Orbiter Amanda Lynn Morris / "May" / Pantsu Party / sadNtrad - Open pedophile/lolicon ex-girlfriend of Digibro who hangs drawings of naked children above her bed. Clout chaser extraordinaire, would suck any dick for a crumb of e-fame. BUTTERFACE. GUNTED.

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Dick Molesterson

AKA "Dick Molesetseron"


Halloween Hulk Hogan

Even in the pic she posted she looks like a very cheap escort. As in the kind you'd immediately get a check-up done the following morning. And that was the pic she thought was the most flattering. She's hardly in the position to be able to call herself an "upgrade" to anyone.


me: anime podcast you: uk low income housing proje
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Pantsu is a step up only because she isn’t brown.

more like because she isn’t the right type of brown. more often than not the most vocal defenders of the white race have a thing for latinas. and not the hot blonde puerto ricans like gaydur likes.