Orbiter Amanda Lynn Morris / "May" / Pantsu Party / sadNtrad - Open pedophile/lolicon ex-girlfriend of Digibro who hangs drawings of naked children above her bed. Clout chaser extraordinaire, would suck any dick for a crumb of e-fame. BUTTERFACE. GUNTED.

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Mr Moonface

2611 N Oakland Ave (Downstairs) Milwaukee WI 53211
When even the herbs over on reddit are dunking on you...


Yaniv’s Hairy Balls

Behold them and weep, for they’re now my cunt flap
this fucking sperg moves like some sort of malfunctioning animatronic that's was programmed by an autistic man who took one college course on Japanese. Her mannerisms do not register her as a human being.
She reminds me of one of those women who absolutely, positively fucking hate your guts but is trying to “kill them with kindness”. Every movement, every word, everything she has to say seems planned out, contrived, and full of absolute vitriol. Like a step mom talking to a young child she hates when there’s people around to see. I shudder to think what’s under that fake ass mask. She raises my hackles. Whenever people say she doesn’t look or act human it fucks me up bc I’ve never seen someone whose actions fall into the category or uncanny valley. Is that possible?

Poor Xander.


hates dogs, loves vicodin
I can imagine pedo party feeding the fat man day old food.
Chonkers like Ralph don't get to be that way cause they're picky. I bet he has an iron stomach and week-old room-temperature takeaway doesn't phase him at all.
I bet Beavis-ette thinks tossing him Pancho's makes her "trad" cause she's "cooking" for her "man".