Amanda Winn-Lee / amandawinnlee / painkillershopping - IRL Friend of Brianna Wu. Professional Voice Actress. Giant Politisperg. Psychopath.

Kari Kamiya

Dopey Mew
There's other examples here, but I like how two-faced that screenshot is because she's so insecure and thin-skinned she yells at people at random but then almost in the same breath she's sending (virtual) hugs and kisses to people who "have her back". And no, her being a washed-up voice actor who could change the tempo in her voice at the drop of a hat doesn't make it second nature. People who act like that in the real world tend to not have friends for much longer, let alone employment. And so far, she's about halfway there.

I can just see her coming into the courthouse while Monica's on the stand being caught in the middle of a lie, and she'd just stand up and start screeching incoherently about the patriarchy or some shit at the judge and lawyers and needing to be escorted out. Maybe also shoved into the back of a police car for being caught with cannabis on her person, though that'd be right at the door.



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