to the ER in the middle of the night. they ended up camped out in the mall parking lot waiting for the cheesecake factory to open. Becky is probably dead tired from driving AL all over.


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I like how she was so proud to lose 6 pounds, but "forgot" to tell us her current weight. That means she really packed on the lbs since her last weigh-in. If she was below that last publicly given weight, she would have made a huge deal out of it, but she's embarrassed because she gained a ton.
It's also weird to be proud (and Becky was proud too apparently) that she had stopped eating chocolate and ice cream every single night. Proud, really? She only stopped doing it because of the INscruciating pain in her mouth. What is there to be proud of here?

That's like saying to a retar.d that has stuck their hand too close to the campfire that you're "proud" of them when they withdraw their hand because it began to hurt. They shouldn't have been doing it in the first place.

Trying to really grasp just how stupid these two 30-year-old women are could give you a headache

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She also shouldn’t be crying like a weak ass bitch but here we are.
I wanted to slap the bitch when she cried at the movie. Doesn’t cry cause she’s dying tho.
Crying because you're dying doesn't sound that unreasonable, especially if it's happening at a young age. The problem is that she goes on these crying sessions (often without tears) on camera when she wants to attract new audience.

She still thinks she has many years ahead of her, when in reality she has what? Maybe three, four years at best?

So she can cry because Lady Gaga finds success in a movie and makes a little speech about how you're going to be famous one day. She's going to be Lady Gaga too, one day.

I am honestly hurt by the bullshit this person is saying. I am diagnosed with bipolar myself and she doesn't take serious the shit she's talking about. Being bipolar is not just having mood swings like ALL NORMAL PEOPLE, when you're sad for a reason and you're happy the other day. Being bipolar means having sever manic and depressive states, when you can do bullshit you regret afterwards. When you're self harming or cry a great amount of time (days-weeks-months) not because of the HAYDERS but because you have very scattered mind that can't perceive anything in a positive way. And then you fall into the manic state, when you spend all your money, steal, do super risky stuff and are in an EXTREMELY elevated mood. I don't see anything like this in her videos. Her moods seem to change throughout the day (as far as I can say from the blogs) depending on the day and it's events. So why the hell. If she doesn't have long manic and depressed states. Would she be diagnosed with bipolar. WHY. Her thoughts are not random or non-linear when she is vlogging either - she just talks about the same thing over and over, her videos are basically
"whoops I look like a hot mess today omg",
"so I have (no) weightloss update...",
"so yeah I'm not in the control of the situation but I'm doing my best"
"bye guiseeeeee"

glad to see amberlynn is looking as healthy, glowing and full of life as ever. skin goals uwu uwu

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our gorl is so scared of taking medicine that contains steroids that she's crying over it, but not crying over the fact she weighs 600+lbs and is finally beginning to face the serious, fatal consequences of being super morbidly obese. but it's alright guys, she lost 6LBS!!!

good job gorl.

Thank you. I believe most of us farmers got our panties in a wad over this statement. She is afraid to take medicine, but being 600 lbs is ok. And as someone who has been in real therapy, you don’t get diagnosed with Bi-Polar after 1 session. And her terrifying dream is of her being pushed into the incinerator to burn her 700lb dead bloated corpse. Yeah, it would scare me too. It pisses me off that she thinks her viewers are dumb as dirt.

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I don't want to be an asshole, but at her weight she could lose 6 pounds just by breathing out more vapor.
duh haydurs, that's why our gorl is always breathing so hard. the weight you lose leaves your body through respiration, so it must just be all those calories she's burning. she's definitely NOT struggling to breathe while sitting doing nothing you shitlords

I stupidly googled poop in the human body, and one guy posted his weight loss due to the laxatives used prior to a colonoscopy..8 pounds. He maintained hydration during this horrific situation.

So some one like Hamber who is constantly cramming as much food as possible in them selves might actually shit 6 pounds with mild diaherra I'd imagine. Horrific as that might be.

Can you imagine what will happen if she ever needs actual laxatives for some thing? Clear the god damn area.

