Inactive Amanda/Amelia Baggs / witharoundsmoothstone / ballastexistenz - moonfaced malingering autistic "activist"/SJW

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Sep 24, 2017
all this time we have shared so much about Amanda baggs, and her faking her so called disabilities, im surprised no one mentioned this woman in Michigan who was equally as crazy, her name was Shelly H. if memory serves me right, but this is one of the people Amanda claimed copied her, but it seems like Amanda copied her, or a bit of both, anyways, they both hated each other and Amanda claimed Shelly '' droopy'' was stalking her lol, also this droopy chick also used to have many youtube vids where shed show off how '' autistic'' she was, and yes she had infant toys and acted like a child, acted as if she was so severely disabled, and infantile, but yet blogged and made vids very similar to amanda baggs, and that Thomas wood guy among others. Shelly took down her vids when people started questioning her, actually around 2010, 2011 or so: roughly around the same time frames that amanda really started her biggest downfall; but her old blog still remains, in fact Amanda showed me this when i knew her and was pushing the point saying '' yeah, see? she copied me'' look at her writing''

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Mar 23, 2019


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Oct 8, 2015
Imagine being born into an upper middle class (if not outright wealthy) loving, white, bay area family and throwing it all away to be a munchie freak. If anyone had white privilege Amanda did. People would kill to be born as well off as she was. I really can't stand people like that.