Amber says dumb shit on social media - Twitter @mustbepearls / Insta @raritycat / @zebraprintlovee

gay cowboy

y'all dun stirred the pot.
Amber showing off again how much fat she has sitting on her chest.
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Her braid looks like shit with all those split ends falling out
I know taking care of her physical appearance is low on her list of priorities (save using makeup as a bandaid) but god I wish she would just chop off that lighter chunk, or at least have a stylist try to blend it a bit better. With how often she goes to Walmart, she could just pop into one of the $5 salons they have in house.


like a monster truck in the nightlife
She’s so large that her only option is having a freelance hairstylist come over to the fag shack and do it while she’s on a chair or something. That or bark at Becky to grab the scissors. I wish she would chop that ghastly blonde off. Her hair would still be long enough to Godiva style cover at least one set of tits and look slightly better in that the color would be uniform.

Amber refuses to so much as trim the very ends, though, so this is a moot point.


My dog and I talk shit about you
I don't think she can help it, honestly. When she lifts her arm up with her phone for the selfie, the huge fat crease forms on its own. I do think she believes that it is sexy and that people think it is boobies. (No, Amber, it looks like a fat plumber's ass crack).

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