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Amber says dumb shit on social mediaTwitter @mustbepearls / Insta @raritycat / Ask.fm @zebraprintlovee

Discussion in 'Amberlynn Reid' started by theriddler3, Dec 2, 2017.

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  1. upload_2019-1-10_19-12-53.png

    Yeah, she should really be proud of herself for overcoming that critical disadvantage of having someone feed, house, and clothe her like a child until she was well into her twenties -- and then destroying her health and making herself a living joke just to give her channel that final push into being a viable alternative to getting an actual job. Dreams do come true, people. You just have to believe!*

    *And be willing to sacrifice your conscience in order to use and abuse everyone unfortunate enough to cross your path.
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  2. becky is FAT.png

    Oh, ok, I see what's going on. Becky is fat, but Amber isn't mean enough not to say that she's fat. Manners, or something.
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  3. I don’t think she’s in a position to bash anyone’s momma
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    DarkSydePundit I‘m spooky uguuu~

  4. Wow. I would say my girlfriend is fat, if I had a fat girlfriend. It's not inherently an insulting word, and context matters.

    Also... Becky is a lady? Since when?
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    Birthday Dickpunch

    Birthday Dickpunch hugs pls \(ouo)/
    True & Honest Fan

  5. I feel like she answers and posts every single negative and mean ask she receives about Becky. Pretty fucked up considering it’s not her account and she has no control over when Amber shows off what is being said about her to the public.
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  6. That matter is still up for debate.
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    Concerned Vagino-American

    Concerned Vagino-American Amber's colonoscopy technician

  7. A lady WHAT, tho?????
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    marjoram I'm a jerk feline

  8. She can put that on her tombstone in 2022. What a conceited bitch. You're a circus freak. People throw peanuts at you in the form of views.

    And like you ain't rich yo! Your GF drives a Hyundai. You live in BFE Kentucky. You shop at Walmart.

    You think Michael Kors is a high end purse.

    Tricia Paytas at least knows how to spend her money on some good shit and has enough to you know, buy those things. I'd like to see AL pay for an apt in LA and purchase (or even lease) a G-Wagon.
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    #4289 thejackal, Jan 10, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
  9. She's shaped like a lady bug
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    Strine Give me the bones!

  10. as if her "momma" ever taught her anything except being a self-destructive obese human food vacuum
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    ihavent_ee_uhn Is liquor a food?

  11. Thumbslug.. she's the first of her kind
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    xenomorph I've got more demons where that came from.

  12. 03FA4AAF-4D34-4240-A1B8-497FDD7A6C6F.jpeg
    Amber can’t even travel across her living room without getting winded but sure let’s blame Becky.
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  13. Becky doesnt like to do much huh, this is the price of a scapegoat.. hot topic too tight t shirts and snapbacks.
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    xenomorph I've got more demons where that came from.

  14. That's such a dumb excuse too, because AL has admitted in videos, numerous times, that she's too fucking FAT to travel. It's one of the main reasons she wants to lose weight, allegedly.

    This Askfm nonsenese is just showcasing her knee-jerk instinct to blame others any time she is questioned about anything. It's pathological.
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  15. This is so rich because no one who isn’t 500+lbs gets to 100,000 subscribers with the editing skills and quality of content that Amberlynn has. She takes so much pride in being a “successful YouTuber” but she’s just a modern day freak show.

    If any of us, or any one from the Facebook group etc quit our jobs for YouTube and put in the same amount of effort as AL, we’d have no chance at success.

    Her dream was to become a YouTuber and all she had to do to achieve it was to eat herself to the brink of immobility and wear it like a badge of honor. Way to go AL, I’m proud of you too.
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    formerfatcow Current Skinny Bitch

  16. She really doesn't get it.

    Back in the day she would be loaded into a trailer and carted around the rust belt for two bits a gander at the worlds fattest woman.

    Nothing has changed it's just updated for the times. Now, neither she nor her audience need leave their homes to gawk at the freak.

    She's a freak-show. She is an oddity, a testament to the human conditions limitations when it comes to killing itself with food.

    All she did was continue to fail her own health to get where she is. NOTHING to be proud of and certainly nothing to pat herself on the back for..which she can't even reach.
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    xenomorph I've got more demons where that came from.

  17. And yet in the video "MUKBANG|READING COMMENTS" or whatever she gets a question about Becky gaining weight since she started dating our gorl and she replies with "Becky's ALWAYS been big, so its not my fault!"

    She really thinks she's a celebrity on Youtube doesn't she? Dear God.....
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    #4298 raritycunt, Jan 11, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  18. I wouldn't be surprised if her whole "Becky isn't fat" schtick comes from her being a Trisha Paytas stan. Trisha had a BPD breakdown over her bf jokingly calling her fat, blew the whole thing out of proportion and made him out to be the devil for daring to imply such a thing, (even though she does it to him all the time). Any normal person would see that it was clearly a problem with Trisha and not her bf but obviously good ol' Amberlynn sides with the abusive hypocrite and interprets the whole experience as "never acknowledge a fat person is fat even when it is reality and continue to live in delusion"
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  19. Ask.fm has this currency called Flame coins they're starting to give people for asking and answering questions. That's likely why she's been so active lately and answering all the questions she gets no matter how stupid or "offensive" she finds them.
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    CindyChafe Mary-Kate Olsen’s Midnight Snack

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