Amanda Lynn Morris / "May" / Pantsu Party - Open pedophile/lolicon ex-girlfriend of Digibro who hangs drawings of naked children above her bed. Clout chaser extraordinaire, would suck any dick for a crumb of e-fame. BUTTERFACE. GUNTED.

thats a really sad way of looking at it, it should be because she genuinely loves you enough to do those things for you instead of trying to play big bad eceleb. i dont even mean to dig in when i say it reeks of someone trying to prove theyre something after constant rejection. i actually feel pity for ralph that he will never experience wholesome moments like both of them enjoying a cuddling embrace and being late to something, or surprising each other with meals or gifts for reasons other than larping as christian conservatives or appealing to power dynamics.

all their interactions were based on hurrying to the next drink or activity to distract themselves from reality, ralph wouldnt even dance with her when she got excited asking him to. their lives are made up solely of the period where youre just trying to entertain yourself to escape a bit. they will never experience getting lost in each other, looking at each other and just being content with even silent synchronistic communication and harmony. the little moments where you show you care with selfless acts motivated by what both of you want vs an expectation or obligation, trust, the moments where you think shes your girl she agrees with you and actually likes cooking, or thats your guy you dont have to tell him to straighten up his life or mature.

but you know thats just internet serial killer bastard melty in me i guess.
Ralph's above all that normie love faggy shit. When she puked on him he knew he found his trad cath lolicon bride.


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I think I understand why she looks like that, weird face and proportions aside. She's always contorted in some way, in every single picture.
1: unnatural pose, wtf is she doing with her arms? She's also trying to accentuate her ass twisting her back. The final result is just disgraceful, she legitimately looks handicapped here.
View attachment 2135899
2: twisted back, left arm gone spazzy, right arm completely fucking straight. Again, she looks like a sped.
View attachment 2135901
3: this is the most normal recent picture, basically a face shot but even here we can see her hand and it's in a very unnatural, tensed pose.
View attachment 2135907

tl;dr She moves like a Silent Hill nurse in the body of a skinnyfat boy, as evidenced by this gif from @RichardRApe
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Idk, Silent Hill nurse movements are a bit more fluid and natural looking.
She legit looks edited to appear jerky without any actual editing.


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The way her head is moving is like one of those people who have severe cerebral palsy and they just tense up and thrash about in their chair. It's jarring to watch.
It's uncanny how jerkily her body moves in that GIF. There's a lot wrong with Mantsu, and yet a two sentence post wouldn't be enough to describe everything.

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I would like to note various elements of potential kitchen disasters including:

1. Leaving various objects near the heating element while the stove is turned on
2. Splatters of bacon grease all over the place because May doesn't have a grease splatter screen and refuses to cook the bacon with a cover
3. Cracking the eggs in the pan and mixing the other ingredients with the eggs as it cooks in the pan instead of being a normal person who cracks the eggs and mixes the eggs in a separate container, then cooks
4. The location of the pan handle is facing towards the stove, which requires you to place your hand over the bacon which is spitting grease as established in point #2
5. Solid cheddar cheese with no cheese grater in sight
6. Seemingly useless fork placed out of reach, again having to grab past the spitting bacon grease to get it
7. No place nearby to transfer the cooked items to
8. No spatula
9. Seemingly no pan spray to prevent the bacon from sticking to the pan

Overall, I rate a it greasefire waiting to happen out of 10.
As for #4 you would have your pan facing inward if you are cooking with little ones in the house. If it is facing out- towards you and hanging over the edge of the stove- a child could grab it and pull hot grease all over their face. A lot of kids die and get disfigured every year bc stupid faggots are too lazy to 1. Face their pan handles inward and 2. Watch their fucking kids.

now I do see throwing a little shade bc she could’ve turned it out to the left and had it over the counter and not a hot pan/popping grease, but I wouldn’t be too hard in her for it. At least when Ralph gets visitation (lmao) their baby won’t look like the lead in a Burn Unit production of “Beauty and the Beast”. Otherwise the toast looks dry and undercooked, the eggs are dry as well, the bacon looks ok bc bacon always looks amazing, and I guess it’s not in a paper plate? I don’t know, as a southerner if you’re gonna play “trad wife” at least know how to do a good country breakfast like wtf.



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George Cuckzunian

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you should really calm down
So do you think Ralph going through the bullshit of his moms passing is going to bring her closer to Ralph in the way that tragedy and adversity only can creating an unbreakable bond or do you think seeing him broken down selfishly crying about all the crap he has to do cause his mom died will make her pussy drier than an African desert?

Ralph taking a hiatus and not getting delicious attention for Pantsu to leach off of is definately not going to be a plus.

I am rooting for them to stay together. Her attention seeking behavior is going to drive Ralph to new heights of Lolcow.

George Cuckzunian

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you should really calm down
She's hitched herself to a falling gunt, she will be with someone else six months from now.
In a weird way, it is admirable she is willing to keep going down with the ship even if once it finally hits the ocean floor she plans to swim to safety shortly after.
It's like a rat who chews a hole in the bottom of the boat and causes it to slowly sink but not before grabbing every last scrap of food on board

She's hitched herself to a falling gunt, she will be with someone else six months from now.
You are forgetting how moist she found her manties when she saw Ethan's gunt trying to dominate a slightly taller manlet's gunt. I bet he can keep her pretty emotionally satisfied (we've seen his cock after all) by occasionally doing some public white trash shit in her name

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