Amber says dumb shit on social media - Twitter @mustbepearls / Insta @raritycat / @zebraprintlovee

FTFY. Bitch could be seen from the fucking International Space Station.
(And yes, I get the joke about her not being seen online. I'm just trying to generate some LOLs.)

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2% reduced fat...'til she had her week long (and counting) bingeapalooza

She says she'll upload tommorrow and she might get a lot of hate.
She needs SC filters to make the whites of her eyes actually white instead of yellow. Also, "time to be true to myself"?? "Didn't want to bombard you guys with my issues"?? Gorl...huh? Since when have you not done either of those things? Oh Amber, you humble, dainty people-pleaser you...

IslamicContentental Belt

Rowdy Jihadi Piper
I find it really amusing that her big video post after two weeks in the Cheesecake Factory wilderness is a video that will "probably get a lot of hate." Not that I don't expect her to be exceptional but it's like she learned nothing from the Shrimpgate and en masse unsub from a while back. If you think something is going to piss people off and generate hate comments, why post it?

I mean the only reason that someone would do that is cynically being awful to get hate views to feed their out of control eating and shopping addictions. But our gorl is above things like that now, right?

Dry Gorl

Thoughts slip in my mind like maggots on a train
I bet she's going to announce that she's not mentally ready to lose weight. It was too stressful to count calories and not deal with her issues without bingeen.
Yup, and along with that she'll announce that her alleged appointment with a psychiatrist "didn't work out", "she's not ready", "she's doing so well on her own you guise!" Therapy/medicine can't compare with Amber's googling skills and self-diagnoses.

Who Now
she follows her pattern so well, she's "going through a lot", but she'll never elaborate on that for us
Whenever she is going through a lot, she will later say it is "family" stuff. Which really means someone went to jail, got out of jail, is on drugs, is now off drugs, etc. Or, it's Ricky being sick of her shit, or Becky's family is sick of her shit. This is followed up by binging. So she is right on time now with a ton of binging for days and now she is going to, pick one: 1. See a new doctor/shrink/nutriionist, 2. "Taking care of me for a change", or 3. Going on a new diet (oh, excuse me, not supposed to say "diet", it;s a weight loss journey) and/or exercising. I'm getting so bored

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