Amanda Winn-Lee / amandawinnlee / painkillershopping - IRL Friend of Brianna Wu. Professional Voice Actress. Giant Politisperg. Psychopath.

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So I actually talked to my old ACEN contact, and he refreshed my memory about what went down with Amanda Winn Lee in 1999. I wasn't there for this. I think ACEN 2000 was my first one, and I vaguely recalled him telling me about these incidences.

I'm not gonna name my contact. It's not important. I know plenty of people who probably know about this and could have told me the same thing.

Apparently, what happened was that she helped lead some sort of raid on the con's liquor supply (which was kept in the green room for guests) the night before the con was supposed to begin. This meant that no liquor was on hand for guests for the rest of the con. She, of course, consumed quite a bit of it.

The even BIGGER issue was "the PenPen incident." Best part about this is some video has survived. I apologize for the quality, but this was a REALLY old Quicktime video he sent me that I converted to MP4.

While this seems funny, the apparent issue was that Yuji Moriyama (key animator for the EoE movie) was in the audience with his wife and small children. After that video cuts off, and the PenPen dance ends, she jumps back up on stage and says ""If you thought I was going to behave because my husband is here, you were WRONG!" Also, while this was going on, and everybody was distracted, people broke into the Dealer's Hall and stole several thousand dollars worth of merchandise,

I might have more information. Apparently ACEN 99 was a clusterfuck, and AML was some part of that.

The end result of all this is that AML was either banned outright from ACEN, or a decision was made to NOT invite her anymore, and news got around to other cons. This is why her convention history is actually kinda lightweight.

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Not gonna lie, if I knew of her from this post/video and not from her exceptional and psycho twitter rants against vic, I'd think she seemed hella fun at parties and like someone to hang out with tbh.

I didn't know her son was diagnosed with cancer. That's horrible, and I wouldn't wish that on anybody.

Honestly, though, given that she's going through something that's legitimately awful, why does she seem so fixated on something as meaningless as anime voice acting and the drama with conventions?

In the grand scope of things, this shit really doesn't matter when you have a child with cancer ...
Perhaps her way of dealing with it is to fixate on something else, like going to war on twitter for some reason.

Amanda is taking a little break from twitter after she freaked out on some guy who wanted her autograph (I don't know why he wanted her's, that shit is worthless) for a charity event for a hobby store in Canada.
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But don't worry guys, she didn't DOXXXXXXX him, because she totes deleted that tweet, that means it doesn't exist anymore.... whoops:
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Discord, it isn't just for gay ops and diaper furs.

Well, here's the plot twist:
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Turns out that the charity he said wasn't set up yet, WASN'T SET UP and she freaked out on this guy thinking he was going to super dox her, confirming that she doesn't know this thread exists.
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Also I love the irony of her posting this moments before she shamed herself into taking a break from twitter:
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The saddest but most hilarious possible take on this is that the whole thing was a clever ruse to get her autograph for free at his convenience (or to sell copies of the game at some markup using the signature as a gimmick/excuse) and she is so used to not actually having fans that even SHE couldn't believe someone actually wanted her autograph.
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Amanda has been trying to reign in her mob ever since she accidentally leaked that guy’s name:

Considering it’s 3 days later and she is still telling them to not go after him, I don’t think she was able to reign them in:

Still no proof of this claim:

(I can’t archive atm, someone please cover me)

BTW, when I said Japanese VA's usually aren't cows, I forgot to mention that Mari IIjima actually is. In fact, she's the only one I know of that has an ED page.
I saw this when you posted this weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about it. I hadn't kept up on her in forever (I was MySpace friends with her if that tells you anything) and I'm greatly saddened to see she's ended up this pathetic. She could probably find work in the music industry as a songwriter or a piano player if she just went back to Japan where she had her connections.

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Was wondering when this would show up after seeing her appear in Animegate. Funny how she originally dubbed Rei yet never learned to shut the fuck up...

As mentioned earlier, her commentary for Death and Rebirth was an especially bad point of contention for Eva fans when discussing sub vs. dub. She completely missed the subtlety of a scene where Kaji is shot - changing the sound to a gunshot as she thought the original sound was terrible (even mockingly saying it sounded like a slap) - but the sound was intentionally a slap to transition into the next scene of Asuka arguing with Shinji over Kaji's death, having slapped him in denial. Otherwise, her commentary is generally indicative of just how much weed she was smoking at the time. I originally reasoned she was just lightening up the mood over a character she shares no similarities with, but all this kerfuffle drew new light on the subject.

I'm also shocked at how much she has mutated into Brianna Wu over the years. At this point, I expect them to perform the Fusion Dance and the resulting combination looks...exactly the same.

hey now,Monica actually plays big roles in Evangelion...she's Pen-Pen in the Rebuild movies and Maya in the series(and ONLY in the Director's Cut episodes...sharing scenes with Vic as Aoba,one of the other bridge bunnies.Small world,huh?)
Funny how I hated listening to Maya's voice in the Director's Cut when she was perfectly reserved in the original dubbing. Monica made her sound way too sassy or something.

