Amber says dumb shit on social media - Twitter @mustbepearls / Insta @raritycat / @zebraprintlovee

has she not said anything about the TRO video? just curious as I do not follow her on twitter.
I don't know but I'm quite sure she's been informed of it because she recently tweeted that she's sick of people making videos about her and asked her followers to link her to anyone making videos about her (implying but not stating outright that she's going to pursue takedowns)

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Yeah I'm not buying that Destiny has any kind of problem with that book. Quotes from the girl herself:

"That's great."
"That's funny."
"I think it's cool, actually, too, that y'all have gotten this creative."
"It's really interesting."
"I'll definitely do a coloring video for you guys."

All interspersed with Destiny laughing and chuckling. I mean it is fucked up, but that doesn't mean Destiny can't also approve and think it's hilarious.



Try being in any branch of the military, have any kind of civilian job that requires a security clearance, or be a government employee. You know, an actual government employee and not a serial toilet-hogger in a call center. They always have their nose in your proverbial shit.

But here I am thinking Amber would know anything about having a real job, like a total dumbass.

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