Dramacow Amanda/Amari Turcol / LadyALT69 / Manda-Tee / Amarithenonbinary / Amaribabe93 / AmariStrawberry - Pedophile/pedo apologist and tulpamancer who gets into fictional relationships with a Spyro boss, goblins, and Pokemon, all while shipping herself. Decade reigning cow. TRUE AND HONEST Twin soul sister of OPL. IQ of 62.


Lmao, tempted to edit them into two Straight flags no lies.


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Shes like those girls that say "oh i am bisexual! i held a girls hand in 2nd grade (: what? i dont date women they are yucky i only like men." manda, you're straight, like you're the straightest straight i've ever seen, if you were actually pan you wouldn't draw men gobbling up your sewage pussy, wheres the diversity? why aren't you drawing women or transgender people fucking your demon portal? seems a bit sus if you ask me.


MAPP gas huffer
Oh no, i couldn't imagine working there and think a tard like manda buys basic hygiene products only for the money to go to waste to sexual stuff that she definitely doesnt need. Shes just basically flipping the bird to people who are trying to make her life easier and try to do the best they can so she can live comfortably due to whatever dissability shes on.

If it was me i would have got shit tons of hygiene products, i can't even stand the smell of sweat and other bad body odors. But again, this is manda and shes used to smelling like dogshit and a rotting corpse that has been lying in the sun for too long. Her fucking nose is probably numb from all the terrible smells shes builded up for years.

Many tards are nose blind and many tards have sensory issues, depression, and anxiety. Your typical Reddit mod, in other words. Even buying hygiene items and giving them away as "prizes" doesn't mean they use them. In fact, most of them don't anyway. But if you can get just ONE to use soap...


This is probably her most half-assed looking drawing in awhile. She couldn't even copy the helmet, much less think of something unique to do with it. The lines are all over the place, and she looks even more like a shapeless blob than usual. Also, her left arm appears to have a right hand.

It's like the Chinese knockoff Power Ranger toys that you know some poor kid in 1995 got for their birthday.


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Took her 200 years to get that goddamn Morphine Time joke. (I'm gonna need some after this) And she still can't draw hands not looking wonky-ass backwards. :story:
Like always, Amanda seems to make any topic look ten times worse than what even the worst depths of DeviantArt can provide.

We shouldn't really give her ideas (as she reads the thread several times a day if reviving that unfunny meme about wiping her ass is anything to go) but I wouldn't be surprised if she does a follow-up with her two fictional boyfriends as rangers too. If anything will kill Power Rangers after 25+ years, it will be her terrible fan-art.

EDIT: Also I can't get over how lop-sided that Helmet looks. Its the most half-assed thing she's done since... well, last week.


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