Amber says dumb shit on social media - Twitter @mustbepearls / Insta @raritycat / @pineappleepinup

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gay ass bitch
Thanks, y'all. I thought it looked like a mask, but then I thought you know, this looks like Curious George and his idiotic, expressionless face, too. I guess those are both equally stupid things, though, so at least it's fitting for the Dainty Princess of Monticello, Kentucky.
I mean, it doesn't really fit our dainty kween's face, but you're right. :tomgirl:


True & Honest Fan
Is it me or does Beggy look like she’s aged since we last had a sighting of her? She looks...matronly? Maybe the filters are bringing out my autism.
If anything, those filters tend to make people look younger. She just looks like filtered Becky to me, although it's a little strange when Amber actually uses a flattering filter for her.


Ride the Lightening
Are we sure that these pictures are recent? She could have been using pictures that are weeks old. You never know with those infantile filters.
Exactly. I'm sure when she isn't stuffing her face and replying to yt comments with her socks- she's sitting around snapping selfies all damn day.
She is a big narcissistic fatty. I could totally see her doing that.