Orbiter Amanda Lynn Morris / "May" / Pantsu Party / sadNtrad - Open pedophile/lolicon ex-girlfriend of Digibro who hangs drawings of naked children above her bed. Clout chaser extraordinaire, would suck any dick for a crumb of e-fame. GUNTED.


Nov 14, 2012
Amanda Lynn Morris is a self-professed pedophile. She was in a long-term relationship with Digibro, another pedophile who advocates for the decriminalization and destigmatization of lolicon. Lolicon is drawn/animated pornography featuring children, or characters made to look like children.

Her relationships are the only reason anyone knows who she is. Digibro, her last fiancee, was a very prolific anime reviewer on YouTube. Once Digibro started transitioning to a woman, she left him. It is believed she encouraged the transition which ruined his life and career. Digibro is now destitute, dressed in drag, and abandoned by his fiance.

May currently dates Ethan Ralph (as of March 2021), who is the host of the Killstream. In the early stages of their relationship, May tried to arrange an open relationship with Ralph and Ralph's pregnant girlfriend so that she would have unrestricted access to the newborn baby. This helped destroy the relationship, and now May is exclusive with Ralph. There is no evidence that they live together.

She is trying to rebrand herself as 'trad' and is having Ralph help with her image. He denies that she is a pedophile. She calls her history masturbating to animated child pornography 'therapy'.

In this video, she explains (in a spastic, insufferable way) how depictions of children are not real children, therefore it's okay to be sexually attracted to children.

In this, she explicitly says she's into lolicon. She again deflects by saying they're not real. She does a better job of deflecting than her fiancee Digibro did, who summarized his lolicon attract as being "really into illustrations of little girls getting fucked".

She also likes seeing children with animals.

Life Story
May grew up in the greater Rochester, NY area. Her family consists of two divorced parents and two other siblings. She went to school in Oklahoma for Public Relations and essentially flunked out of school. The way she describes her experience is the typical sheltered child who goes to college discovers alcohol/freedom and burns out in a ball of glory in less than a year. The highlight of college for May was joining a sorority where she would learn to hate normies. Since May and Digi chose the peak of shit college experiences (Digi went to community college with his mom for a year) they now project that people don't need college/the public education system. After failing school she moved back home and started watching Mothers Basement (Cow Cross Over) where she discovered Digi on a Podcast they were both on. From there on May became an obsessed groupie. May initially tried reaching out to Digi by drawing really shitty drawings of her fucking him as a pillow?

May talks about how she tried sending this drawing to Digi but he didn't see it. After failing at sending him deviant art tier drawings, she messaged Mumkey Jones (Cow Cross Over) on snapchat for Digi to message her. Digi and May began sending nudes back and forth. After a month or two Digi flew up to Rochester and got them a hotel room where they decided to take things further. Digi then immediately moved in with her in Rochester and they got their own place (May was living on her Dad's couch at the time). May and Digi lived in Rochester for roughly a year during which May was working at Target as a manager and going to community college. Digi convinced May to quit school and her job to work for him and they moved to Boston. From this point forward May hasn't had a job and this was roughly ~ 2 to 3 years ago. The highlight from the Boston period is May and Digi get super into drugs which ended with May having a mental breakdown and getting thrown in a mental asylum after sitting in the street claiming she was a magical girl. Digi pretty much bankrupts himself paying for May, renting a house, and the move to Boston. Since then the the two have moved back to Virginia beach in a house together and she occasionally edits videos for him. I guess the main issue i see in May is she larps as an autsitc edgelord but in reality is just lazy, insecure, and awkward. Both Digi and May are the same person creating a negative feedback loop of bad content/ideas.

Not Good Enough
Amanda wanted to be Internet Famous. It's likely that she hoped to start her own entertainment channel off Digibro's audience. The problem is, she is not funny and has no redeeming qualities. In this pitch video to Hololive (the company that employs and manages a bunch of Vtuber personalities), you can see just how excruciatingly awful her personality really is.

Remember: this is her at her absolute best. If she had been contracted by Hololive, she would make tens of thousands of dollars being a Vtuber. This is all she can do.

Because she is a failure, she no longer tries to differentiate between good attention and negative attention. She has wanted a thread about her on this forum for a very long time. In this video that is a part of a series(?) called "Content Cunt", she tries to beg for a thread. This video was published on May 23, 2020, more than 6 months before this thread was made. Despite only being mentioned in passing next to her fiancee, she wanted more. It took her sucking Ralph's dick and having him cheat on his pregnant girlfriend to get a thread of her own.

When Amanda's ex Digibro came out as trans, Amanda decided to support him by taking on his handle "Digibro", while Digibro himself changed his name to "Digi-nee". This confused everyone who followed them.

