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Amber says dumb shit on social mediaTwitter @mustbepearls / Insta @raritycat / Ask.fm @zebraprintlovee

Discussion in 'Amberlynn Reid' started by theriddler3, Dec 2, 2017.

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  1. Are Flame coins as haute as Hot Cash?
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    CreedenceLeonoreGielgud Queen of Nilbog

  2. I bet now that she has 100,000 she'll order herself her silver play button and probably just passingly mention it while rambling in a sit down. One more tacky thing to throw in the horde.
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  3. No one will ever convince me that they want their entire life turned into a circus sideshow for the entire world.
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    Pargon Mr. Self-Destruct

  4. Probably. It’s supposed to be a new program so it’s explained in a very vague way. “You May get certain benefits in the near future.” Sounds like Amber explaining her new diet. Attached is the FAQ page.

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    CindyChafe Mary-Kate Olsen’s Midnight Snack

  5. Want? Probably not. Deserve? Most definitely!
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  6. Cheesecake Factory gift card, ya'll!
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    Das It

    Das It & I was like whut?

  7. lolol

    These are another worthless cryptocurrency. They issued 2 billion of these things in a year when cryptocurrency completely tanked.

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    Dutch Courage

    Dutch Courage Curious Onlooker

  8. Wow that’s really interesting. The FAQ page was very vague, it didn’t mention anything about crypto. Well :optimistic: at least Amber is diversifying her income? :optimistic:
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    CindyChafe Mary-Kate Olsen’s Midnight Snack

  9. She is so goddamn greedy. She's literally such a pig. She makes over 10K a month (she has now assured us of this numerous times) but she's still going to try and suck crumbs of revenue from the younow partner program and this shitty little AskFM website? Pure greed.

    And she's so painfully stupid, too. The hours that she has spent sperging on that website could've been used to make new content for youtube, which would earn her far more money.
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  10. LA? Naw, Amber's more of a Wisconsin gorl:


    No matter where she goes her life would be the same anyways: overeating, vlogging about her practically nonexistent life and shitty chain restaurants.
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    Concerned Vagino-American

    Concerned Vagino-American Amber's colonoscopy technician

  11. Amber's "dream" and only motivation is to not work. To do the absolute bare minimum in life and get by. She's succeeded in that sense, but not because she has any discernible talent, skill, intelligence, or personality. Anyone else wanting a 'career' on Youtube would have to bring something more substantial to the table. She only has to bring her circus freak appetite.

    Imagine setting up a camera to film yourself doing lines of coke and then just drowning out the noise of "please stop! you're gonna die" while you smugly wait for the next paycheck. And then, to audaciously brag about it afterwards? lol I love the whole attitude of "You can have what I have...just do what I do..."--which is WHAT, exactly?

    Gorl can have it all, as far as I'm concerned. Take your $10k+/monthly, Honey Boo Boo. It won't heal your wounds. It won't make you friends. It MIGHT buy you a little extra time in a hospital bed, which you will be very grateful for and humbled by soon. :heart-full:
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  12. She’s just a deluded sell out. She really thinks that she is talented, but like everyone has said, she is just a YouTube side show. She’ll never be more than that. $10,000 per month wouldn’t be enough for me. It’s sad that it is for her. You’re a true success AL. An inspiration like your hero Rosa Parks.

    So Becky doesn’t want to travel, is always going to super private appointments and is growing her hair out because she wants to be more “girly girl”. Anyone else find any of this odd? Becky really doesn’t strike me as a girly girl. Becky and AL will be some power couple lipstick lesbians while they don’t leave their little Kentucky bubble.
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  13. No shit Becky doesn't want to travel right now. Can you imagine going anywhere with Amber, much less on a road trip? Even daily boring trips require constant accommodation.

    She takes up most of the entire car, spills into Becky's seat and her fat swallows operational equipment. She can barely get in and out of the car. If there are no scooters her injured penguin waddle is slower than ever and she always has to stop and rest, especially if she's squealing and shouting. They probably have to carefully plan out restaurant paths to the table, that is if they can find a table that can be shoved around to fit her sideways manatee body. Even if there are scooters one might crap out and Becky has to fetch another. Theaters must have movable arm rests and to have to show up an hour early to get extra seats on both sides. It can't be opening night or too popular a movie to avoid people, no one would be able to get by her in the rows and they prob wait to be the last to leave.

