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If I ever needed to surmise Winn-Lee in one image, this is what I would respond with.

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DOB: November 14, 1972
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Amanda Winn-Lee, attempting to metamorphose into Brianna Wu. Once again @AnOminous' theory that cuntiness ages you prematurely is spot-on.

The Weeb Wars thread has given us a bevy of content and a host of new lolcows to mock, most of whom are professional voice-actors. But not all of them are newcomers and with one of them emerging from the woodwork being an old friend, I decided to finally drive a few harpoons into a particularly intresting lolcow I've had on my personal to-cover list for quite a while and just never had the time or energy to cover until she finally drove into territory worth covering: Amanda Winn-Lee, who I first covered when I was doing a write-up on this fucking thing.

Winn-Lee is bit of an oddity: An incredibly prolific voice-actress (if you've ever enjoyed the medium at all, chances are high she voiced someone in something you enjoy) who appears to have this penchant for getting involved in the most absolutely asinine e-drama imaginable. At a glance it's easy to see her and think she's another shrieking third-wave feminist on Twitter, but that would be missing the more unique parts of her lolcowdom. In many ways, Winn-Lee is an anomaly; she's an incredibly vocal, hilariously toxic, virtue-signaling, borderline-deranged psychopath on the Twitterbox, like many people in Wu's circle and political ideology. However, Winn-Lee virtually never launches into attacks directly on her own.

Instead, she waits on the sidelines, keeping an eye on things, before she jumps in and begins sniping away without warning and without restraint. Much as is the case with Wu, she flat-out believes anyone who disagrees with her deserves disparagment, often sliding into tweet-sperg-outs about how people she doesn't like deserve to be forced into sex slavery. Once she lashes out and satisfies her e-bloodlust sufficiently, she backs off, typically deletes everything, and pretends she's being harassed if anyone brings up her horse-shit, making a lot of her biggest and most hilarious meltdowns a real challenge to capture in real time. Fittingly, she thinks #Metoo was the best idea ever, an opinion that's going to come to define her in the pages to follow.


Like Wu, she's got a massive ego and rarely, if ever, holsters it, which means her ability to provide content is actually quite consistent, especially when she's under a searchlight. The biggest issue she has is that she's got at least enough intelligence to know she puts out some bad optics, so you can expect many of her most vitriolic sperg-outs to be followed by sweeping deletions. For now let's just establish that she really doesn't like it when people archive her shit, which is all the more reason anyone covering her should do that constantly, especially given her rate of deletions. But we'll get to that in section three.

PART THE FIRST: Briamanda Wu-Lee
There's an argument to be made that anyone who has a public professional career and actively decided to throw themselves into the crucible of the Autism Holy War anyway kind of deserves a thread here by default. I don't know if I'd go that far, since self-righteous asshats making terrible decisions are a dime a million these days, and I'm of the belief that a (Wu)man is more than their mistakes, but the argument certainly has grounds in reality when you're talking about Amanda Winn-Lee.


Take a shot. :fapcup:

At a glance, Winn-Lee isn't all that different from the numerous other speds involved in GG opposition; if you've seen one Anti-GG sped declaring that questioning any insane allegation is the same as encouraging harassment, you've probably seen most of them. But Winn-Lee's nuttery isn't surface-level. Not every Lolcow is willing to offer to kill Brianna Wu's critics, for example. It's especially interesting because Winn-Lee was openly involved with Wu the entire time. Winn-Lee first got in touch with her indirectly through Frank Wu and his Hugo Award contacts back in 2013. Winn-Lee was a frequent feature on Wu's Isometric podcast, and was known for going to bat for Brianna quite a few times in the lead-up to Gamergate and to promote her game. Wu was really glad to have her because Winn-Lee was the only person involved with the cast you've ever fucking heard of, and when it comes to Wu and her game, she has absolutely no shame, and declared it the greatest game ever.

She also did a dramatic reading on behalf of Giant Spacekat making fun of criticism Wu got. See how long you can handle the smug before you want to throw a chair:

When GG was going strong, Winn-Lee was one of Wu's many white knights, and was one of many who pushed her now-infamous false-flag attempt as legit. When the Kickstarter backers began to suspect that Revolution 60 was a scam, Winn-Lee was right there to join Wu in declaring them part of Gamergate. This mutates into hilarity, however, when you realize that Winn-Lee nowadays virtually never discusses her involvement in Revolution 60 beyond acknowledging she's in it since it hit Steam, and with good reason: It's one of the lowest-rated PC games ever made. The IOS version, while shored up nicely with reviews by Brianna Wu's IRL friends, hasn't done much better in the court of public opinion. Those who want to watch me laugh through some third-trimester aborted gaming can check out my coverage of Revolution 60 here. Those who want to read Null's hilarious psychoanalysis of Revolution 60 and how it fits into Wu's insane power fetishism can check that out here.

