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Oh I agree 100% But in the "employment specialist and community engagement specialist" industry, it's complete bullshit because the agencies would actually LOVE to yeet Spuds off their caseloads, but DRS/DHS calls the shots because they tender payment to the agency. The (I shit you not: they call them this) "consumer" is on a milestone plan. Works like this for those who don't know: Day 1, 15 day, 45 day, and 90 day.
The agency receives their governmental gibs me dats on Spuds' behalf if and when she makes 90 days. She could get fired on day 91. Then guess what? The employment specialists have to start over. And the agency got paid. There is NO SUBSEQUENT pay to the agency.
So the employment specialist still gets their hourly, the agency gets no more Illinois gibs tied to that client. The client can request even after day 90 even if they don't quit or get fired for the employment specialist and DRS/DHS to stay with them for up to a full year. This entails staffings that usually occur once a month at your local welfare office or at the agency.

Wanna get more pissed at these useless fucks?
People like SPUDS can (and often do) quit or are kicked out of services with the agency. And they can re-apply and come right back. Like herpes!! The agency has to re-up her intake, get her IM/CANS (mental health evaluation), court papers, welfare, or whatever is tied to her, then DRS/DHS also has to re-up intake at their end, make a finding, and mail a letter to the potato. Here in Illinois...this is very (sigh) very (sigh) very easy. Jesus Fucking Christ.

Don't get me wrong. It is a very rewarding and interesting line of work which helps even the specialist (you write resumes, cover letters, form rapports with employers, etc.) but the agencies are overrun by fat sacks of shit like Spuds who clearly DO NOT want a job, and you have to go through the motions, you are bound by HIPAA and Illinois State law with DRS and Adult Services. There are people who use the service who NEED the service and benefit greatly...

* Tards
* TIP Court (Drug court)
* Mental Health--so anyone seeing a psychiatrist for mental health.
* Addiction
* Transitional from either homelessness or domestic violence
* And of course...veterans!

So you can see why the services ARE needed and useful...just not for the SPUD.
Honestly, I understood none of this. Reading this was like watching someone wave a big dirty American flag while screaming "Marika!

All I got was that some kind of weird abbreviated agencies in the usa are corrupt and like money

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I'd have to agree that she can definitely get a job and hold a job if she actually tries. I am not going to throw a pity party for her.

I understand that she's autistic, but she can work, and it looks like a lot of her work-related issues involve anxiety.

I've suffered severe anxiety since I was 12 due to an event that I will not go into detail about.

Working always gave me IBS and panic attacks, but you know what I did?
I sucked and up and got accommodated.
If you have an issue that can't really be helped, but you are still able to work, it is the workplace's job to work around your issues.

For example, I get severe IBS in the workplace due to workload and stress, anxiety basically.
What do I do?
I go to the bathroom.
They can't stop me unless they want me to shit my pants on the floor. I do my business and come back. It might happen again in a few hours. Go back to the bathroom and come back.

Sometimes I'd get panic attacks or so anxious that I'd feel horribly nauseous.
What do I do?
Sit down for a few minutes in the back, maybe pop an anti-nausea tablet and come back.

Once again, it's not a constant occurrence, anxiety has to build up.
You're not constantly shitting or puking all over the place, having a heart attack on the floor, or having a nervous breakdown in the back room.
It's just anxiety, you have to learn to live with it.
You also shouldn't be gone for maybe 15 - 20 minutes, at most, at a time.

Also, autism as an excuse is such bullshit, unless they're Chris-chan tier. My boyfriend is autistic and holds a steady job. Then again, he's not as bad as Amanda, but she's not exactly horribly off herself. She's at least competent enough to perform routine tasks. If it's the public that makes her nervous, work a warehouse or factory... oh wait.

Amanda just doesn't want to work, simple as that. It's not that she can't work. It's that she doesn't want to.
dude, way too much information

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This topic seems to be inspiring major PL haha
The thread has been attracting people powerlevelling since it started. People are so desperate to make themselves look better than lolcows because they cannot read the first fucking part of the forum guidelines:
Be civil. Don't get angry over Lolcows. If you need to tell people you're better than someone, you're probably not.
Although I must say disclosing your PL about having IBS and not shitting your pants while at work isn't really a flex it's just confusing


Eh, I'd say Chris is on another plane from her. He has a interesting legacy of Sonichu while Manda has been drawing goblin porn for 8 years at this point
Yeah have to be honest if it weren't for Chris this site wouldn't exist while manda hasn't done anything remarking in the time she has been online that would make her stand out from other cows.
The only thing that differences her from other cows is that she faps to a spyro mini boss that it's on the game for a few seconds

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Pronouns: yo/mama
Is it just me or does Amanda seem to have a strange fetish for bisexual/gay men?
She never outgrew that fujoshi phase most female geeks went through in the 2000s. Remember the near endless amount of Naruto and Bleach slash fanfiction and AMVs back in the day? It’s just like that only she had to make it even weirder by putting goblins in there. (And I don’t know which is more disturbing - Jacques in his creepy snaggletoothed canon form or the bishie version Amanda created)

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It's been quiet as of late... *sigh*

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Has she made any posts a "few years back" about alien accounters that got shared on this thread?
She’s talking about how she’s been abducted by aliens at least twice now. And apparently bit their hands.

Chat eggs her on.
“I won’t take it to the government, they’d just say you’re just false information and stuff”

EDIT: “it was not Jacques, it was a grey alien in a blue room” “I was defending myself (by biting the hand)” “weird taste” “they make it look like a dream but once I bit... whoosh! My sister experienced it with me”

EDIT 2: she thinks she has a microchip in her neck and is now showing us her bare back & neck. I have no clue why she didn’t turn around and just pull down the collar. She’s got that “fuzzy feeling” from it and wants to actually go to the doctor about this holy shit I can’t make this up

EDIT 3: chat is grilling her about gender and gender presentation and her growing her hair out. She’s getting highly offended. They say she draws herself with her “lady parts” out. She asks “ should NB people should just not have genital?” “The way I express is the way I express myself... in my heart and my soul, I am (nb)” “I don’t wear makeup”

Hair isn’t gendered but makeup is apparently.

EDIT 4: last edit since this is long but she’s just reading her psych stay paper report now and chat is absolutely tearing into her
Not too far back but still like half a year ago

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