Amanda Lynn Morris / "May" / Pantsu Party / sadNtrad - Open pedophile/lolicon ex-girlfriend of Digibro who hangs drawings of naked children above her bed. Clout chaser extraordinaire, would suck any dick for a crumb of e-fame. BUTTERFACE. GUNTED.


μολὼν λαβέ
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Don't get me wrong, I find going the porn route to usually mean one has given up and doesn't have much respect for themselves, but for fucks sake it has to be pretty soul crushing to allow the Gunt to fuck you. Even just once.
If you're going to be in porn you might as well get paid for it. If you get gunted, you might end up in Internet porn without even knowing it in advance.


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PPP claimed she's working at Subway to support Ralph. Is this a joke or confirmed because I can see it either way.
Take the info with a pinch of salt until someone snaps a picture or it comes from the horses mouth. Ralph is confirmed to loving food from the trash so I can imagine pedo party feeding the fat man day old food.
She would probably steal plastic cutlery and paper cups just to save them money at the dollar store.


i’m allowed to say adrienne blair but ralph isnt
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uh oh.



*Eyes closed, hands clasped in prayer*

Jesus. Santa.

I know it seems unusual of me to ask something from you both as I'm not religious or normally have the holiday spirit but I feel this is the moment. What I ask may require the power of you both, united, to deliver such a wish, it would seem like I would be living in a dream. I try to be a good person, someone who lives their life with decency, I treat others with respect just like how I would like to be treated. I try to say nice things and make people around me feel happy and good. Even when I fail, I try to only fail myself and never disappoint others or take it out on them. I may not have lived the best life, but I try to live at the very least a good one.

If there's one prayer I would love answered, one Christmas miracle to be given, one final morsel of goodness to end a rather miserable year for most. Please, please...

Have Pantsu get pregnant by Ethan Oliver Ralph.

It would mean the world to me.
What do you have to say for yourself?