Amber says dumb shit on social media - Twitter @mustbepearls / Insta @raritycat / @zebraprintlovee

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ersonally I think Amber's jealous that Amy's Life Journey is getting so much attention.
That is exactly the reason for the rant post. Everyone is so bored with her mukbangs and her numbers and comments reflect that. But over on the Amy camp, there is a lot of activity and conversation. She can;t stand for the spotlight to not be on her. Negative attention is still better than no attention.

She doesn't get it that most, but not all, non narcissistic fat people don't want to expose their whole lives to a bunch of strangers who they know will make fun of them. So actually, ALR, Jen, Chantal, the Slatons and Amy's life journey are worst than fat people. Just like the ego maniacs on 600 lb life. Most fat people are not like them, its just they choose not to embarrass themselves like these narcs. So ALR is actually perpetuating the myths that she thinks she is "debunking". What a tard

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What a great filter AL, your barely there eyebrows are practically nonexistent with that filter.
She needs a pet hair removal filter and that obviously ain't the one, sweetcheeks. You're covered in it and it makes you look absolutely sloven. Not to mention the greasy hair and dark sunken eyesockets.

Try harder, k?

The bubble Big Al lives in is so tiny she can't see the millions of different people doing millions of different things who have no idea this gigantic fucktard even exists....SHE only thinks about herself so that means everyone she knows of only thinks about her too...
Now that you mention it, the only reason FatbyJen, Amy's Jihad, Chantal & co., are even relevant to Amber's videos is because they sought her out and specifically reacted to+criticized her in the first place. No one really gave a damn about them until they got themselves involved.

No one else even knows or cares.


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And the bitch still doesn’t get it! And what is she even talking about? Miss Big Tits didn’t say she doesn’t have bad habits. Wah wah.
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Do these people not realize they're giving Amber exactly what she wants? She wanted attention. She wanted an internet slapfight where she thinks she has the moral highground.

The best response would have been no response at all or to tell her she sounds hungry and maybe she should go eat a Snickers.

Amber is a lifestyle vlogger, react channels often compare people in the same genre. It just so happens that Amber's genre is, and has been for years, being a bratty fat on the internet. Same with Haram Amy and Chantal. If Amber just happened to be morbidly obese, but her brand was quilting tutorials or woodworking or knitting, nobody would be reacting to her fat, she'd be offering a channel of value to those interested in a particular hobby. Amber (Chantal, and Amy) don't just happen to be fat, that is their brand, their only thing to offer, other than their shitty personalities. So of course they're going to be compared, if they wanted to be in a different category, they've had years to become fat, interesting people.

Consider Amber's thumbnails and clickbaity titles, what does she think we're watching her for? Who does she feel she should be compared to in reaction videos? Monetizing morbid obesity and making a career choice out of it is fucking bizarre , that there are multiple people doing it is bizarre multiplied. If she doesn't like being in this category, do something else. It's really that simple. She doesn't have to get skinny to get out of the category (though she should because she's a tiny step from immobility), she just needs to get interesting, get a skill, offer something to the world other than physical complaints, weight babbling, smacking her lips on camera, and the occasional crappy consumerism.

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The comments on her community post... several got more upvotes by far than her initial whine fest. Very, very few gave her any support & most of that was luke warm at best. It's "interesting" to see her once again choose to interpret reactions to & comments on her videos, from the viewpoint of her self-serving bubble. It's also clear from what she wrote that she makes little or no attempt to watch anything on You Tube other than train wrecks fitting her mold or other train wreck types. I know at some point she claimed she ws following some family but I don't know what their appeal was to her.

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I'm convinced she sees herself as some 200lb smallish fat kween instead of the 600lb behemoth she really is
Probably about 110. She is a dainty princess, after all.

From Facebook:
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Since her hair is down, it's likely she just got her monthly hosedown from Beggy, just in time for V-day.
WTF is that filter supposed to be?