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  • Despite what alcoholic retards are saying, there are no plans to shut down the Kiwi Farms.

Hah! Like that'd work, he's got hydroxychloroquine pills and other things that are apparently very effective at COVID-19 treatment, bet you never thought of that! Now how about you go focus on being a good parent and not getting wasted and humiliating your child every chance you get?

I'm sure I had a better initial comeback than that but I forgot what it was.

Being serious, that's just typical "Orange Man Bad" shit. Though now we can add calling for violence/attempted murder to stupid shit she's done.

That lotion comment had to be the amongst the worst things she's ever said. On par with: "You poor stupid girl. I hope when it happens to you (and it will if it hasn't already) that you find the kindness and compassion that you lack towards the victims right now."

I really hate to say this and I don't wish for this to happen to anyone nor do I actually wish that this happened, but a part of me feels like the kid would have been better off not beating cancer if this is the shit he has to put up with, especially from the person who gave him life in the first place. The whole thing has become tragic now. I can only hope that the kid has a much more successful adult life than his mother ever had and he finds his own way to happiness, whether it's through religion or otherwise.

Great, now I've gotten sappy and turned this into a wall of text, god damn it.

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I don't care.


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Commenting on Royal as I'm currently playing it, AWL is still Ohya, while I haven't beaten the game yet, everything I've seen so far has been all old lines already recorded. But dubbing does take time, they were nearly done with translating the game when the roast happened if memory serves. So it's entirely possible if there was new lines they would of been recorded already. So we still don't actually know if the rumor Atlus terminated AWL is true.

The only way we'll know for certain is future Atlus projects if they don't call her up anymore, so be on the lookout for potential sequels and spin offs where her character mysteriously has a new VA with no explanation. There is no way Atlus would be as stupid as Funimation and announce why they terminated her. They probably wouldn't even do what Rooster Teeth did which was smarter and just saying they weren't working with Vic anymore.

You won't hear a peep most likely. Atlus has been known for replacing VAs without much explanation. A lot of the P4 cast has since had been replaced from the original game save a key few. Anytime they give an explanation has been quite rare, like with Laura Bailey as Rise (she moved at the time for recording the dancing game and they weren't able to get a hold of her in time when starting recording, they have a schedule to keep). And recently for P5Royal, a side character Tae Takemi was replaced, as her actress had also moved and couldn't record the few new lines she had, as it was too difficult to record while moving, so they just got a new actress and rerecorded all lines for the character.

If AWL does come back for anything in the future, whether bit parts and especially reprising roles from post P5Royal, then we'll know for certain the rumor was false.


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All this tweet does is lend credence to my suspicions of Amanda Winn-Lee being a female pedophile.

Would not be surprised if we later found out she was abusing her son the whole time or was grooming boys at anime cons back in the 90's and early 2000's, and AWL ends up being seen as the heterosexual Marion Zimmer-Bradley.
Can't speak for anyone (aside from my own experiences); but anime cons in the late 90's through the late 2000's were pretty big on degeneracy. Sure, things like stalking and the occasional "oopsie" hand slip would happen on the con floor, maybe with the occasional sex in a bathroom stall or fire escape. But the hotel rooms are where shit really went down. Girls would show up with a boyfriend, start fighting Thursday/Friday night, then Monday morning they're back together. There were somewhat hidden/secret boards/chats for meeting for hookups/orgies; had to know who to ask to even get an invite, and a lot of other shit. Go to any con/tournament/etc and you'll always have these, not gonna cast judgement, but if she wanted to, she'd have an easy time doing so.

While even I heard of some horror stories like those (never actually saw any hard proof about it though) in my country, I'm quite sure that Amy does have quite the "gained experience" about those events (I mean, if's Amanda Winn Lee, what do we expect from her at this point?). Whoever the husband is, I can only picture him as the usual ntr'ed guy from h-doujins, 100% cuck+soyboy.
Regarding her son's way around it, it's creepy shit and I hope the boy's survives her "attention".
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Someone tweeted a Best of VA roles for AWL that she likes.

And then this ISWV kid appears.
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