am i having side effects? - 7/13/2019


My skin crawlith
im putting money down that the only side effects hambone here is feeling is the side effect of her intestines pushing out through her weakened abdominal wall, giving her a herniated bellybutton.

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I had to get away from those anuses for a while.
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I know we think Becky should have been cleaning out Amberlynn's navel all along, and maybe she should have, but Becky also thinks "marjoram" is an old-fashioned way of saying "margarine" and the only reason she didn't shoot herself is because someone shot at a possum or some other varmint and left her no ammunition. When she ran away she planned to bathe in a stream every morning and go to high school like normal. She's not going to be intelligent enough to research online how to cope with elements of bariatric hygiene.

Amber's navel probably has a depth of around four to six inches at this point. Does Becky even know extra-long cotton swabs exist? I don't even know how Becky would be able to problem solve this, even with the entirety of the Internet at her disposal. She'd probably ask Eric for help, who would then suggest something hilariously awful, like wrapping wet paper towels around a butter knife and swirling it until Amber hollered. It's best in the long run for her to stay away from Amber's grosser parts and haul her away to let professionals deal with bleeding infections when you're a Becky like our Becky.

Also no way they're having sex. No way either of them have any libido at their current sizes. When someone gets this fat, the only way sex happens is if the fat partner starfishes and lets the fit partner do what they need to do. So it's not like Becky would have been alarmed by any new odor. Amber smells but Becky's not getting in close enough to realize a new horrible odor is on the scene.


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We joke here, but I don't believe Becky does any hygeine stuff for her beyond washing her hair and clipping her toenails.

Amberlynn has been grotesquely fat her entire life. She learned how to manage her hygeine herself. Now, I'm not saying she has does a good job. I just don't think she brings in outside help. If she weighed 300 lbs at age 11 when she was probably like 4'6" tall, those proprorions would've made it physically impossible for her to wipe her ass in a conventional fashion. At age 11. She figured out some way to wipe herself early on. Probably why she spends so much time in the bathroom (I forget who spilled the tea on that, Rafe probably). She's got some elaborate routine and likely some tools that allow her to reach her asshole but it takes a long time to get it done.

Anyway, I do think Becky had to hold the pee cup and got pissed on when they went to the ER for the bladder infection. I think that's why Becky spontaneously started crying as they drove to the ER for Amberlynn's bloody navel. Becky was thinking about how she was about to get pissed on again trying to collect Amber's sample, and she was thinking about a future where she would eventually end up wiping her girlfriend's ass and scrubbing underneath her folds.


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I assumed at first that this video was about those mood stabilizers she's allegedly been on for 5 minutes (well a month ago anyway) and jerking off the "mental things are scary" udder dry, but turns out it's just some basic bitch antibiotics and ointment for her decaying flesh. Steroids are scary for sure, our gorl is going to start bulking and before we know it, BodybuilderLynn will be prepping for her first contest oiling herself up with the ointment.

I guess this is better than more marker ASMR (:_(

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