As for Shinji, I honestly think that most people hate him so much because of Spike Spencer's voice. He made Shinji RIDICULOUSLY whiny. The Japanese voice actor of Shinji, on the other hand, is amazing, and really sold how tragic and pathetic of a character Shinji is. When Shinji was screaming in Japanese, I got chills. When Shinji was screaming in English, I laughed my ass off.
I might just be one of the few people on the planet who was always fine with Spike's Shinji voice. Sure he could never scream for shit, but Shinji is meant to be a whiny teenager because he had more shit piled on him than he deserved. Not all shounen kids are fearless, stand-against-the-odds-just-because types of people, and that is part of what made Shinji more unique by comparison.

Might also help that he was the first of his kind that I encountered, since I have no love for some similar whiny faggots...


Speaking of Megumi though, mad props to her screaming ability. If I could find the clip from 3.0 where Shinji throws the SDAT in anger I would post it.
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Maybe I'm just a closet white-knight, or something, but I feel really bad for AWL (her initials even spell AWOL) She looks like she's in some form of desperate need of some help, and were I in a position to, I'd actually give her a pity role... But then she's the kind of person I know for a fact who would fuck all of that kindness up. She'd get really drunk or something and ruin all given good will. And tank my company with it.

I'm not a native Farmer, so I actually do want her to better herself. But lets be real. If she hasnt gotten there by now there's probably no hope for her. That said I'm autistically hopeful - the child in me believes theres hope in us all. She just needs to lay off the booze, weed, sex, and social media. Seems she got caught in a really bad hedonistic feedback loop.

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I once wondered if this was simply some kind of heretofore unseen competence divide. After all, /pol/ can find a flag with nothing more than weather patterns and weaponized Autism, and the Farms can do the same when it comes to finding Lolcow powerwords. But somehow, with infinite time and resources, these guys can't manage that. It's almost like they're a bunch of zero-talent hacks with no practical real-world skills, but that can't possibly be it, can it?
In war terms, they're busy playing Operation Fortitude North while we're busy with Operation Uranus.

They've got nothing, and now no hope of escape, they just don't quite realise it yet.

But that's what happens when you attack someone when you're utterly unprepared.

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I'm not a native Farmer, so I actually do want her to better herself. But lets be real. If she hasnt gotten there by now there's probably no hope for her. That said I'm autistically hopeful - the child in me believes theres hope in us all. She just needs to lay off the booze, weed, sex, and social media. Seems she got caught in a really bad hedonistic feedback loop.
As they saying goes, if you can't be a good example for others, you can always serve as a horrible warning.

I think that the Twitter echo chamber prevents a lot of these folks from hitting bottom by deluding them into believing that the lie they've constructed is real since there are so many other people who seem to believe in it as well. Because they never reach that low point that snaps them out of it, they get perpetually stuck and are unable to move forward with their life.


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I'm curious if Amanda Winn-Lee will be named in the final rounds of the lawsuit once the actual players at Funimation are taken down, or if she really is as insignificant as I think she is.

I mean, I doubt she is even worthy of being named in the case, and is probably not even worth being sent a Cease & Desist letter but at the same time, she is a drugged-up psychopathic harlot who has a history of doing the most stupid shit in public and sabotaging herself in the process.

Again, I doubt she's gonna be involved in the actual legal aspect of the Weeb Wars at all, but I could easily see her having a breakdown if she gets wind of the suit, especially if Vic is successful in court and causes the Cannabis Mom to have an online temper tantrum.

She's not really valuable to the court case at the moment unless she publicly says or does something that is insanely stupid even by her standards and causes herself to get dragged into the drama.

However, I'm convinced that in the event of such a meltdown, the most likely consequence for her actions will involve Twitter taking her out behind the woodshed and dropping the banhammer on her to save face and avoid further legal hassles given that the courts are no doubt sending the proper paperwork to Twitter over the dumb shit Ron Toye and Monica Rial have been doing.

As far as I know, she doesn't have the blue checkmark despite having the proper SJW opinions, so she's a lot more expendable if the courts gets involved.

If she gets kicked off of Twitter and Vic wins the lawsuits, I think that will be the end of Amanda Winn-Lee's last attempt at becoming relevant in the anime fandom again.

Especially once her Persona contracts finally expire and if the upcoming Netflix dub of Evangelion turns out to be really good and the new fans no longer associate her with Rei Ayanami, she'll probably fall off the map and any Cannabis Mom videos she makes for YouTube will get even fewer views until she fades into obscurity for good.

And if we do ever hear about Amanda Winn-Lee again after the Weeb Wars have ended, then it will probably be due to her being charged with myriad drug and sexual offenses.

If AWL gets #MeToo'd by her son years down the line, or even one of the teen boys she probably molested at some anime convention in the early 2000's, it will make her current online idiocy regarding Vic even more hilariously ironic.

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I'm curious if Amanda Winn-Lee will be named in the final rounds of the lawsuit once the actual players at Funimation are taken down, or if she really is as insignificant as I think she is.
She's insignificant. Rekieta has more Twitter follwers than her. Hardly anybody under the age of 30 knows who the hell she is. She also has no power in the industry anymore. She hasn't been in an anime since last decade.

I could go on, but I shan't... I think I've covered all this before.

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