Amber says dumb shit on social media - Twitter @mustbepearls / Insta @raritycat / @zebraprintlovee

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a llama weighs 450lbs

amber's hump #1 fan
There's been a lot of times I've wished those childish Snapchat filters didn't work on anyone the algorithm perceives as being over 18, but since Amber looks like a literal oversized toddler, that still wouldn't stop her from using them. 🙄
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she no longer has a neck but she's making SO much progress guys. if only we could open our eyes to see it :(

Slaps used to be a thing. It was also used by children half of our gorl's age (chronological age, but mental age is about the same).
Was it a thing when everyone had scene hair? Because amber's mental age has never advanced past the chronological age she was at when she had the scene haircut (which, incidentally, she forgot, since she says she's had long hair since she was in middle school).


Reservation for one at Yamatos
As she's grown in size over the years, Amber has tried to hold onto her dainty gorl title that Destiny bestowed upon her by dropping thousands of dollars on clothes, purchasing make-up that she never uses, keeping her horse hair long af, etc.
Now that she's also pushing 30 she must keep up with the hip lingo (e.g, shit that James Charles says), listen to ex-Disney actresses and post selfies to sc and ig to keep up the appearance that she's young and cool and uwuuuu~~~ as if she didn't shit her youth away a long time ago.

I thought she said in her last video that she has next to no self confidence :story:
She has no self confidence in that Disney live-action movie way where she's skinny, conventionally attractive and the one true love of other hot muscular boys but is also soft spoken and unsure of herself because she's NOT conceited at all you guize. She has trouble saying no to food others.