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Wait, what the fuck?
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That better not be some kinky-ass painting in her living room/office space. Please someone prove me wrong.
Dude, she made a book about her son and during the chapter she made dedicating to her son's fight with some sort of cancer, she starts talking about sex, not even kidding.


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Damn right it's cancer, another shit site salty about adblock. Also, not exactly in a hurry to read something written by a lady who probably spends her time complaining to managers at stores or bitching about a failed marriage.

Wait, what? The fuck, woman?

And to think I wanted to buy her book too. I used to think she was cool too...

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...didn't she also know Vic for those 20 years?

And is she equating "manhandling" with the worst of what he's been accused of? Why is she referring to Vic's deposition and then saying that he admitted he had a history of manhandling when the only time anything resembling manhandling is mentioned, he disputes the idea that it was manhandling in the first place.
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