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That must be filmed from the point of view of the poor food item that's about to get devoured. I imagine that for a fleeting moment... that's what her eyes look like as she registers the forkful of food heading to her mouth.

As to her mouth... I wonder if she considers that when many people look at the super morbidly obese; no matter what the actual size of their mouth might be; subconsciously, that's how they're perceived... not quite human looking creatures with a huge vacuum where their mouth should be. Ain't no amount of or colour of lipstick can prevent or conceal those perceptions.

a llama weighs 450lbs

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There's been a lot of times I've wished those childish Snapchat filters didn't work on anyone the algorithm perceives as being over 18, but since Amber looks like a literal oversized toddler, that still wouldn't stop her from using them. 🙄
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she no longer has a neck but she's making SO much progress guys. if only we could open our eyes to see it :(