am I over 600 pounds? 1/23/19 -

Who wipes Big Al’s butt?

  • Big Al with a rag on a stick

    Votes: 59 17.5%
  • Big Al with her hands

    Votes: 4 1.2%
  • Becky with the rag on a stick

    Votes: 40 11.9%
  • Becky with the good hands

    Votes: 50 14.8%
  • She gets hosed down

    Votes: 26 7.7%
  • She never wipes

    Votes: 158 46.9%

  • Total voters
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Amber can wipe, but the question is if she can clean well enough? No. It is likely it takes a great deal of effort with minimal results, compared to the help of Beckster. I still think Amber wears a pad after she wipes if Becky isn't available to assist her at that time. There's only so much Amber can do alone.

I wonder if Amber has any sores.
I bet her inner thighs are an absolute disaster. Poor hygiene combined with constant, unrelenting chub rub ... ugh. Maybe that's a contributing factor to her disinclination to walk: not only do her knees and ankles hurt (along with her layyyyygh), but her thighs are rubbed practically raw. Her existence must be constant agony.


She could literally get 2,000+ steps in by just walking in and out of the kitchen alone. I'm not even trying to make a joke here. All she would need to do to get those steps in is to walk in and out of the kitchen to get herself stuff throughout the day.

This is just proof that Becky waits on her hand and foot.
The amount of energy it takes for our girl to stand up, and for every second she is up, she is in ‘Inxcruciating’ pain, would be her excuse for failing a 2k step plan.

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Ugh, god there's got to be an absurd amount of swamp ass going on in that house. Think of the diaper rash, on goddamn 20-something women.
That's what my question is. For those unaware, Kentucky is humid as FUCK, almost all year round. You get a break from the heat in the winter, but in the summer, it's usually in the high 80s/low 90s and 100% humidity. The kind of weather that makes your clothes stick to your skin, that makes you have to shower twice a day, even with A/C. Even thin women can get a rash from waiting too long to change their sports bra after the gym if they aren't careful. It's the perfect climate for developing heat-rash, swamp-ass, and chub-rub...and also the perfect climate for dead skin and bacteria to cause an infection.

All this to say, she smells. I know that's not news, but I'm not sure y'all realize just how bad it must least Chantal has Ottawa's frigid temps to keep her from baking in the heat. You can see it on Amber especially in the video where the bug falls out of her hair. She looks like she hasn't bathed in days (and likely hasn't), but that's how normal people look at the end of the day in KY heat and humidity...and normal people are capable of bathing themselves daily.

To be honest, I'd be shocked if she isn't already getting heat rash, yeast infections, fungal infections, and open sores in her folds, especially under the fupa. The smell must be gag-inducing.

Though I will say, the mental image of Amber struggling to hold up her fupa so Becky can clean The Crevice with the stick-rag makes me giggle.
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“Your dog has a tumor.” WRONG.
I mean, Amber has vast knowledge in all health related fields, including veterinary medicine. So if people would just stop diagnosing her and her pets, because LOL that’s so annoying. :lit::lit::lit::lit:

Then again, I can quite clearly see a 600lbs growth on the poor dog’s soul. :(

Even if you're :optimistic: and say her high weight is 560, she was complaining about having stomach flu but did not announce any weight loss. That tells me she's doing her best 'technically true' in weighing in at 559.8 AFTER spending a week in the bathroom, and definitely did not get any higher than 560 because she never officially weighed in with it (whatever weight she may have actually binged up to).

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What an absolutely miserable, humiliating existance. You make a living trying to convince a bunch of strangers online that you haven't reached 600 pounds yet and that you can wipe your own ass - at 28 years old. I guess Amber is "lucky?" (for lack of a better word) that she has no shame. I'd rather be dead than live her life.


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Yes, Amber, we totally and completely believe that you can properly wipe and clean your own ass and genitals without aid. It's totally not physically impossible based on the length of your arms and the projection of your gigantic ass. I mean, whatever would make us think otherwise?

I spent way too long tapping the first image thinking it was a video. My bad.

Yes, Amber, we totally and completely believe that you can properly wipe and clean your own ass and genitals without aid. It's totally not physically impossible based on the length of your arms and the projection of your gigantic ass. I mean, whatever would make us think otherwise?

I get why she'll always deny it, it's embarrassing for an elderly person to need help toileting, Amber knows it's far out of the norm for someone her age, and gross. Here's the crazy thing about Amber, she's actually trying to make people think she's put together and functional. When she throws her hair up in the shit swirl sumo bun and leaves her make up on for three days and changes her dress into something she wears backwards, she thinks she looks put together. She has no concept of hygiene and she thinks she can continue to fool people into thinking she's not falling apart with eyeliner wings and snapchat filters. I don't think she has a sturdy enough grasp of proportions to realize that we can see she can't wipe her own ass, I don't think she knows that sweaty, unwashed skin accumulates filth that we can see. I really think she takes things people say at face value and is confused why everyone doesn't do that for her. It's a tragic level of delusion and stupidity.
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