After Revolution 60 released and subsequently bombed hard enough to reach the Earth's mantle, you would think, that since Gamergate was pretty resoundingly over at this point, and since Winn-Lee was done with Revolution 60, that would be the end of her involvement with Brianna Wu. You would be wrong. She relied on Wu to signal boost when needed, and was a proud supporter of Wu's run for Congress, since Wu used her to virtue signal about how evil the health-care system in the US was. When people called out Wu's "all cops are racist" bullshit by pointing out that cops kill far more white people than black people, Winn-Lee was right there to throw shade. It was only when Wu began to draw serious heat during her electoral campaign, and subsequently lost, that her involvement with Wu started to taper off.

PART THE SECOND: Political Sperging and "Weed Mom"


Winn-Lee isn't just a vocal politisperg: She's got full-on Trump Derangement Syndrome, as evidenced by the above. She screams about Trump pretty goddamn often and has, on multiple occasions, claimed that his administration wants to indirectly destroy all transgendered people. According to Winn-Lee, all the sexual harassment allegations brought up against Trump (that had absolutely no ability to be proved) were legitimate (which she responds to by very cleverly calling him "cheeto gropin'-furher"), a quirk that honestly is going to make the next chapter make so much more fucking sense. None of this is shit you haven't seen dozens of other times from other e-celebs, barring the obvious presence of Brianna Wu and her periodic tendency to DFE. However, there's one aspect of her online persona that is absolutely fucking baffling:

The nickname she garnered when she started her own Youtube channel: "Weed Mom."


On her youtube channel, Winn-Lee (who is honestly starting to gradually transform into Brianna Wu) discusses Marijuana and why it's a good thing. Some of her content here is reasonably funny, and at times interesting, if bizarre to hear as she spends about twenty fucking consecutive episodes over the course of about a year prattling on about how amazing and wonderful marijuana is. It's beyond a shadow of a doubt the most surreal thing I've ever witnessed in my coverage of something for this website and I don't know entirely how to feel about. It is, however, fucking entertaining, so there we go.

PART THE THIRD: The Noose Tightens
When the Weeb Wars began, Winn-Lee saw an opportunity. Never a fan of Vic Mignogna, and a big fan of exitus acta probat and trials-by-Twitter, Winn-Lee immediately threw in behind Vic's opposition to pre-emptively call him guilty. Like clockwork, Winn-Lee reached for her usual tactic: Waiting until the battle lines of Internet War were drawn and sperg-fighting well underway, before providing supporting fire to her chosen faction. Unfortunately for her, her usual massive ego and long time fighting alongside even bigger Autists had the side-effect of leaving her more than a little tone-deaf, and on Februsary 7th, 2019, Amanda Winn-Lee let fly against a critic with a volley that would hallmark her from then onwards, when she insinuated that a critic of hers deserved to get raped:


....And thus began a backpedaling that would be made legend, as she declared she didn't really mean it, honest, you guys. Unfortunately for Winn-Lee, this was not an incident she was going to be able to walk away from: She was already being likened to the Kavanaugh accusers and Mattress Girl, and her responses to criticism were, if anything, significantly less graceful than Brianna Wu's. At this point she continued to literally claim Vic was a Rapist, even as she knew that lawyers were getting involved,, and bunkered down, conducting a Steve Shives-esque campaign of blocking anyone remotely critical of her as her Twitter mentions promptly became a fucking bloodbath.

It also turns out, from her retweets, that she's salty about not being verified, which is another edge Brianna Wu has on her.

In conclusion, from beginning to end, Amanda Winn-Lee is a glorious train-wreck, and with more attention on her than ever before, she's quickly learned to despise the fact that her critics can now reliably record her every sperg-out in multiple seperate formats. While logic would dictate that she'd be better off backing away from the whole controversy, this hasn't happened in practice; her massive ego and pathological need to get gotcha points on random groups she doesn't like means that her providing additional content is a hilarious inevitability. Pay attention to this one with an archive window open, because past experience indicates she's just gonna keep providing content for us.
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I have always thought the American anime dubbing industry/community was full of spergs (Greasehair Mignogna included), but I had no idea she was one of them until that rape comment.