    On a trip they'd be in that crowded car for HOURS, the swampy stench would be unreal. They'd have to bring a carful of pillows to prop her up and Becky Butler would be the one shuttling them to and from the motel room. She'll bail out of any plans and just sit and rot in a cheap motel room to avoid people, temperature, embarrassment, or nowadays any amount of standing. As was recently pointed out, if and when the car breaks down she won't be able to fit in the tow truck.

    But Becky just doesn't want to travel right now. Kind of like how Becky only wanted to go out to eat for her birthday. AL offered to do anything she wanted! Shrug. What a hollow offer.

    Where would they go? What would they do? She's incapable of almost everything now that she's eaten her way into a severe physical impairment, the only effort she puts forth is to lie about it and avoid her reality.
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  14. Predictable.

    I'm guessing that in a past life she was a stockbroker back in the 80's. Slightly sociopathic, finely-honed opportunistic instincts, delusions of grandeur, narcissistic invincibility complex... The only difference is her addiction is carbs, not coke. Otherwise, she's the quintessential American Psycho Fatso.

    If she did get it... Well, I was going to say I'd have more respect for her, but that's not exactly what I mean. I'd be less interested in her, is what I mean. Personally, I'm not entertained by fat people being fat. It's her consistent battle against reality that I really find fascinating.
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    #4314 GargoyleGorl, Jan 11, 2019
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 11, 2019
  15. The Thumb *doesn't* want to go anywhere. The Thumb is *afraid* of anywhere outside of her creepy Kentucky hollar. The Thumb thinks Lexington is the "big city"and that she should be armed when she goes there.

    The Thumb is not the ideal traveling companion.....
    (not that Big Al would go anywhere anyway)
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    marjoram I'm a jerk feline

  16. ignorance is bliss.png
    You know what? I actually believe Big Al on this one.
    She's not lying when she insists she doesn't have lymphedema or the beetus, she's just "ignoring the diagnosis"!
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    Turd Blossom

    Turd Blossom Frist of all how dare yo u

  17. From her videos alone, I suspect Amber is probably someone that most people don’t like being with in public. Did you ever have a friend or a SO that was loud and obnoxious at a restaurant or a movie theater? Ya know, the kind of behavior that is socially embarrassing because this person has to be the center of attention all day, everyday? I imagine AL is that friend in public. Add that together with her hugeness, and need for assistance in everything she does, a consistent need to eat at every hour lest she throw a tantrum, and her petty and demanding nature, and her inability to choose anything that isn’t food-related as a “fun” activity because AL can’t do fun things anymore...I could easily see Becky not wanting to go anywhere with her.

    Because what would be the point? It’s like taunting a dog with food. She’d just get depressed watching normal, happy couples doing things while she’s stuck sitting on the side with AL (who is two handfuls into a bag of hot Cheetos) being unable to go anywhere or do anything. It’s just wasteful and unrealistic to even consider.
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  18. 0A35B191-EBA0-40A6-A982-2610AE8D4868.jpeg

    Yes they have failed hundreds or thousands of times.
    But they got better every time.
    They learned from it.
    Until they got it right.

    They get better. You get fatter.

    Also if you‘ve failed so many times you should be an expert in weight loss by now, right?

    Why are you still making the same mistakes?

    Why are you not seeing the things that cause your problems and try to change those first?
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    DarkSydePundit I‘m spooky uguuu~

  19. It's going to take a messy breakup for Neckers to admit it, but she's growing increasingly embarrassed to be seen with AL.
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    Concerned Vagino-American

    Concerned Vagino-American Amber's colonoscopy technician

  20. B2426E25-83E7-464B-A83F-FE5CE2817CEB.png

    Shut the fuck up, Hamber. You opened your Ask. Fm and posted it was public again on all your social media. You opened it up beacuse you were attention seeking and wanted ass kissing from your supporters . Now your acting like a bitch beacuse hayders are asking questions you don’t wanna answer , and responding like a drama queen.

    But it’s our fault that you opened your Ask . Fm right ?
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    nostalgiaisadrug iconicGORL

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