Amanda flip-flopped back and forth between being non-binary, genderfluid, catboy, demi-e-boy and other kinds of gender-fuckery terms. She previously said while a guest on Ralph's show that she has always felt like "a man was piloting her body". Basically, she is not like other girls.

Amanda went back to being Pantsu Party after her and Digibro broke up and took the genderspecial pronouns out of her twitter bio.


Because both Amanda and Digibro share a burning passion for watching cartoon children being raped that they could not share with the world on Youtube or Patreon, the couple decided to create an Onlyfans account together. Amanda was the face and voice for the OnlyFans to bait people into subscribing to it in hope of getting a glimps of her feminine penis. The only content on this OnlyFans was Amanda narrating Hentai reviews written by Digibro. Can a woman fall any lower than reading a script for an audience about the things her boyfriend masturbates to instead of having sex with her?


Getting Gunted
May used to say she could do better than Ralph. The thumb up her ass says otherwise. This clip was DMCA'd off Twitter by Ralph.

Infamously, Ralph met up with other members of the Dick Show wack pack. This was his first introduction to May, who can be seen standing behind him with her then-fiancee Digibro.


Ralph and May's relationship started in secret. Almost immediately after May broke up with her fiancee, she started hanging out with Ralph. Ralph, at the time, was in a relationship with a 19-year-old girl with severe mental health problems he had impregnated. Ralph, at the time, was doing "IRL Livestreaming" and some spectators kept notes of their interactions together while Ralph should have been paying attention to his pregnant girlfriend.

May cannot be trusted near children. In December after Faith and Ralph broke up, it came out that May attempted to form a polyamous relationship with Ralph and pregnant Faith. May wanted a threesome and groped Faith. Faith made it clear that she did not feel comfortable with this sexual engagement, but May did not care. May wanted a living situation where Ralph ran his podcast, Faith worked, and May was a stay-at-home caretaker of the newborn baby.


Ralph's audience is very right-leaning, so dating May as an open lolicon is bad for him. They are currently having her pretend to be 'trad' by posting her wearing dresses. Ralph defends his lady's honor on Twitter.


The official line now is that May masturbating to pictures of animated child pornography is a form of self-prescribed therapy to deal with PTSD. This is bullshit. She has openly talked about it as a sexual attraction, not therapy, for years. Even then, she's still a pedophile.

Therapeutic treatments aren't addictive compulsions you have to restrain yourself from doing. You don't coat your walls in pictures of underage characters when you are trying to get better. This is a lifestyle choice worshipping the sexualization of children.


Maybe Ralph has his reasons for sticking his dick in crazy.

Who Is
Name: Amanda Lynn Morris
Hometown: Greece, NY (Suburb of Rochester)
Old Twitter: https://twitter.com/_imsupacute?lang=en
Current Twitter: https://twitter.com/sadNtrad
IG: https://www.instagram.com/pantsu_party/?hl=en
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pantsuparty
Odysee: https://odysee.com/@Pantsu:a
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEuWlZyogzuOpNlx_TAiS6Q
side channel w/Digi: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvKgo2B_782vqCC0is2qk6Q
archive of her facebook:https://archive.vn/Ye1cN

Twitter: https://archive.vn/TnfIc
Old twitter: https://archive.vn/PMik2

Confirmation of her name.

Thoughts and prayers so that one day #trad Pantsu will figure out what shampoo is.


Ever wanted to see a video where May is unfiltered and her horse face is exposed? No? Well here you go.

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Ulamog did nothing wrong

Oct 1, 2020
Does May really identify as FTM or is that BS?
I believe Josh himself mentioned it, albeit in a very confused fashion, in one of his mad at the internet episodes where he addresses it (May), and the gaggle fuck that is its and digibros relationship at the time. I am sorry I cannot link you up, but I am shoah'd from jewtube.
I do know that it has her own youtube stuff, where it does address things and even refers to the troon as a "she".


Jul 29, 2020
Even if it's not, May looks so tranny-tastic it'll stick. Now if you don't mind I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy 'Ralph is gay' joke
I think she does a really shit job at male presentation, that's the thing. I've met FTMs and gender non-binaries and she's not even pulling off a masculine aspect to their often animu and cartoonish standard.


Trans rights are Janny rights!
Sep 30, 2013
Even if it's not, May looks so tranny-tastic it'll stick. Now if you don't mind I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy 'Ralph is gay' jokes.
She looks definitely gross. She looks more like a MTF to me. She has a completely male bone structure. I don't understand why anyone wanted to see her in a bikini she has nothing to look at.


Nov 21, 2013


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