Amber says dumb shit on social media - Twitter @mustbepearls / Insta @raritycat / @zebraprintlovee

But who is the ahole saying stay at home moms don't work?? A stay at home mom usually stays at home to take care of child/children which is a full time job. Wait, Hambeast compared Becky to a stay at home mom?‽‽ Becky is a full grown woman as is Hambeast, both fully capable of working and holding down jobs, they choose to be lazy.

Queen Kimberly
Her cycle is so funny. She always starts answering and posting only the positive and ass patting questions. And then she starts answering the hayders while getting increasingly frustrated with each one and eventually decides she doesn’t “need this negativity in her life”. She then closes it down until the next time she’s bored in a parking lot or pillow mountain and needing attention.


Token SJW

Yeah, she should really be proud of herself for overcoming that critical disadvantage of having someone feed, house, and clothe her like a child until she was well into her twenties -- and then destroying her health and making herself a living joke just to give her channel that final push into being a viable alternative to getting an actual job. Dreams do come true, people. You just have to believe!*

*And be willing to sacrifice your conscience in order to use and abuse everyone unfortunate enough to cross your path.

Queen Kimberly
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Oh, ok, I see what's going on. Becky is fat, but Amber isn't mean enough not to say that she's fat. Manners, or something.
I feel like she answers and posts every single negative and mean ask she receives about Becky. Pretty fucked up considering it’s not her account and she has no control over when Amber shows off what is being said about her to the public.

She can put that on her tombstone in 2022. What a conceited bitch. You're a circus freak. People throw peanuts at you in the form of views.

And like you ain't rich yo! Your GF drives a Hyundai. You live in BFE Kentucky. You shop at Walmart.

You think Michael Kors is a high end purse.

Tricia Paytas at least knows how to spend her money on some good shit and has enough to you know, buy those things. I'd like to see AL pay for an apt in LA and purchase (or even lease) a G-Wagon.
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