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Actually sat through the whole video.

0:12 - Couldn't get Becky to go to the pharmacy in time on Sunday, so she was forced to go today
0:22 - PILLZ YOU GUYZ - I have to take them with food!
0:47 - Topical ointment has steroids PANIC ATTACK
1:11 - "Medicine induced anxiety" - Thanks, TherapistLynn.
1:35 - Anxiety that "you can die" from medicine side-effects, but no anxiety that you can die from NOT taking medicine to treat medical problems, or any of the major effects of simply being 600LB.
1:44 - Next day, into to BATH & BODY WORKS HAUL, yells at a bird.
2:20 - Reminder of the mood stabilizers she's taking and long rant about how she doesn't dream but on medicines she dreams and last night she had TWO HORRIBLE NIGHTMARES.
3:40 - Blames nightmares on "having my chemicals rewired" - but will be sure to mention it to her psychiatrist in 3 weeks on her next visit
4:10 - Bellybutton still hurts; is not bleeding AS MUCH. (Gorl, if it's still bleeding, that is STILL A PROBLEM.)
4:22 - BATH & BODY WORKS CANDLE HAUL for over two solid minutes, eat. Beetus Fingerz and Disinterested Becky. Thank goodness there's more than a dozen new candles to help fight AmberStench.
7:07 - Next day, explanation of why she's always wearing the same clothes. Trolls that Britney Spears, Kanye West, Spongebob, the police officer down the street, the ant on her wall, are ALL in anticipation of her trip to the Weight Loss Doctor TOMORROW.
8:00 - Claims she actually weighed herself and LOST a couple of pounds from her last weight (Day 16, May 21st, 567.0LB)
8:20 - FutureLynn updating during editing to claim it was actually SIX pounds lost, suggesting at this time, she weighs 561 (but couldn't be bothered to have filmed that weigh-in).
9:05 - My life is gonna change tomorrow, you guys! But "if a weight loss doctor was so common and so easy, no one would be fat".
9:45 - Immediately equates major impending diet changes to UPCOMING GROCERY HAUL!
9:52 - But is eating fast food right now. It's JUST ONE CHEESEBURGER, SEE THE EMPTY BAG? Oh, also a Sprite Zero cuz MAH TOOF STILL HURTS.
10:50 - Had no nightmares last night, so the one "am I having side effects" panic that started the video was probably "just a coincidence" - thanks for clicking!
11:23 - REMINDER! LOST 6 POUNDS! "Now back to talking about how much I love food and I gain weight like *snaps fingers* that-"

TL;DR: "am I having side effects"? No.
Good stuff, you choose an infuriatingly moronic video to start with too (don't believe me? Check out Prince Lotor's reaction on page 2, can't blame them feeling that way at all from the recaps), thanks for keeping me from burning through 10 minutes of my life on this fat pig trying to pity farm asspats for the shelf behind her. :semperfi:

You know why steroids aren't allowed in sport leagues, Big AL? Because they work. If steroids were a youtube channel, they'd be the channel that never repeats a video topic except when there's a great point to be made by doing so, always provided a new video from no later than yesterday uploaded for viewers to watch, and always got the most viewers coming in to marvel at what new sights they had to show the auidence that would then go tell their friends and neighbors how amazing what they just watched was. Of course, I never had my belly button explode in blood soaked horror from my skin collagen waiving a white flag so what the fuck do I know compared to your idiot think-tank bunker in the boonies, right?

My theory on the cause of this trouble,
spider crawled into the belly button hidey-hole many elbees ago, fat closed it up so it couldn't spider strength itself out and now it's nesting in there creating an egg sack that has hatched and all the new born baby spiders are feasting on the cavernous, to them, flesh tunnel peaking up toward the freedom of the world.

I wonder what the side effects of being 600 pounds is?
Maybe Amber can tell us before she keels over.

And from the look at Becky, she is catching up to Amber weight pretty quickly. That must be a side effect of living with a land whale.
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