Dramacow Amanda/Amari Turcol / LadyALT69 / Manda-Tee / Amarithenonbinary / Amaribabe93 / AmariStrawberry - Pedophile/pedo apologist and tulpamancer who gets into fictional relationships with a Spyro boss, goblins, and Pokemon, all while shipping herself. Decade reigning cow. TRUE AND HONEST Twin soul sister of OPL. IQ of 62.

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MC Wide

Roughly 25:00 - 30:00. It wouldn't let me clip so you get absolutely shit quality but I figured that was better than this being potentially lost.
A transcript because I wanna help capture this shit in 4K. She speaks like fucking Bix Noods

0:00-1:08 - [dead, bug-eyed silence]
1:08 - I know I need to talk to my therapist, and I'm gon' be seeing her pretty soon...
1:12 - Like...I wanna control my own mind, and...instead of having these racing thoughts, and...
1:20 - [sigh]
1:23 - The racing thoughts need to go away, you know?
1:27 - And there are times that I have inappropriate fuckin inchuusive thoughts...and I fucking hate that so much.
1:37 - 'Cause I did an artwork...that got somebody "suspicious" about...somethin'.
1:46 - I'm not gonna say what exactly, but it was really inappropriate...supposedly inappropriate to...uh...v-- have a vent piece...
1:57 - ...That was...that had the words "molest" and um...
2:05 - It doesn't mean...I'm a specific type of person.
2:09 - When I have thoughts...that...runs tru my mind uncontrollably...
2:18 - Like... [fat sigh]
2:21 - An' then they decided to be like, "Oh, you're gonna go after, uh, James's daughter?" NO! No.
2:31 - Never want to. It's just that thoughts just...fuckin' runs and shit, and...intrusive thoughts are really bad.
2:41 - I decide...like...I don't know, I mean... [sigh]
2:49 - I haven't had as much intrusive thoughts, but when people bring that shit up, it comes back. It comes back. And it hurts.
2:59 - So I'd suggest people would leave the subject alone?
3:06 - You know what I mean?
3:09 - In which (?) I did brought it up, yes, I wanted to inform people...to...not do that.
3:24 - And...it really fuckin' hurts.
3:34 - I don't know. I know I brought it up, but I wanted to bring it out to say, like, "Don't bring it up next time," you know?
3:46 - It really hurts.
3:50 - [to some fart-sniffer in the chat] I know you never did, but I'm talking 'bout those on...who are on CuriousCat who anonymously wanna bring it up...
3:59 - Yeah, it was an anonymous person trying to bring it up, and I had to delete the fucking question, because I don't wanna answer that sorta shit! Because it hurts!
4:12 - [rancid vape rip]
4:18 - The hell...
4:22 - But anyways...let's...have a little bit of a good news...that I haven't had it in a while, the intrusive thoughts...until somebody had to bring this shit up!
4:37 - I don't know...I don't know. I'll stop bringing it up, before people start acting like animals about it.
4:57 - I just...I don't mean to vent, but... [hits vape]

Lyra Plushie

Taking Manda's goblin fetish into consideration, I think she'll totally be into "Goblin Slayer." I can only imagine her masturbating with her Bad Dragon dildo to the first episode.

Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger ween faggot.

spades slick

do you got games on your phone?
newfags conveniently forgetting forum guidelines exist part X:

awful exceptional of you to try to be an idea guy when your twitter is still directly linked here for everyone to find. (the archive ft. liquid chris)
since it's still up and you haven't seemed to care about removing it i'll do you a favor and share it again for all of us.
what will your 'moots' do when they find out kiwifarms user youka is cooldeputylol on twitter?
better hope nobody has half a brain to google you.

back to observing mandwhale:


yes, please keep frying your hair. this is the best idea you've had all week
get it on camera for all of us, it'll be great

She's got a shitty support group, isn't conventionally attractive, can't draw, and has bad thoughts she's horrified about.

What's there to laugh at here? Honest question cause I've been lurking for a while now.
it has to do with the fact that countless opportunities to improve, or at least wind back her bullshit, have fallen into her lap en masse numerous times since she first adopted the LadyALT persona.
she's fucked around enough people who had come to her with good intent that not only has she been given up on, but nobody wants to help her anymore.
not her acquantances, nor her family, or her therapists, social workers, or even her partners. larry was a friend of her dad's who crept on her in her young adulthood. there that black tranny who took her money and left. the fatty chasing swede on deviantart. hell, i'd wager even james now.
i want to say life itself has given up on her. but despite this she continues to flounder while indulging herself in a hedonistic NEET lifestyle.

she also continues to associate with and expose herself to both pedophiles/pedophilic content online and other questionable media that could further exacerbate any real intrusive thoughts she does experience.

honestly, i think her family and any potential systems they and her have went through had failed amanda first. she shouldn't have been left to her own devices during her formative years but that won't change how she grew up.

but in terms of bettering herself come adulthood, amanda has failed herself harder than anyone else in her life ever did.
and yet she'll deny it, and say she's trying to improve while all she does is make more resin crafts, neglect her dogs, and dig in her fupa to goblin porn
the most excitement she gets in her life now (aside from the rush she probably gets when she's drawing self insert garbage) is when the occasional ween gets a hair up their ass and tries their hand at trying to milk her for funnies

ETA: newbie deleted their messages, changed some wording, made the summary a little more meaty since we're nearing 500 pages. might amend if i ever feel like it
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autistic traggot
she realizes that top surgery scars don't look like stitches, right? or is she just adding stitches to make her look cool? and her drawing of her as a male doesn't look much of a difference to her as a female. amanda's drawing of her "masculine" chest still somehow looks like smaller breasts but with fucked up nipple piercings and stitches.


They fill me with FRIGHT!!!!!!!!!
That penis head is the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen

Never before have I seen a penis so awfully drawn that it liddurally alters my entire physical form. I am nothing but dust shards now. Thanks ladyalt
The best part is that the two images are identical except for the wiener, so it's fun to quickly switch between them in the 'slideshow' viewer like a horrible, horrible version of the Flip-O-Rama in Dav Pilkey books! ;)
And by "fun" I mean utterly disgusting.


The proportions were destined to be absolutely fucked but the fact her dick is the size of her thigh (17~in being avg) is hilarious. I can imagine her looking at the finished piece and feeling confident in it being not only attractive but realistic, somehow.

Would anyone like to experience a realistic sleep paralysis video? Amanda is treating.


Vanilla Ice's Fursona
They stitched "his" tits up like football stitching but somehow managed to give him a giant hotdog cock? What the fuck kind of doctors do you go to, Amanda?
I'm pretty sure she did next to no research on gender reassignment surgery before or after she came out as non-binary/trans/whatever-she-wants-people-to-believe-this-week. She's obviously going off some Rule 63 pictures she found on E621 or somewhere similar, combined with Larry's body form.

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