Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie divorce - That's going to be a nasty divorce settlement.

i always wondered if contribution is taken into account when distributing wealth. makes no sense to give someone any part of wealth when that person had no part in creating said wealth.
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When people are married they are in a union. Person A helps Person B. Person A may be the breadwinner and Person B assists person A in becoming a better bread winner. They are emotional council, they take care of the things that Person A cannot. When Person A starts a business, Person B isn't going to be like "That's great honey, you do you" and continue on their merry way - Person A's business success affects the entire family unit, Person B is invested in that. Person A is just the conduit to which money and success in business is achieved, Person B sacrifices certain things to make everything happen on their side, as does Person A.

If that means that Person B stays at home and raises kids instead of having their own "career" and they're the emotional council to Person A, because BOTH want children, guess what? That's a part of the union's net assets. Especially when Person A's company was started after the marriage and was contained within the years of "being" a family unit.

I don't even know why I'm explaining this, because anyone with the IQ of a gnat should be able to grasp this concept.
Amazon is anti-union, so no wonder Jeff Bezos divorced her.

Although it will be a LOL for feminism if the richest woman in the world popped up out of nowhere after a divorce.
It's not a lol for feminists, it's what feminists keep presenting as evidence of sexism (and low social mobility). Out of 10 richest women (per wikipedia by way of Forbes), one is an elderly widow, one is a 38 year old trust fund snake hatchling, and the rest are senile heiresses I wouldn't fuck even for half their money. Their granddaddies made it big in the 19th century and the cunts have been skating on it ever since. As a radfem, I'm most offended by that last cohort, and not because of their sex.

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Apparently the sexts were sent from the new lady to her friends, who leaked them to the inquirer. Good job Bezos, giving up a 25 year marriage and billions of dollars for some idiot that sends pictures of your penis to everyone she knows.
Hm, that would totally confirm a theory that she is a honeypot.

I still can't wrap my mind around Jeff Bezos being so weak minded.

penelope shitstop

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So it looks like his announcement was an attempt at damage control, because National Enquirer uncovered his 9-month affair with Lauren Sanchez, the wife of Hollywood mogul.

He reportedly sent her dick pics (seriously, at this age?) and steamy text messages.

Honestly, I can't believe that he is so stupid. It's so pathetic that it hurts. So cliche...
"Bezos wrote: 'I love you, alive girl. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon.'"

how embarrassing


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"After a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends," the couple said in the statement.
Why does that require a divorce?
I just don't understand the modern world at times.

Why does that require a divorce?
I just don't understand the modern world at times.
Because they both know very well how shit the government is at finding (and taxing) money that's been squirreled away. As it stands right now, it's not his money or her money - rather, they jointly, as a family, own $137bn. While they are married, one of them can spend (or "spend") some of it from this communal pot. If one of them buys something as mundane as a yacht, it's still technically family property, but only the person who wants yacht parties will be getting some use out of it, AND it will be costly to split in the future. But what if Jeff wants to fly to Alpha Centauri and MacKenzie wants to wreck the African textile industry for ~charity~? This is personal spending the other party will never recover. If they lead separate lives, they don't need joint finances.

And these cringeworthy messages. It's one thing to catch your beloved husband pounding some nubile pussy for physical pleasure, it's quite another to discover he's fundamentally a cow and you don't love him anymore. Jeff's cheating is nothing by itself, but whoring around as a married woman and having your wife whore around both incur significant reputational damage. They're both filthy rich; at this point, the only thing you care about is how you go down in history. If they don't divorce, it'll be as a whore and as a cuck.
(Speaking of which, it's hilarious to see how the liberal media splits the reputational assets of Amazon: Jeff gets all the slavery and MacKenzie gets all the innovation. Lel.)

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I really feel sorry for MacKenzie. I bet that she didn't expect that when she married a nerdy Jeff. Now, entire world knows that her husband is a laughable moron who fell in love with a dumb bimbo. I think that if he just fucked some hot babe it wouldn't be so embarrassing. But this steamy romance straight from Danielle Steele novel is pure shame for someone fond of good literature.
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Incels are always saying women hit the wall and are used up at thirty. I wonder how they feel about a 49 year old with two different baby daddies bedding the richest guy in the world.

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