Amber Picks a Giveaway Winner Before Reading Every Entry - 2/11/2018 - Snapchat Giveaway Winner Announcement

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Not sure why Cxnt hasn't made this thread already, I guess she's busy going through Amberlynn's trash or, you know, having a life, so I'll just post it.
:story: Amberlynn conducts an asspat harvest, then chooses the entry which is most likely to yield her even more asspats. This is so characteristic of this cow that I am legit ashamed I didn't predict it.


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If AL was smart (:optimistic:), she would actually pick someone who seems to be a real person- just to add a veneer of legitimacy. The whole thing is a sham, but if she choose some asspatter who we are mostly sure isn't a sock, then at least we couldn't call her out on choosing herself.

And if she just choose a username based off comments then this contest is incredibly unfair for lurkers who watch but don't comment. People who do this and don't want it to look like a scam usually use some form of random number generator or random name selector. But I guess that's for channels a peg above complete incompetence.

I bet she gave it to Nikocado Avocado. His whole life is a sob story, and I wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to get in his good graces so he'd collab with her whenever he gets deported.

Scratch that, I'm guessing this run-on sentence won the ass-kissing contest.
IMG_5861.jpg IMG_5862.jpg IMG_5863.jpg IMG_5864.jpg
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Holy run on sentence. That's the winner because our gorl can relate. Periods also rarely grace her life.
Whoever wrote that cherry picked so many of Amber's issues so that she WOULD relate. It all sounds so phony, just a bunch of bs.
Edit: Apparently his sister did die, but who knows from what.
He's gay.
Loves bling... Michael Kors, Coach.
Can't get enough of himself....almost every IG pic is a selfie.
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They certainly have similar financial priorities.

01.png 02.png 03.png 04.png

So, this guy used to show off stacks of cash and expensive purchases, and now he's e-begging for a gift card and has a guilt trip checklist that includes the death of a family member. He posted about her death on February 1st, and AL announced the giveaway on the 9th, so he might be telling the truth about that one part at the very least. Either way, using someone's death to try and win a gift card makes him a shit nozzle.

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Hell naw would I enter a contest to see who can write the most ass-kissing, sob story paragraph to this attention glutton. The whole point of a give away is that it should be random so that everyone has a fair chance. there's nothing fair about this

Especially when she contacted the winner and then admitted she hasn't even finished reading the other entries yet.


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He's gay.

Ugh, of course he fucking is. I don't care about gays personally, but all that "lesbian book" bullshit showed me how she seeks out snowflake status by proximity on a constant basis.

Scratch that, I'm guessing this run-on sentence won the ass-kissing contest.
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This is him. Oh, I'm sure it's him. Oh, I hope it's him. It's not him though, because AL with never name the winner publicly (for fear of the vetting she refused to give), and then, several days later, find some other thing to screech about that draws the collective attention of the gnats that are Amberlynn's loyal sub base away. Once that happens, anyone who ever asks again will be an "obsessed" "hater".


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Holy crap, he's 26? Unemployed, gay, somehow has a stack of cash and low-end designer crap AND from Florida... like Destiny! (Cue X-Files conspiracy music) I thought he was 16 from reading his barely-literate run on sentence to ass-kiss AL for a lousy $50 gift card.

Only Amberlynn Reid could have something that is so straightforward like a damn Instagram giveaway completely blow up in her stupid face and I am here for it. Lawl.