An example of her hypocrisy:

She thinks it's "not cool" because somebody who is quoting a person who called them a faggot because it's derogatory but she herself uses the word "bitch" in that very tweet and in many other tweets as well. She also called Megan Kelly a cunt. All of these words are offensive epithets, so why is the first word haram according to her, but not the other two?
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@Jaimas, you weren't kidding about her turning into Brianna Wu, Amanda's resembles most of John's most noticeable facial structure traits, only if John Flynt actually HAD been born a woman.

And like DC Douglas, while I loved their voice acting, they really need to be muzzled until their next voice acting session, because they are otherwise insufferable assholes.

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I always wanted to know, whats the deal with voice actors and being a lolcow? Is it that lolcows are drawn to being VA's? I don't know much about her early life, if she was like some massive geek or something.
Just like wanting to be an indie game developer or video game streamer, it's a profession lots of nerds tend to be attracted to. I remember back in the day on YouTube lots of kids would upload voice actor audition videos hoping to get a role in someone's web series.

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Is this sarcasm or is she actually prolific? I've only heard her in Persona 4 (and she was my least favourite character and voice in that game) and the "HD" Silent Hill 3 (where she was the (*edit: second) most annoying voice in any Silent Hill game I've ever heard, and that's including the robots from the first game and whatever Lisa's VA from Origins thought she was doing but maybe I'm just being hyperbolic).

*Forgot about Earnest Baldwin in the original Born from a Wish, who's actually the worst voice-acted character in all of the SIlent Hill games.


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I always wanted to know, whats the deal with voice actors and being a lolcow? Is it that lolcows are drawn to being VA's? I don't know much about her early life, if she was like some massive geek or something.
You know how some mall cops desperately wish they were real cops but can't because they're too fat, too dumb, too mental, or whatever? VAs are like that for real actors, I'd imagine. At least it's a nice stereotype. They have all the hunger for fame and narcissism, but they're fat, they have a face for radio, or whatever. Their SAG dreams died. But they get to pretend to be stars to small groups of shut-in autistic nerds a few times a year.


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Is this sarcasm or is she actually prolific? I've only heard her in Persona 4 (and she was my least favourite character and voice in that game) and the "HD" Silent Hill 3 (where she was the (*edit: second) most annoying voice in any Silent Hill game I've ever heard, and that's including the robots from the first game and whatever Lisa's VA from Origins thought she was doing but maybe I'm just being hyperbolic).

*Forgot about Earnest Baldwin in the original Born from a Wish, who's actually the worst voice-acted character in all of the SIlent Hill games.
She's got a pretty goddamn huge filmography and you'll constantly run into her in places you'd never expect. She's best-known for Evangelion and Persona, but she's been in a fuckton of other things, big and small. The very first work I actually saw her in was Dragon Half.

I always wanted to know, whats the deal with voice actors and being a lolcow? Is it that lolcows are drawn to being VA's? I don't know much about her early life, if she was like some massive geek or something.
While @AnOminous would likely make the argument that it's a mixture of inadequacy paired with jealousy, I'd suggest something else entirely.

Most voice actors are not into the entire new realms of snake-fuckingly crazy that the KickVic crowd are. You can ask anyone who's met or talked to some of the old-guard VAs, and none of those are really like this. At worst you had ones that could kind of act like assholes or showed up repeatedly at cons drunk (@Shuu Iwamine knows exactly who the fuck I'm talking about in that regard). Similarly, there's plenty of current-gen VAs that aren't pants-on-head crazy, and a lot of them that are really awesome people in general. There's a very interesting common thread between the ones that are generally considered pretty cool, and likewise, the ones that are fucking batshit:

The best ones barely use Twitter, or stay the fuck off entirely, and the worst ones use it constantly.

The natural way Twitter works means that the platform is inherently attractive for attention-seekers and those with personality disorders - the exact people who would be most-likely to be massive drama queens IRL and cause serious problems therein. It rewards the loudest, most obnoxious, and most vitriolic so they can score another dopamine hit, and it convinces them that they're right in the face of all evidence. We all know Twitter has a ridiculously deleterious effect on the mental well-being of its usership, but it's only recently we're starting to see just how bad it is with shit like the weeb wars. It's gotten to the point where I'd like to establish my own rule of logic for later use:

"The louder and more vitriolic the user is on social media, the higher the possibility that they can support a thread."

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